BrideSubjectPub. Date
Oppegard, Mr.Oppegard, Mrs.25th AnniversaryMarch 19, 1896 The Times Record8
Ramsland, O TArestad, LenoraWeddingJune 16, 1898 The Times Record5
Carter, William FWilliams, Mary EMarriageFebruary 23, 1883Cooperstown Courier1
Casey, ThomasWeddingJune 8, 1883Cooperstown Courier1
Warrell, GeorgeMarriageJune 8, 1883Cooperstown Courier8
Washburn, Millard FHusel, MaryWeddingJuly 6, 1883Cooperstown Courier1
Washburn, Millard FHusel, MaryCorrectionJuly 13, 1883Cooperstown Courier1
Brewster, Mr.Owen, JessieWeddingJanuary 11, 1889Hope Pioneer1
Oxton, John BDrakeley, Belle MWeddingMarch 15, 1889Hope Pioneer1
Asble, ConradLans, NellieWeddingMarch 22, 1889Hope Pioneer1
Crowl, A ENewman, BerniceWeddingMarch 22, 1889Hope Pioneer1
Sussex, TomWheat, MissWeddingMarch 22, 1889Hope Pioneer1
Fry, FWeddingApril 26, 1889Hope Pioneer4
Mihm (?), JohnGahan, MaryWeddingMay 10, 1889Hope Pioneer1
Bugbee, JesseKnight, JessieWeddingMay 31, 1889Hope Pioneer1
Martin, L GGaspell, Lillie GWeddingJune 14, 1889Hope Pioneer1
Berndt, CharlesPetsoid, EmmaWeddingJune 21, 1889Hope Pioneer1
Sanders, A RWilkes, Gussie LWeddingJuly 12, 1889Hope Pioneer1
Simpson, R SReagen, E AWeddingJuly 26, 1889Hope Pioneer1
Brown, JamesWard, Clard DWeddingSeptember 6, 1889Hope Pioneer1
Phillips, Dr. W H MCurry, LibbieWeddingOctober 4, 1889Hope Pioneer1
Harness, Herman JWarner, Alma EWeddingOctober 18, 1889Hope Pioneer1
Bliton, Allen SBoyd, NellieWeddingNovember 1, 1889Hope Pioneer1
McFarlane, W MFisk, Emma JAnnouncementJanuary 10, 1890Hope Pioneer1
Sairang, A NAnderson, ChristineWeddingJanuary 10, 1890Hope Pioneer1
Wandlick, JohnHegblaw, ClaraMarriageJanuary 24, 1890Griggs Courier5
Vallandigham, G BGordon, KateMarriageFebruary 14, 1890Griggs Courier5
Houghton, WesternBlanchard, Nina EAnnouncementFebruary 21, 1890Griggs Courier5
Ward, Charles HBedard, AddieWeddingFebruary 21, 1890Hope Pioneer1
Terry, LutherHarness, Amanda CWeddingMarch 14, 1890Hope Pioneer1
Jackson, ChrisWestad, EmmaMarriageApril 11, 1890Griggs Courier5
Nelson, Nels ERinde, GunlaugMarriageApril 11, 1890Griggs Courier5
Warner, Albert ERegan, Lucy GWeddingApril 11, 1890Hope Pioneer1
Thurston, Frank LMurray, Maggie BWeddingApril 25, 1890Hope Pioneer1
Thurston, Frank LMurray, Maggie BWeddingMay 2, 1890Hope Pioneer1
Stevens, Charles WWilliams, Mrs. LucinaWeddingMay 23, 1890Hope Pioneer1
Magnusen, OleAnderson, SeliaMarriageJune 6, 1890Griggs Courier5
Stone, Thorsten DTorstenseh, JovandMarriageJune 6, 1890Griggs Courier5
Torgerson, JohnKaspersen, TheodoraMarriageJune 6, 1890Griggs Courier5
Gunderson, GunderLarson, IdaWeddingJune 13, 1890Griggs Courier5
Kelson, ChristLarson, MinnieWeddingJune 13, 1890Griggs Courier5
Peterson, PeterFlagestad, MaryMarriageJune 13, 1890Griggs Courier5
Aasland, AmmundJensen, Christine AxleanaMarriageJuly 4, 1890Griggs Courier5
Hanson, H TNelson, SarahWeddingJuly 4, 1890Hope Pioneer1
Paige, LucianWhite, JessieWeddingJuly 4, 1890Hope Pioneer1
Fogderud, Ole LBustrack, Ellen KarineMarriageJuly 18, 1890Griggs Courier5
Lima, SvenVatne, LauraMarriageJuly 18, 1890Griggs Courier5
Parson, JensLarsen, MartheaMarriageJuly 18, 1890Griggs Courier5
Ford, Mr. O CFord, Mrs. O C15th AnniversaryAugust 1, 1890Griggs Courier5
Beckman, Victor HMuir, Annie DWeddingAugust 22, 1890Griggs Courier5
Mason, Arthur SHelgesen, TillaWeddingSeptember 19, 1890Hope Pioneer1
Condy, George HHammer, Carrie PMarriageOctober 17, 1890Griggs Courier5
Long, William BSimpson, IsabellaWeddingOctober 17, 1890Hope Pioneer1
Cole, Frank APerry, Lola MWeddingNovember 28, 1890Hope Pioneer1
Fairbanks, Rev.Priest, Mae CWeddingDecember 5, 1890Hope Pioneer1
Fairbanks, Rev. C GPriest, Mae CMarriageDecember 12, 1890Griggs Courier5
Hunter, George AMorris, ElizabethMarriageDecember 12, 1890Griggs Courier5
Mack, Rev. Charles ALenham, LuluAnnouncementDecember 19, 1890Griggs Courier5
Campbell, William TWhisnand, Sadie EWeddingDecember 26, 1890Hope Pioneer1
Lilly, Frederick RDier, Carrie EMarriageJanuary 2, 1891Griggs Courier5
Carpenter, Frank DWhite, CoraWeddingJanuary 2, 1891Hope Pioneer1
Carpenter, Frank DWhite, CoraMarriageJanuary 9, 1891Griggs Courier5
Monson, AlbertQualey, TillieMarriageJanuary 30, 1891Griggs Courier5
Hoy, H CNedvidek, PaulineMarriageMarch 6, 1891Griggs Courier5
Van Vleet, VarnumAnnouncementMarch 27, 1891Griggs Courier5
Williams, JohnSmith, AnnieMarriageMarch 27, 1891Griggs Courier5
Rugg, FredWeddingMarch 27, 1891Hope Pioneer1
Wilsie, John WKingsley, Mary AliceMarriageApril 3, 1891Griggs Courier5
Holman, John BDavidson, TheresaWeddingApril 10, 1891Hope Pioneer1
Whisnand, Rev. W CTrain - WeddingApril 17, 1891Hope Pioneer1
Parks, DurkRoss, MaudeMarriageMay 15, 1891Griggs Courier5
Fenner, AndrewGartman, MissMarriageJune 19, 1891Griggs Courier5
Stowman, CharlesOwens, JennieWeddingJune 26, 1891Hope Pioneer1
Marsh, L ELang, IdaWeddingAugust 7, 1891Hope Pioneer1
Haskell, Mr. J LHaskell, Mrs.25th AnniversaryAugust 14, 1891Griggs Courier5
Witham, Auston BKnapp, AltheaMarriageAugust 14, 1891Griggs Courier5
Fanham, Silas EBauer, ChristinaWeddingAugust 21, 1891Griggs Courier1
Job, Rev. H KMarriageSeptember 4, 1891Griggs Courier5
Barry, A JWeddingSeptember 11, 1891Hope Pioneer1
Cassell, Morton BlairStephenson, Mary EleanorWeddingNovember 13, 1891Hope Pioneer1
Byington, J SSullivan, NoraWeddingDecember 4, 1891Griggs Courier5
Gorthy, Archie JBond, Rebeca NMarriageDecember 18, 1891Griggs Courier5
Gullickson, HenryStai, PernilleMarriageDecember 18, 1891Griggs Courier5
Hanson, TollefCameron, Amanda NMarriageDecember 18, 1891Griggs Courier5
Knudson, PeterVestern, AugustaMarriageDecember 18, 1891Griggs Courier5
McWethy, MartinWatson, JohanneMarriageDecember 18, 1891Griggs Courier5
Sinclair, FredChurch, L RWeddingDecember 25, 1891Griggs Courier1
Henderson, WilliamSanders, MinnieWeddingDecember 25, 1891Hope Pioneer1
Ray, Frank LWilliams, Anna MWeddingDecember 25, 1891Hope Pioneer1
