Sheyenne River

The Long and Narrow Settlement Along the Sheyenne River

Three Scotchmen, Alex Saunders, his brother-in-law, Alex Chalmers and John Atchison settled along the Sheyenne in what is now Sverdrup Township in 1880, coming from Pembina county.  Settling a little farther north were Elisha Fitch, Mathew Davidson and George Gullickson.  Section 2 in Sverdrup Township was the homestead of Ole P. Bolkan.

C. P. Bolkan, Amund Fluto, Ole Skrien, Ole Havig and John Torfin settled in what is now Washburn Township in 1880.  A little farther north was the homestead of Omund Nelson Opheim and his family who had come here in 1879.

North of Opheims in what is now Romness Township was the home of John Qualey and also that of Andrew C. Knutson.  Farther north in Romness, also coming in 1880, were John Hogenson and Ole Bjornstad Olson and his grown sons, Gilbert, Bernt, Martin and Theodore.  The Olsons came from Iowa as Mr. Opheim had done the previous year.

Source: Griggs County History 1879 - 1976 page 7

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