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The ol' Swimming hole below the hills on the east end of town in the valley of the Bald Hill Creek (a gift of nature) has been the "highlight" of almost every child and adult of Hannaford and community.  Before the flash flood of 1921, the creek had 2 channels and 2 bridges and at that time the Swimming pool was on the north side of the bridge.  the flood changed the two channel creek into one channel and eliminating one bridge.  The south side of bridge then became the site of the swimming hole.  Early residents tell that at one time the men and women were segregated, the men swimming on north side of bridge and women on south side.  The women soon became tired of this as who do you suppose was stuck with the children?  The women; so being the south pool was best for swimming the men gradually joined the women and it thus became the pool as it is today in 1975.  Community organizations and residents sponsor the upkeep and along with the summer youth program a swimming instructor is provided.  Annual water carnivals were held some years ago.  Bathing houses and diving boards were put up in 1926.

Baseball is provided each summer through the recreation program.

Basketball through the school program.

A golf course was maintained at one time one mile north of town on old Highway North Dakota 1.

Before the drought a tourist park existed on north end of town, with picnic facilities, apple trees provided after dark treats for the kids!

A park was started also at the pool site but the dry years prevented the growth of trees and few trees remain today.

The present park sponsored by the Park Board sits in the center of town west of the Northern Pacific track is equipped with a playground and picnic tables.

During the winter months, the great hills and the creek have provided skating and skiing.  in later years a town rink was provided.  The "one time" ski slide was an attraction for skiers and watchers.

Source: Griggs County History 1879 - 1976 Page 121.

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