Parsons, MeredithNewman, Carrie MayWeddingJanuary 1, 1892Hope Pioneer1
Lundeby, Rev. I LBakkan, AnnaMarriageJanuary 15, 1892Griggs Courier1
Lofland, John MSt. John, Lydia BWeddingJanuary 15, 1892Hope Pioneer1
Hendrickson, PederOlson, KaisaMarriageFebruary 5, 1892Griggs Courier1
Vadnie, Delphus WWilliams, Carrie AWeddingFebruary 12, 1892Hope Pioneer1
Houghton, CharleyAnnouncementFebruary 26, 1892Griggs Courier1
Houghton, HoraceMarriageFebruary 26, 1892Griggs Courier1
Hamilton, Elijah SHaggerty, Cora EMarriageMarch 4, 1892Griggs Courier1
Houghton, CharleyLangford, BertieWeddingMarch 11, 1892Griggs Courier1
Roney, L AMajors, FannieMarriageMarch 18, 1892Griggs Courier5
Long, Clarence JVadnie, LeahWeddingMarch 18, 1892Hope Pioneer1
Bergstrom, Dr. N AArenson, EllaWeddingMarch 25, 1892Griggs Courier1
Percy, W HEmersol, FenieMarriageMarch 25, 1892Griggs Courier1
Riber, JohnFiske, MillieMarriageApril 1, 1892Griggs Courier1
Stengele, JosephSimpkins, MabelWeddingApril 8, 1892Griggs Courier1
Carll, JosephPotter, JanetWeddingApril 8, 1892Hope Pioneer4
Skinner, CyrusBuzzell, EdithWeddingApril 22, 1892Hope Pioneer1
Stankard, Peter TPrahe, Mary EWeddingMay 6, 1892Hope Pioneer1
Thurston, Mr.Thurston, Mrs.50th AnniversaryMay 6, 1892Hope Pioneer1
Roney, WilliamMcLean, SarahWeddingJune 3, 1892Hope Pioneer1
Crist, EdwardCrum, MaryMarriageJune 10, 1892Griggs Courier1
Roney, WilliamMcLean, SarahWeddingJune 10, 1892Hope Pioneer4
Burling, John PKlinghorn, Jessie DWeddingJuly 1, 1892Hope Pioneer1
Pope, T FredericFuller, Mattie SWeddingJuly 1, 1892Hope Pioneer1
Gorthy, James FShares, Francis AMarriageJuly 8, 1892Griggs Courier1
Benson, Ande OBustrak, HellenMarriageJuly 22, 1892Griggs Courier1
Ouren, Simon JJohnson, Mrs.WeddingAugust 26, 1892Griggs Courier1
Aasved, MillardBrown, Luella MayWeddingAugust 26, 1892Hope Pioneer1
Marquardt, EmilMarquardt, Mrs.15th AnniversarySeptember 23, 1892Griggs Courier1
Johnson, HaroldBrown, MissWeddingOctober 14, 1892Hope Pioneer1
Fenner, WilliamGartman, MaryMarriageNovember 4, 1892Griggs Courier1
Carlson, CarlMonson, BetsyMarriageNovember 11, 1892Griggs Courier1
Gorman, JohnSaunders, JessieMarriageNovember 18, 1892Griggs Courier1
Wright, James ACurry, KateMarriageNovember 18, 1892Griggs Courier1
Wilson, James W Simenson, MarthaMarriageNovember 25, 1892Griggs Courier1
Carpenter, E SCrosen, Nina CWeddingNovember 25, 1892Hope Pioneer1
Erb, J EFurlong, L JWeddingNovember 25, 1892Hope Pioneer1
Smith, AlBerry, SusieWeddingNovember 25, 1892Hope Pioneer1
Parsons, BertRukke, AgnesMarriageJanuary 13, 1893Griggs Courier1
Gunderson, CharleyMarriageJanuary 27, 1893Griggs Courier5
Westman, NicholasMiller, Mary JaneWeddingFebruary 3, 1893Griggs Courier5
Westman, Nicholas OMiller, Mary JaneMarriageFebruary 3, 1893Griggs Courier1
Trubshaw, HerbertDobler, AddieMarriageMarch 17, 1893Griggs Courier1
Paintner, GeorgeGartman, RosaMarriageJune 9, 1893Griggs Courier1
Stering, JohnAnderson, IsabellaMarriageJune 16, 1893Griggs Courier1
Wilson, Howard AHillborn, Mary EMarriageJune 23, 1893Griggs Courier1
Benson, J ARavndal, SerinaAnnouncementJuly 14, 1893Griggs Courier1
Clancy, DanielHoggarth, Sarah AMarriageJuly 14, 1893Griggs Courier1
Benson, JohnRavndal, SerinaWeddingJuly 21, 1893Griggs Courier1
Helling, LarsVasfaret, Lena HMarriageJuly 21, 1893Griggs Courier1
Hazard, R CNewberry, NellieAnnouncementAugust 18, 1893Griggs Courier1
Hazard, Randall CNewberry, NellieWeddingAugust 25, 1893Griggs Courier1
Allen, CharlesLoomis, EmmaMarriageSeptember 15, 1893Griggs Courier1
Gouldthrite, Frank SlocumMcDonald, Avaleene FairchildMarriageSeptember 29, 1893Griggs Courier1
Guest, EdwardFiero, CoraWeddingSeptember 29, 1893Griggs Courier1
Hazard, ByronArneson, MarthaAnnouncementSeptember 29, 1893Griggs Courier1
Hazard, ByronArneson, MarthaWeddingOctober 6, 1893Griggs Courier1
McMahon, Thomas JMoorhouse, MayWeddingOctober 6, 1893Griggs Courier1
Flick, LeonardHowden, LottieMarriageOctober 13, 1893Griggs Courier1
Pederson, NilsWold, Ingeborg MarieMarriageNovember 3, 1893Griggs Courier1
Brown, Fred AAtchison, Mary EMarriageNovember 10, 1893Griggs Courier1
Midstokke, Ole OPederson, Brita HansineMarriageNovember 10, 1893Griggs Courier1
Serus, Oscar WilliamMurrell, EmmaMarriageNovember 10, 1893Griggs Courier1
Sund, Ingebrigin MAspelund, Mina BMarriageNovember 24, 1893Griggs Courier1
Danielson, JohanneDahlin, IngridMarriageDecember 8, 1893Griggs Courier5
Lunde, R SWuflestad, ChristineMarriageDecember 8, 1893Griggs Courier5
Horn, Evan JLucht, EmeliaMarriageDecember 22, 1893Griggs Courier1
Amundsen, EmilUrness, Martha HMarriageDecember 29, 1893Griggs Courier1
Gunderson, PetterGroff, Annie OMarriageDecember 29, 1893Griggs Courier1
Miller, JosephSimpson, NellieMarriageDecember 29, 1893Griggs Courier1
Olsen, NilsForsberg, Christine IngerbergMarriageDecember 29, 1893Griggs Courier1
McDermott, John HArenson, AnnaWeddingJanuary 5, 1894Griggs Courier1
Edland, SvendPederson, SimenineMarriageJanuary 12, 1894Griggs Courier1
Shawhime, Ole COlsen, MinaMarriageJanuary 12, 1894Griggs Courier1
Moote, Arthur SMoote, Mrs.25th AnniversaryFebruary 16, 1894Hope Pioneer1
Lyon, A WWilliams, EllaMarriageMarch 23, 1894Griggs Courier1
Baker, H HJohnson, AmandaWeddingMarch 30 1894Hope Pioneer1
Byington, JohnErlandson, IdaMarriageApril 6, 1894Griggs Courier1
Sperry, Edward LBrown, Ella EMarriageApril 13, 1894Griggs Courier1
Stringer, WilliamAnnouncementApril 13, 1894Hope Pioneer1
Brekke, Anton TBirkeland, Jetta MMarriageApril 27, 1894Griggs Courier1
Haskell, Franklin ASansburn, AlmiraAnnouncementApril 27, 1894Griggs Courier1
Haskell, Franklin ASansburn, AlmiraWeddingMay 4, 1894Griggs Courier1
Curtis, HenryStewart, Christina GMarriageMay 25, 1894Griggs Courier1
Hetager, T OHagen, Mary TMarriageMay 25, 1894Griggs Courier1
Sundberg, LarsDahlin, AnnieMarriageMay 25, 1894Griggs Courier1
Henvikson, HenvikAndreason, MarenMarriageJune 15, 1894Griggs Courier1
Langford, SamGlaspell, JennieMarriageJuly 6, 1894Griggs Courier5
Gunderson, Steen CEvenstad, LenaMarriageJuly 20, 1894Griggs Courier1
Simpkins, RalphBjorgeson, CarrieMarriageJuly 20, 1894Griggs Courier1
Gunderson, Steen CEvenstad, Lena MathildaWeddingJuly 27, 1894Griggs Courier1
Noggles, GeorgeJohnson, CarrieMarriageJuly 27, 1894Griggs Courier1
Nelson, Peter EVinjum, Oline MariaWeddingSeptember 21, 1894Griggs Courier1
Arneson, ArneHalvorson, MaryMarriageOctober 19, 1894Griggs Courier1
Kent, E LRhamel, JennieMarriageNovember 9, 1894Griggs Courier1
Armstong, John BCampbell, MissMarriageNovember 16, 1894Griggs Courier5
Retzlaff, FrankBrown, NellieMarriageNovember 16, 1894Griggs Courier1
Pratt, CharlesPosey, ManieMarriageNovember 23, 1894Griggs Courier1
Houghton, WilmotLangford, OllieMarriageNovember 30, 1894Griggs Courier1
Reite, AndrewJohnson, OthilieMarriageDecember 14, 1894Griggs Courier1
Palmer, EdgertonPrindle, BlancheMarriageDecember 28, 1894Griggs Courier1
Erickson, AndersMaren, HannahPart 1 - MarriageJanuary 11, 1895Griggs Courier1
Erickson, AndersMaren, HannahPart 2 - MarriageJanuary 11, 1895Griggs Courier1
Iverson, Mr.Iverson, Mrs.40th AnniversaryJanuary 25, 1895Griggs Courier1
Black, George EHogue, Mary EmelineWeddingFebruary 1, 1895Hope Pioneer1
Lockwood, GeorgeDanforth, Elizabeth EWeddingFebruary 1, 1895Hope Pioneer1
Slingsby, GeorgeSlingsbly, Mrs.10th AnniversaryFebruary 1, 1895Hope Pioneer1
Hartman, GeorgeSprague, MaudMarriageFebruary 22, 1895Griggs Courier1
Newberry, Col.Newberry, Mrs.22nd AnniversaryMarch 15, 1895Griggs Courier1
Pike, EdgarRussell, Alice EMarriageMarch 15, 1895Griggs Courier1
McCullough, JohnLivingstone, RachelWeddingMarch 15, 1895Hope Pioneer1
Bairey, Frank CPratt, Mamie AWeddingMarch 22, 1895Hope Pioneer1
Evers, SimonSchroeder, DeliaMarriageMarch 29, 1895Griggs Courier1
Joslyn, James KGray, GussieWeddingApril 12, 1895Hope Pioneer1
Cook, Francis MCurry, EdnaWeddingMay 3, 1895Hope Pioneer1
Hagen, Prof. M HHagen, Ingborg TMarriageJune 6, 1895Griggs Courier1
Hanneson, George WRebscher, Emilie AMarriageJune 6, 1895The Times Record7
Moote, Arthur SStay, HannaWeddingJune 7, 1895Hope Pioneer1
Moote, Arthur SMarriageJune 7, 1895Hope Pioneer1
Beckerjeck, J FLanger, AdelineWeddingJune 14, 1895Hope Pioneer4
Paulson, FredPlank, ElizabethWeddingJune 14, 1895Hope Pioneer1
Hunt, T SPope, Mary EvaWeddingJune 21, 1895Hope Pioneer4
Wasem, B EStranger, CoraWeddingJune 28, 1895Hope Pioneer4
Larson, Richard HMikkelson, MaryMarriageJuly 5, 1895Griggs Courier1
Retzlaff, AlbertFenner, OteliaMarriageJuly 5, 1895Griggs Courier5
Stewart, PeterMcFaul, Mrs. KatieWeddingJuly 5, 1895Griggs Courier5
Boe, TonnesMalmin, KarenMarriageJuly 12, 1895Griggs Courier1
Nelson, ErickTosten, CatherineMarriageJuly 19, 1895Griggs Courier5
Syvertson, JohnNelson, TildaMarriageJuly 19, 1895Griggs Courier1
Strandess, AndrewOlson, Emma AMarriageJuly 24, 1895Griggs Courier5
Aasved, ElsieObituaryJuly 26, 1895Hope Pioneer1
Halfpenny, Rev DanielMorgart, Rachel SWeddingAugust 2, 1895Wimbledon News1
Johnson, Rev. E PLewis, Eliza CWeddingAugust 7, 1895Griggs Courier5
Reynolds, B CGray, EvaWeddingAugust 23, 1895Hope Pioneer1
Lie, Martin MRosteun, Mrs. RaguildMarriageAugust 30, 1895Griggs Courier
Lie, Martin MRosteun, Mrs. RaguildWeddingAugust 30, 1895Griggs Courier1
Jefferson, FrancisMurray, Margaret 'Pidge'WeddingSeptember 13, 1895Hope Pioneer1
Enslin, Rev. F R Jr.Sperry, WinifredAnnouncementOctober 4, 1895Griggs Courier1
Mertz, Penrose DZiegenfuss, Amenda EWeddingOctober 4, 1895Hope Pioneer4
Grannis, FredNicoll, CarrieAnnouncementOctober 4, 1895Wimbledon News5
Robinson, H HStars, Maggie LMarriageOctober 11, 1895Griggs Courier1
Enslin, Rev. FrankSperry, WinfordWeddingOctober 18, 1895Hope Pioneer1
Grant, Lee MilesRoney, Jennie AgnesWeddingOctober 18, 1895Hope Pioneer1
Enslin, Rev. Frank RSperry, WinifredWeddingOctober 25, 1895Griggs Courier4
Michaelis, SophiaTrost, John WMarriageOctober 25, 1895Griggs Courier5
Trost, John WMichaelis, SophiaMarriageOctober 25, 1895Griggs Courier5
Birkeland, JerryLiliand, MissWeddingOctober 25, 1895Hope Pioneer1
Fuller, Fred HMcGhan, Alice IreneWeddingOctober 25, 1895Hope Pioneer1
Anderson, Ole OSolberg, AnnaMarriageNovember 1, 1895Griggs Courier5
Westman, Andrew HMiller, MaggieAnnouncementNovember 1, 1895Griggs Courier5
Reilly, MAltringer, KatieWeddingNovember 1, 1895Wimbledon News4
Buckley, Loftus TBarnes, Jessie EWeddingNovember 8, 1895Hope Pioneer4
Curry, U EThomson, AnnieWeddingNovember 8, 1895Hope Pioneer4
Long, Joseph EJenson, BelleWeddingNovember 8, 1895Hope Pioneer4
Stine, JohnTorgerson, ChristianWeddingNovember 8, 1895Hope Pioneer4
Njaa, TorkelArestad, TheaLicense, MarriageNovember 15, 1895Griggs Courier5
Buckley, Loftus TBarnes, Jessie EWeddingNovember 15, 1895Hope Pioneer1
Drew, J GHicks, LillieWeddingNovember 15, 1895Hope Pioneer1
Brown, Roy EAtchison, AliceMarriageNovember 22, 1895Griggs Courier5
Hanson, Hans WMichaelson, Ella TLicense, MarriageNovember 22, 1895Griggs Courier5
Ojhang, Erich OSeingens, MaritLicense, MarriageNovember 22, 1895Griggs Courier5
Virgo, Dr. G LLeDeux, Clara MaryMarriageNovember 22, 1895Griggs Courier1
Westman, Andrew HMiller, MaggieWeddingNovember 22, 1895Griggs Courier1
Brown, RowAtchison, AliceWeddingNovember 22, 1895Hope Pioneer1
Christensen, HenryRasmussen, MaryMarriageNovember 29, 1895Griggs Courier5
Brown, Roy LAtchison, Alice DWeddingNovember 29, 1895Hope PioneerSupp
Christinson, HenryRasmunson, MarryWeddingNovember 29, 1895Hope Pioneer4
Henson, TheadoreSaxhang, EllaWeddingDecember 6, 1895Hope Pioneer4
Osborne, JohnShaw, ElsieWeddingDecember 6, 1895Wimbledon News4
Tuffli, HansJoos, KatieWeddingDecember 6, 1895Wimbledon News5
Church, HerbertUrquhart, BelleWeddingDecember 13, 1895Griggs Courier1
McCullum, JamesGillespie, MarthaWeddingDecember 13, 1895Hope Pioneer1
Whisnand, James ERagen, KatieWeddingDecember 13, 1895Hope Pioneer1
Shippy, Atty.Murray, ElisAnnouncementDecember 20, 1895Hope Pioneer1
Bolkan, Mr. OleBolkan, Mrs.15th AnniversaryJanuary 10, 1896Griggs Courier1
Simington, Captain HaroldMcNealy, Mary BelleMarriageJanuary 10, 1896Griggs Courier5
Ensign, A CJackson, FloranceWeddingJanuary 10, 1896Wimbledon News5
Berge, OreHelgeland, MaryMarriageJanuary 17, 1896Hope Pioneer1
Kloster, MartinLyon, HattieLicense, MarriageJanuary 17, 1896Hope Pioneer1
Stevening, G KPeterson, GundaLicense, MarriageJanuary 17, 1896Hope Pioneer1
Kloster, Martin ALion, Millie FernMarriageJanuary 24, 1896Griggs Courier5
Holt, MartinChristianson, JosephineMarriageFebruary 7, 1896Griggs Courier5
Orton, WilliamDrakeley, JessieWeddingMarch 13, 1896Hope Pioneer1
Ayrea, Mr. Edgar MAyrea, Mrs.10th AnniversaryMarch 20, 1896Griggs Courier1
Newberry, Mr. GeorgeNewberry, Mrs.23rd AnniversaryMarch 20, 1896Griggs Courier5
Ross, Thomas CMcCall, Mary EMarriageMarch 27, 1896Griggs Courier5
Ross, T CMcCall, M EWeddingMarch 27, 1896Hope Pioneer1
Long, Joseph MWorley, Nora EMarriageMay 15, 1896Griggs Courier5
Darch, AllenGallagher, Essie EWeddingMay 28, 1896Hope Pioneer4
Bear, CatchGirl, White EyesMarriageJune 5, 1896Griggs Courier5
Blanchard, FrankPosey, Clara MAnnouncementJune 5, 1896Griggs Courier5
Young, TiwasteTunkankeiyotonkewinWeddingJune 5, 1896Griggs Courier5
Hunt, GeorgeWeddingJune 18, 1896Wimbledon News8
Blanchard, Frank JPosey, Clara WeddingJune 19, 1896Griggs Courier1
Taylor, James MGimblett, ThirzaWeddingJuly 3, 1896Griggs Courier1
Ronhovde, Andrew JBenson, ThinaMarriageJuly 10, 1896Griggs Courier5
Pray, FrankFesh, MinnieWeddingJuly 16, 1896Hope Pioneer4
Dorrance, GeorgeSolomon, MaryWeddingAugust 13, 1896Hope Pioneer4
Ward, A TNesheim, MatieWeddingAugust 13, 1896Hope Pioneer4
Purinton, E RussellBeyerle, AlidaWeddingAugust 14, 1896Griggs Courier1
Sinclair, AndrewHaskell, Florence MWeddingAugust 14, 1896Griggs Courier1
Carpenter, Frank EWarner, GraceWeddingAugust 20, 1896Hope Pioneer4
Sinclair, AndrewHaskell, FlorenceMarriageAugust 20, 1896Hope Pioneer4
Marshall, William AFairbanks, LibbyMarriageAugust 21, 1896Griggs Courier5
Sinclair, AndrewHaskell, Flo MMarriageAugust 28, 1896Griggs Courier5
Gunderson, O SDahlin, MarthaWeddingOctober 16, 1896Griggs Courier5
Tobiason, T RArneson, DorotheaMarriageOctober 30, 1896Griggs Courier1
Bowden, Archibald L Newberry, MabelWeddingNovember 6, 1896Griggs Courier1
Moodie, WilliamHagen, AnnaMarriageNovember 6, 1896Griggs Courier5
Rorvig, MathiasMyhre, JennyMarriageNovember 6, 1896Griggs Courier5
Tobiason, T RArneson, DorotheaMarriageNovember 6, 1896Griggs Courier4
Bowden, Archibald LewisNewberry, MabelMarriageNovember 12, 1896The Times Record1
Knapp, JohnLaatvedt, LinaMarriageNovember 13, 1896Griggs Courier5
Stanley, H GAnnouncementNovember 19, 1896Hope Pioneer4
Hicks, CharlesNewell, Mrs. JennieMarriageNovember 20, 1896Griggs Courier5
Fulmer, Hudson HAlgeo, Kittie EWeddingNovember 26, 1896Hope Pioneer4
Hughes, EdwardKempton, MaudWeddingNovember 26, 1896Hope Pioneer4
Wilson, RobertKilgour, HenerettaWeddingNovember 26, 1896Hope Pioneer4
Johnson, ErnestRuud, NataliaMarriageNovember 27, 1896Griggs Courier5
Sinclair, ArchieMerryman, MissMarriageNovember 27, 1896Griggs Courier5
Whisnand, Augustus C WWilcox, Minnie MayWeddingDecember 10, 1896Hope Pioneer4
Anderson, RobertJensen, ChristineWeddingDecember 17, 1896Hope Pioneer4
Christianson, ChristSandford, ChristinaWeddingDecember 17, 1896Hope Pioneer4
Blow, Richard SHagen, LenaMarriageDecember 18, 1896Griggs Courier5
Larson, AlfredOlson, OliveLicense, MarriageDecember 18, 1896Griggs Courier5
Peterson, John RFuglaas, AnnaLicense, MarriageDecember 18, 1896Griggs Courier5
Ronne, Carl FGuttorson, AnnaLicense, MarriageDecember 18, 1896Griggs Courier5
Lang, Leo LKing, GenevaWeddingJanuary 21, 1897Hope Pioneer4
Long, Horace APatterson, Ester MWeddingFebruary 18, 1897Hope Pioneer4
Solberg, OleSolberg, JuliaDivorceFebruary 26, 1897Griggs Courier1
McCoy, HarryBaker, EllwnWeddingMarch 4, 1897Hope Pioneer4
Warner, Joseph BEllsbury, LucretiaWeddingMarch 18, 1897Hope Pioneer4
Friswold, SevalRavndal, ChristineWeddingMarch 19, 1897Griggs Courier5
Sansburn, WilliamGlaspell, IdaMarriageMarch 19, 1897Griggs Courier5
Hanson, TollefNelson, Minnie EMarriageApril 2, 1897Griggs Courier5
Johnson, JohnOverby, AnnieMarriageApril 9, 1897Griggs Courier5
Whidden, Witter, RBurns, Nettie RMarriageApril 9, 1897Griggs Courier5
Standley, I W Sigbis, Ada MWeddingApril 15, 1897Hope Pioneer4
Hatch, George ELewis, EvaMarriageApril 16, 1897Griggs Courier8
Garrity, JamesSitz, HuldahWeddingApril 29, 1897Hope PioneerSupp
Moffat, Mr. AMoffat, Mrs.30th AnniversaryApril 30, 1897Griggs Courier1
Hanley, M BBeckerjeck, MaryWeddingMay 6, 1897Hope Pioneer4
Wasem, H HBeebe, BerthaWeddingMay 6, 1897Hope Pioneer4
Wilson, IdellaAnnouncementMay 6, 1897Hope Pioneer4
Bostrom, CarlMarriageMay 14, 1897Griggs Courier5
Butler, William HWilson, Idella MWeddingJune 4, 1897Griggs Courier1
Stewart, Alexander BRetzlaff, AntoinetteWeddingJune 11, 1897Griggs Courier5
Mann, Robert CSnell, ViolaWeddingJuly 1, 1897Hope Pioneer4
Glass, John NEdgar, RebbieWeddingJuly 2, 1897Griggs Courier1
Stewart, JohnNelson, Mrs. C AWeddingJuly 2, 1897Griggs Courier5
Doyle, Frank DFerrell, Lottie MWeddingJuly 29, 1897Hope Pioneer4
Olson, Swen AHough, LottieWeddingSeptember 16, 1897Hope Pioneer4
Spillane, WalterBrown, Allie MWeddingOctober 8, 1897Wimbledon News8
Wilson, HenryFlewell, LizzieWeddingOctober 8, 1897Wimbledon News8
Nicholson, AugesGilbertson, LenaWeddingOctober 14, 1897Hope Pioneer4
Simonson, C WSaddlemeyer, MaudMarriageOctober 15, 1897Griggs Courier5
Wilson, HenryFlewell, LibbieMarriageOctober 15, 1897Griggs Courier5
Birdseye, Mortimer FWilliams, MinnieMarriageOctober 22, 1897Griggs Courier5
Ressler, John WDusbabek, MaryMarriageOctober 22, 1897Griggs Courier5
Algeo, AlbertSowden, JessieWeddingNovember 4, 1897Hope Pioneer4
More, J LAnderson, Annie BMarriageNovember 5, 1897Wimbledon News1
Almklov, IverLofthus, TenaMarriageNovember 12, 1897Griggs Courier5
Stinson, H ABenson, Jerda MMarriageNovember 12, 1897Wimbledon News8
Wozny, FrankNowetzeck, AgnessLicense, MarriageNovember 12, 1897Wimbledon News8
McClellan, RobertSaunders, BelleWeddingNovember 18, 1897Hope Pioneer4
Dox, JohnDenham, EllaMarriageNovember 19, 1897Griggs Courier5
McClellan, RobertSaunders, IsabellaMarriageNovember 19, 1897Griggs Courier5
Vatne, JacobHaugen, Anna JMarriageNovember 19, 1897Griggs Courier5
Flick, ThomasMcInness, AnnaMarriageNovember 26, 1897Griggs Courier5
Maxime, VictorRummer, KateWeddingNovember 26, 1897Wimbledon News8
White, Samuel CPhillips, Bertha MaeWeddingDecember 9, 1897Hope Pioneer4
Herigstad, BurtNjaa, AnnaMarriageDecember 10, 1897Griggs Courier5
La Forest, TheodoreFluke, HannahMarriageDecember 17, 1897Griggs Courier5
Magnuson, AndrewForsberg, AnnaLicense, MarriageDecember 17, 1897Griggs Courier5
Thompson, TomRasmussen, KatherineMarriageDecember 17, 1897Griggs Courier5
Blakely, D WGorthy, SarahMarriageDecember 24, 1897Griggs Courier5
Downe, Enos EHammer, ChristineWeddingDecember 24, 1897Griggs Courier1
Mickelson, TheoPederson, ThoraPart 1 - WeddingJanuary 7, 1898Griggs Courier1
Mickelson, TheoPederson, ThoraPart 2 - WeddingJanuary 7, 1898Griggs Courier1
Miller, Fletcher BRice, Lillian RWeddingJanuary 13, 1898Hope Pioneer4
Mechelson, TheoPederson, ThoraWeddingJanuary 13, 1898The Times Record1
Knapp, William CGorthy, AnnaWeddingFebruary 11, 1898Griggs Courier1
Nierenberg, EdwardWilliams, Jennie EWeddingFebruary 25, 1898Griggs Courier1
Hilborn, JohnHilborn, MrsReceptionFebruary 25, 1898Wimbledon News8
Cole, GeorgeCole, Mrs.10th AnniversaryMarch 31, 1898Hope Pioneer1
Nicoll, Charles WAlberts, JuliaMarriageApril 1, 1898Griggs Courier5
Lowe, SamCreitline, LizzieMarriageApril 15, 1898Wimbledon News5
Anderson, OrvelJeffords, EdithMarriageApril 22, 1898Griggs Courier5
Saunders, John SDuvall, Lulu AWeddingApril 28, 1898Hope Pioneer4
Zimmerman, JoePennock, Evelyn LMarriageMay 6, 1898Griggs Courier5
Ramsland, O TArestad, LenoraWeddingJune 10, 1898Griggs Courier4
Larson, Lewis GLewis, Carrie MMarriageJune 17, 1898Griggs Courier5
Markwood, Fred A Bothwell, ClaraWeddingJune 17, 1898Griggs Courier4
Moody, Henry LeePryor, Gertrude EAnnouncementJune 23, 1898Hope Pioneer4
King, AndrewSmith, PearlWeddingJune 30, 1898Hope Pioneer4
Surgos, A PThiede, MinnieWeddingJuly 1, 1898Wimbledon News4
Kosler, C WDavie, Florence LuWeddingJuly 7, 1898Hope Pioneer4
King, Andrew JSmith, PearlAnnouncementJuly 14, 1898Hope Pioneer4
Rogers, E CSansburn, KateMarriageJuly 22, 1898Griggs Courier5
Crosby, Rev. L BDoty, Jessie MMarriageAugust 12, 1898Griggs Courier4
Olson, O JAnderson, EmmaMarriageAugust 12, 1898Griggs Courier4
Miller, DavidBrekke, LinaMarriageAugust 19, 1898Griggs Courier5
McCormick, EdwardEllefson, AnnieMarriageAugust 26, 1898Griggs Courier5
Bingaman, Rev. L MSchultz, MinnieMarriageSeptember 29, 1898The Times Record5
Russell, S JLittle, Agnes CMarriageOctober 13, 1898The Times Record1
Bingman, Rev.Schultz, MinnieMarriageOctober 20, 1898Griggs Courier5
McLean, W JPeterson, EmmaWeddingNovember 3, 1898Hope Pioneer4
McCoy, Everald CNeuman, HoldenaWeddingNovember 10, 1898Hope Pioneer4
Dier, Frank EFreer, NormaMarriageNovember 17, 1898Griggs Courier4
Vinz, JohnMartin, HannahMarriageNovember 24, 1898Griggs Courier5
Finder, HermanThomson, MissWeddingDecember 8, 1898Hope Pioneer6
Halfheider, PPewonkee, KateWeddingDecember 8, 1898Hope Pioneer6
Dyson, Glen WJohnson, Mary EWeddingDecember 22, 1898Griggs Courier5
Collard, James MBruske, EmmaWeddingDecember 23, 1898Wimbledon News1
Ophiem, OscarSuehlke, MillieMarriageJanuary 19, 1899Griggs Courier5
Meader, FrankPeterson, AnnaWeddingJanuary 19, 1899Hope Pioneer4
Sinclair, JamesRetzlaff, LauraMarriageFebruary 2, 1899Griggs Courier5
Ames, HarryMainard, CarrieMarriageFebruary 2, 1899The Times Record5
Hanson, Albert HAnderson, MaryMarriageFebruary 2, 1899The Times Record5
Dagg, Otto BMoorhouse, ClaraWeddingFebruary 3, 1899Wimbledon News1
Hanson, A HAnderson, MaryWeddingFebruary 3, 1899Wimbledon News1
Hanson, A HAnderson, MaryWeddingFebruary 9, 1899Griggs Courier5
Hillborn, Mr.Hillborn, Mrs.50th AnniversaryFebruary 9, 1899The Times Record4
Hanson, AlbertAnderson, MaryWeddingFebruary 10, 1899Wimbledon News1
Wright, LindsayLorkins, MissWeddingFebruary 10, 1899Wimbledon News1
Berg, LouisAlfson, IsabellPart 1 - WeddingFebruary 16, 1899Griggs Courier1
Berg, LouisAlfson, IsabellPart 2 - WeddingFebruary 16, 1899Griggs Courier1
Skopil, CharlesSmetak, AgnesMarriageFebruary 23, 1899Griggs Courier5
Stevens, Earl HMcMann, MargaretWeddingFebruary 23, 1899Hope Pioneer4
Anderson, IverHelen, ChristinaWeddingFebruary 24, 1899Wimbledon News1
Anderson, IverHelling, ChristenaMarriageMarch 2, 1899Griggs Courier5
Dorrance, James TLawrence, JennieWeddingMarch 2, 1899Hope Pioneer4
Horton, LuciusEarsley, CarrieMarriageMarch 2, 1899The Times Record4
Stromme, Martin KZacharias, HannaMarriageMarch 2, 1899The Times Record4
Wogsland, AndrewZingg, Florence OMarriageMarch 2, 1899The Times Record4
Kelgaard, PeterJorgenson, AnnaMarriageMarch 16, 1899Griggs Courier1
Mosher, OscarLadbury, SophiaMarriageMarch 16, 1899Griggs Courier5
Haskell, Mr. AHaskell, Mrs.35th AnniversaryMarch 23, 1899Griggs Courier5
Penniman, Prof. Ira BGardner, Cora LMarriageMarch 30, 1899Griggs Courier5
Leonard, James PMeader, Fannie EWeddingMarch 30, 1899Hope Pioneer4
Miller, ArthurOlson, LenaWeddingApril 6, 1899Hope Pioneer4
Barnes, Edwin ETorfin, AlvinaWeddingApril 20, 1899Griggs Courier5
Iverson, AlexRetzlaff, EmilyWeddingMay 18, 1899Griggs Courier5
Iverson, AlexRetzlaff, EmilyWeddingMay 18, 1899Griggs County Sentinel5
Lear, ChristNelson, MissMarriageMay 25, 1899Griggs Courier5
Stephenson, Dr.Marsh, IdaWeddingMay 25, 1899Hope Pioneer4
Bushnell, George EZimney, Mary EMarriageJune 8, 1899Griggs Courier5
Kerr, Oscar WPitner, Mrs. MinnieMarriageJune 8, 1899Griggs Courier5
Anderson, WilliamNoecker, NellieWeddingJune 16, 1899Wimbledon News1
Climie, B KBrown, Edith GWeddingJune 22, 1899Griggs Courier1
Oxton, SamuelAnderson, MildredWeddingJune 29, 1899Hope Pioneer2
Swartout, Arthur JNedvidek, Francis FWeddingJuly 7, 1899Wimbledon News8
Lilja, JohnOlson, LizzieMarriageJuly 13, 1899Griggs Courier5
Arneson, Ole OLeikvoll, Carie KMarriageJuly 20, 1899Griggs Courier5
Wood, L NVanDusen, NettieWeddingAugust 3, 1899Hope Pioneer4
Harris, William CooperClough, Blanche WallaceWeddingAugust 10, 1899Hope Pioneer1
Niernberg, TheoWilliams, Mrs. EvaMarriageAugust 17, 1899Griggs Courier5
McFadgen, JamesStearns, MattieMarriageAugust 17, 1899The Times Record8
Pratt, Geo AMcCulloch, ElizabethWeddingAugust 24, 1899Griggs Courier1
Tracy, F BStrang, Katie KMarriageAugust 24, 1899The Times Record1
Wanner, Dr. W BMcGillan, Alice GladysWeddingAugust 25, 1899Wimbledon News4
Mayes, F EBeckerjeck, ThersaWeddingSeptember 21, 1899Hope Pioneer4
Joos, William GHohman, Lilly MWeddingSeptember 22, 1899Wimbledon News5
Larson, PeterJorgenson, MaryMarriageOctober 5, 1899The Times Record5
Joos, WilliamHohmann, LillyWeddingOctober 6, 1899Wimbledon News5
Trinterud, K OSwanson, AnnieMarriageOctober 12, 1899Griggs Courier5
Gray, B RBrimer, Anna MWeddingOctober 19, 1899Hope Pioneer4
Wuflestad, ChristianWestley, MarthaMarriageOctober 25, 1899Griggs Courier4
Bayman, William BSplettstasser, AnnaWeddingOctober 26, 1899Hope Pioneer1
Hemerline, AndrewHowden, JennieMarriageNovember 2, 1899Griggs Courier1
Murdoch, JamesSwartout, Ida MayMarriageNovember 2, 1899The Times Record8
Murdoch, JamesSwartout, Ida MWeddingNovember 3, 1899Wimbledon News8
Fenner, OttoFreer, InaMarriageNovember 9, 1899Griggs Courier5
Houghton, DouglasBlanchard, AliceMarriageNovember 9, 1899Griggs Courier5
Raece, Lewis GLund, LusieMarriageNovember 16, 1899Griggs Courier5
Cramer, Frank CGrannis, Gertrude LMarriageNovember 16, 1899The Times Record8
McKay, DanSmith, DaisyMarriageNovember 16, 1899The Times Record8
Swartout, E AMcQueen, JessieMarriageNovember 16, 1899The Times Record8
Wampach, NickCrumb, MaryWeddingNovember 23, 1899Hope Pioneer4
Carpenter, Hugh MWilliams, Daisy EllaWeddingDecember 7, 1899Hope Pioneer4
Stromfand, John Bryn, AgnesMarriageDecember 7, 1899The Times Record4
Mossing, IsaacMossing, Dau of PeteMarriageDecember 14, 1899Griggs Courier1
Haaland, EdgarHerigstad, HannahMarriageDecember 21, 1899Griggs Courier5
Pratt, RobertDetwiller, MaryWeddingDecember 21, 1899Griggs Courier1
McKay, D EIde, MinnieAnnouncementDecember 28, 1899Hope Pioneer4
MarriageJanuary 0, 1900Cooperstown Courier1
MarriageJanuary 0, 1900Cooperstown Courier1
MarriageJanuary 0, 1900Cooperstown Courier5
LicenseJanuary 0, 1900Hannaford Enterprise5
LicenseJanuary 0, 1900Hannaford Enterprise5
AnnouncementJanuary 0, 1900Hannaford Enterprise7
Brossen, RichardLee, HenriettaMarriageJanuary 11, 1900Griggs Courier5
Davis, Daniel RSaxon, Edith AWeddingJanuary 11, 1900Griggs Courier1
Reindal, Tollef OOverby, BetsyMarriageJanuary 25, 1900Griggs Courier5
Hunt, MarkBrinton, RosebudMarriageFebruary 2, 1900Wimbledon News5
Kirkeby, MOlson, LauraMarriageFebruary 8, 1900Griggs Courier5
Moore, Sam AHenerson, Sadie IMarriageFebruary 8, 1900Griggs Courier5
Nylander, CarlJohnson, AnnieWeddingFebruary 8, 1900Griggs Courier5
Cutter, Ernst AFerris, AgnesMarriageFebruary 15, 1900Griggs Courier5
Seldal, ChristJohnson, AmeliaMarriageFebruary 15, 1900Griggs Courier5
Bruske, WilliamClemens, LizzieWeddingFebruary 23, 1900Wimbledon News8
Detwiller, AlexMarriageMarch 22, 1900Griggs Courier5
Shroyer, Ira LMarson, LilleyMarriageMarch 22, 1900Griggs Courier5
Scott, GeorgeStuff, MarthaWeddingMarch 27, 1900Wimbledon News2
Detwiller, AlexReceptionMarch 29, 1900Griggs Courier5
Draper, Dallas SClark, Elizabeth EWeddingApril 3, 1900Wimbledon News4
Rue, LarsPeterson, Mrs LarsWeddingApril 3, 1900Wimbledon News3
Greenland, OscarLear, BerthaMarriageApril 19, 1900Griggs Courier4
Smith, DavidWalks, LaurenaWeddingApril 19, 1900Griggs Courier1
Sheeley, C CMarriageMay 3, 1900Griggs Courier5
Arndt, Charles FRetzlaff, IdaMarriageMay 17, 1900Griggs Courier5
Winsloe, James A HDomesla, AnnaMarriageMay 24, 1900Griggs Courier5
Patrick, Robert HStoddart, Elizabeth MayMarriageMay 31, 1900Griggs Courier5
Winsloe, Dr.MarriageMay 31, 1900Griggs Courier5
Cassell, Chase SBrown, Elsie KWeddingJune 21, 1900Hope Pioneer2
Regan, Lawrence EdwardMorehouse, AnnaWeddingJune 28, 1900Hope Pioneer4
Hogden, Lanritz ALillehagen, Annie LMarriageJuly 12, 1900Griggs Courier5
Johnson, OlausArlien, Julia TMarriageJuly 12, 1900Griggs Courier5
Fenner, WilliamHelmer, Mary TMarriageJuly 19, 1900Griggs Courier5
Furlong, R LSetty, Estelle GertrudeWeddingJuly 19, 1900Hope Pioneer4
Isaacson, SHill, WinnifredMarriageJuly 26, 1900Griggs Courier8
McDaniels, Hugh CMoffat, ChrissieMarriageJuly 26, 1900Griggs Courier5
Isaacson, SyverHill, WinnifredWeddingAugust 2, 1900Griggs Courier8
Wilcox, Frank EColton, Leona EMarriageAugust 2, 1900Griggs Courier5
Martin, W HGaston, Mrs. KatieMarriageAugust 9, 1900Griggs Courier5
Simpson, George WilliamMcKay, Jessie AnnMarriageAugust 9, 1900Griggs Courier5
Meader, Frank CBaker, Florence CoraWeddingAugust 23, 1900Hope Pioneer4
Lee, Riley ESmoth, HattieMarriageAugust 30, 1900Griggs Courier5
Meader, George WAtkins, Alice PearlWeddingSeptember 27, 1900Hope Pioneer6
Parsons, John RFitch, Alice MWeddingOctober 18, 1900Griggs Courier1
Baker, MattSaunders, MaggieMarriageNovember 1, 1900Griggs Courier5
Rainy, GeorgeRessler, HattieMarriageNovember 1, 1900Griggs Courier5
Etridge, William HGinn, Harriett LouisaWeddingNovember 8, 1900Griggs Courier5
Hart, CharleyMarriageNovember 22, 1900Griggs Courier5
Curry, FrankLong, Addie SWeddingDecember 6, 1900Hope Pioneer1
Baker, GuyFuller, MaryMarriageDecember 27, 1900Griggs Courier5
Erickson, Otto MartinRodday, Florence WinifredMarriageDecember 27, 1900Griggs Courier5
Jackson, Eugene MSwenson, Julia EMarriageDecember 27, 1900Griggs Courier5
Baker, GuyFuller, MarieWeddingDecember 27, 1900Hope Pioneer4
McMahon, T JChute, OliveWeddingDecember 27, 1900Hope Pioneer4
Erickson, OttoRoddy, FlorenceWeddingJanuary 3, 1901Hope Pioneer1
Erickson, Otto MartinRoddy, Florence WinifredWeddingJanuary 3, 1901Hope Pioneer4
Fuller, Leander WPope, AddieWeddingJanuary 10, 1901Hope Pioneer4
Fuller, Len CPope, AdelaideWeddingJanuary 10, 1901Hope Pioneer1
Tschirhart, SantianDiemert, AnnieMarriageJanuary 10, 1901The Times Record8
Evers, AugustFord, Allie EWeddingJanuary 31, 1901Griggs Courier5
Howe, William RZellers, VivceLicense, MarriageJanuary 31, 1901The Times Record5
Pollock, C WHenry, CarrieMarriageJanuary 31, 1901The Times Record4
Schmakel, Mr.Schmakel, Mrs.Part 1 - 50th AnniversaryJanuary 31, 1901The Times Record4
Schmakel, Mr.Schmakel, Mrs.Part 2 - 50th AnniversaryJanuary 31, 1901The Times Record4
Kjelson, AdolphMayer, IsabelleWeddingFebruary 28, 1901Griggs Courier5
Voght, CharlesAnnouncementMarch 9, 1901Courtney Gazette4
Anderson, BenJohnson, AlidaWeddingMarch 21, 1901Griggs Courier5
Fogderud, OlaiStamner, BritaWeddingMarch 21, 1901Griggs Courier5
Hill, Robert WBlair, SadieAnnouncementMarch 21, 1901Griggs Courier5
Beadle, ThomasFisher, Mattie ChristinaWeddingMarch 21, 1901Hope Pioneer4
Overby, Andrew NBarkley, LouiseWeddingApril 4, 1901Griggs Courier5
Standley, J OThomas, EllaWeddingMay 30, 1901Hope Pioneer5
Paulson, FrankFluke, AnnieWeddingJune 6, 1901Griggs Courier5
Dawson, Daniel RRessler, Tena OWeddingJune 13, 1901Griggs Courier1
Sampson, Dr. Irvin JMcCarter, Elsie JWeddingJune 27, 1901Hope Pioneer3
Abbott, WalterMoffatt, JemimaWeddingJuly 4, 1901Griggs Courier5
Olson, C ARunice, RodinaWeddingJuly 11, 1901Griggs Courier5
Koloen, SyverRorvig, IngeborWeddingAugust 1, 1901Griggs Courier5
Wright, JamesBaker, Winnie MayWeddingAugust 8, 1901Griggs Courier5
Curry, William WhiteKnowles, GraceWeddingAugust 8, 1901Hope Pioneer1
Wright, James EBaker, Winnie MayWeddingAugust 15, 1901Hope Pioneer3
Chidster, BertSharp, GraceWeddingAugust 22, 1901Hope Pioneer3
Whitney, Melville CLewis, EdnaWeddingSeptember 5, 1901Hope Pioneer1
McDonald, Dr. GeorgeLawton, Ella VMarriageSeptember 6, 1901Courtney Gazette8
Nurmberg, HarryWolff, MinnieMarriageSeptember 6, 1901Courtney Gazette8
Shue, A ESmithers, Daisy M2nd part - WeddingSeptember 26, 1901Griggs Courier1
Shue, A ESmithers, Daisy M1st part - WeddingSeptember 26, 1901Griggs Courier1
Hill, Charles LRipley, Cora MWeddingSeptember 26, 1901Hope Pioneer3
Pressley, M CHall, BerthaWeddingOctober 10, 1901Hope Pioneer3
Carney, SamuelGarrett, JessieMarriageOctober 31, 1901Griggs Courier5
Murphy, Will HReidman, BerthaWeddingOctober 31, 1901Griggs Courier5
Fyeld, SyverVig, Regina JAnnouncementNovember 7, 1901Griggs Courier3
Dier, W EHutchinson, EuniceWeddingNovember 14, 1901Griggs Courier3
Harris, FredGoben, RoseWeddingNovember 14, 1901Griggs Courier2
Burner, DellMcLean, JennieWeddingNovember 14, 1901Hope Pioneer1
Dill, Charles HGaskill, MissAnnouncementNovember 14, 1901Hope Pioneer1
Farnand, M JGabel, BerdenaWeddingNovember 14, 1901Hope Pioneer1
Smith, Leo HBrewer, Grace EWeddingNovember 14, 1901Hope Pioneer1
Wasem, NeilGaskill, PercyAnnouncementNovember 14, 1901Hope Pioneer1
Bissel, FredWilliams, MammieWeddingNovember 21, 1901Hope Pioneer1
Knight, Joseph EBoss, JennieWeddingNovember 21, 1901Hope Pioneer1
Olson, John EDanforth, PearlWeddingNovember 21, 1901Hope Pioneer1
Bailey, Joseph BMcCulloch, MaggieWeddingNovember 28, 1901Griggs Courier5
Severson, S JHedberg, HannahWeddingNovember 28, 1901Griggs Courier5
Steinborn, FredBornhof, DoraWeddingNovember 28, 1901Griggs Courier5
Watne, GerhardSkanse, Cora EWeddingNovember 28, 1901Griggs Courier8
Allison, Edward GClark, Flora EWeddingDecember 5, 1901Griggs Courier5
Christie, JohnAtchiman, AnnieWeddingDecember 5, 1901Griggs Courier5
Johnson, OlafJohnson, BessieWeddingDecember 5, 1901Griggs Courier5
Jones, Rolland LLangford, CoraWeddingDecember 5, 1901Griggs Courier4
Nicholson, FredChalmers, NellieWeddingDecember 5, 1901Griggs Courier4
Remster, JohnSchaffer, EmmaWeddingDecember 5, 1901Griggs Courier1
Remster, JohnSchaffer, EmmaWeddingDecember 5, 1901Griggs Courier5
McIver, DonaldGillespie, MaryWeddingDecember 5, 1901Hope Pioneer1
Zeiss, R WFreeland, EthelWeddingDecember 5, 1901Hope Pioneer1
Algeo, Alex KErickson, CarrieMarriageDecember 5, 1901The Times Record1
Davidson, OttoPeterson, Maria PMarriageDecember 5, 1901The Times Record1
Fekjaer, Nels OKvernberg, Elsie OMarriageDecember 5, 1901The Times Record1
Hetland, MathiasKjelland, CarrieMarriageDecember 5, 1901The Times Record1
Keene, H EThompson, Mrs. May MarriageDecember 5, 1901The Times Record1
Kellington, RobertThompson, MinnieMarriageDecember 5, 1901The Times Record1
Murschull, EngelbartLonge, Mrs. Saletta EMarriageDecember 5, 1901The Times Record1
Osborn, Ira JGriffin, FrancisMarriageDecember 5, 1901The Times Record1
Jones, R LLangford, CoraWeddingDecember 12, 1901Griggs Courier1
Langford, J HSansburn, BerthaWeddingDecember 12, 1901Griggs Courier4
Algeo, Alex KErickson, CarrieWeddingDecember 12, 1901Hope Pioneer1
Christie, JohnAtchison, AnnieWeddingDecember 12, 1901Hope Pioneer1
Riley, Thomas JSolomon, Altie AlmiraWeddingDecember 12, 1901Hope Pioneer1
Nelson, ClausErickson, ChristinaWeddingDecember 19, 1901Griggs Courier5
Starr, RobertScott, PaulineWeddingDecember 19, 1901Griggs Courier4
Baker, Ira JDarch, MaryWeddingDecember 19, 1901Hope Pioneer1
Bellerud, FredJohnson, AnnieMarriageDecember 26, 1901The Times Record4
Atchison, John Jr.Saunders, ElsieWeddingJanuary 2, 1902Griggs Courier4
Hewson, A MBerlin, Florence OWeddingJanuary 2, 1902Griggs Courier4
Johnson, Ole CPeterson, GunhildAnnouncementJanuary 2, 1902Griggs Courier4
Nelson, Nels PEidoen, Engela SWeddingJanuary 2, 1902Griggs Courier4
Knapp, BoydInman, Ruth MAnnouncementJanuary 9, 1902Griggs Courier5
Richardson, Walter HKnapp, EffieAnnouncementJanuary 9, 1902Griggs Courier5
Anderson, AndrewLinn, Henriette JosephineWeddingJanuary 9, 1902Hope Pioneer3
Swenson, J HenryJohnson, JennieMarriageJanuary 9, 1902Hope Pioneer3
Starke, AnthonyMessner, LillianMarriageJanuary 9, 1902The Times Record7
Curry, Edwin SAlgeo, Lila BWeddingJanuary 16, 1902Hope Pioneer3
Dingle, John CHolmes, HarrietWeddingJanuary 16, 1902Hope Pioneer1
Huntley, David WWest, Ella AAnnouncementJanuary 23, 1902Griggs Courier5
Nickey, Samuel WGunderson, Edith MWeddingJanuary 23, 1902Griggs Courier5
Laramore, Walter WGunderson, MissWeddingFebruary 6, 1902Hope Pioneer1
Pederson, SyverMichaels, TenaAnnouncementFebruary 13, 1902Griggs Courier5
Ness, John J Hendrickson, MarthaMarriageFebruary 20, 1902The Times Record1
Pulman, George AGray, MyraMarriageFebruary 20, 1902The Times Record4
Getchell, WarrenGetchell, Mrs.50th AnniversaryFebruary 27, 1902The Times Record1
Rhodes, Leland EWild, Clara AWeddingMarch 6, 1902Griggs Courier1
Upton, Benjamin AHagen, TheaWeddingMarch 6, 1902Griggs Courier1
Campbell, AlbertHaley, NettieWeddingMarch 13, 1902Griggs Courier4
Upton, Benjamin AHagen, TheaWeddingMarch 13, 1902Hope Pioneer3
Barton, ArthurBuchanan, EleanorMarriageMarch 20, 1902The Times Record9
Peterson, Swen JWidness, AnnaAnnouncementMarch 27, 1902Griggs Courier5
Long, Ralph WPatterson, SarahWeddingMarch 27, 1902Hope Pioneer2
Coop, JamesJames, Mrs.50th AnniversaryApril 3, 1902The Times Record1
Garry, WillKlinesmith, DoraWeddingApril 10, 1902Griggs Courier1
Madsen, ChristianJose, LottieAnnouncementApril 10, 1902Griggs Courier5
Bergum, Henry CSeim, Betsy EmeliaAnnouncementApril 17, 1902Griggs Courier5
Alfstad, OleAlbertson, LenaAnnouncementApril 24, 1902Griggs Courier5
Parks, EarlCousins, ClaraAnnouncementMay 8, 1902Griggs Courier5
Anderson, AlbertPeterson, HildaWeddingMay 15, 1902Griggs Courier5
Stevens, Wm HTollefson, NoraMarriageMay 15, 1902The Times Record1
Stevens, EditorTollefson, NoraMarriageMay 22, 1902Cooperstown Courier1
Olsan, EdwardStowman, MinnieMarriageMay 29, 1902Cooperstown Courier5
Link, Glenn RWhite, Vera BWeddingJune 12, 1902Cooperstown Courier5
Udgard, IverHelling, GenaWeddingJune 12, 1902Cooperstown Courier5
Bothby, F FLynn, Sarah EWeddingJune 19, 1902Cooperstown Courier5
Snyder, JosephHoffart, KatieWeddingJuly 3, 1902The Times Record8
Olsen, Frank EMickelson, MartinaMarriageJuly 10, 1902Cooperstown Courier5
Swartout, Louis LSpencer, Martha MMarriageJuly 18, 1902Courtney Gazette8
Gage, John CharlesRussell, Mary LouiseMarriageAugust 1, 1902Courtney Gazette2
Middleton, H NFlint, LenaMarriageAugust 1, 1902Courtney Gazette4
Southworth, GeoStevenson, BerthaMarriageAugust 8, 1902Courtney Gazette4
Starr, FrankThomas, AnnieMarriageAugust 8, 1902Courtney Gazette3
Sansburn, DavidCarlson, JosephineWeddingAugust 21, 1902Cooperstown Courier5
Starbird, ThomasLewis, Elsie MayeWeddingAugust 21, 1902Cooperstown Courier5
Pederson, Carl CCarlson, Jennie CMarriageAugust 21, 1902The Times Record1
Olson, ArntBergstrom, HuldaMarriageAugust 28, 1902Cooperstown Courier5
Miller, W HMosher, MaggieWeddingSeptember 3, 1902Cooperstown Courier4
Allen, Irvin DMielke, Nellie CAnnouncementSeptember 18, 1902Cooperstown Courier4
Allen, Irvin DMielke, Nellie CWeddingSeptember 18, 1902Cooperstown Courier1
Bonde, CarlPetersen, MathildaWeddingSeptember 18, 1902Cooperstown Courier5
Schulz, WalterBrown, ClaraWeddingSeptember 18, 1902Cooperstown Courier4
Holloway, ClarkOpheim, NellieWeddingOctober 9, 1902Cooperstown Courier5
Kirk, Thomas MDodge, Mary LMarriageOctober 16, 1902Cooperstown Courier8
Leiser, Richard EOlsen, NettieMarriageOctober 16, 1902Cooperstown Courier8
Hotchkiss, Wm MMcGinnis, MargaretMarriageOctober 16, 1902Sanborn Enterprise8
Sinclair, AndrewZimmerman, Bertha MWeddingOctober 30, 1902Cooperstown Courier5
Sauer, MichaelBennett, MrsMarriageOctober 30, 1902Sanborn Enterprise8
Erdal, KnudSwenson, MinnieMarriageNovember 13, 1902Cooperstown Courier5
Johnson, FredJohnson, HildaMarriageNovember 20, 1902Cooperstown Courier5
Magnusen, EmilAndrew, IngaMarriageNovember 20, 1902Cooperstown Courier5
Phipps, Bert CHammer, AnnaWeddingNovember 20, 1902Cooperstown Courier5
Van Scoik, WilliamReynolds, MinnieMarriageNovember 20, 1902Cooperstown Courier5
Curren, WilliamConlon, MargaretWeddingNovember 20, 1902Sanborn Enterprise4
Hubbard, EdDiss, LenaWeddingNovember 20, 1902Sanborn Enterprise8
Sauer, AugustHinchberger, CeliaMarriageNovember 27, 1902Sanborn Enterprise8
Flick, Ed CHowden, Lillian MMarriageDecember 4, 1902Cooperstown Courier8
Grunseth, MartinCarlson, EmilyWeddingDecember 4, 1902Cooperstown Courier1
Johnson, GeorgeHilstad, MaryWeddingDecember 4, 1902Cooperstown Courier1
Johnson, GeorgeHilstad, MaryWeddingDecember 4, 1902Cooperstown Courier1
Simensen, LouisTrostad, AnnaWeddingDecember 11, 1902Cooperstown Courier5
Stammer, Mons JHerred, NettieMarriageDecember 11, 1902Cooperstown Courier5
Stromme, Bernhard CSahl, AnneMarriageDecember 11, 1902Cooperstown Courier5
Silness, Rev. E TDyrud, ReginaWeddingDecember 18, 1902Cooperstown Courier8
Fulton, James WThompson, Mrs MinnieAnnouncementDecember 18, 1902Sanborn Enterprise8
Carnahan, JamesSmith, SylviaWeddingDecember 25, 1902Cooperstown Courier5
Varnberg, PeterChristiansen, AndreaMarriageDecember 25, 1902Cooperstown Courier5
Moffat, John AHaskell, Lillyan MWeddingJanuary 1, 1903Cooperstown Courier4
Reynolds, Rolla LJimeson, Margaret RWeddingJanuary 1, 1903Cooperstown Courier4
Gorder, PaulBarrett, JaneMarriageJanuary 1, 1903Sanborn Enterprise8
Moffat, John AHaskell, Lillyan MMarriageJanuary 1, 1903Sanborn Enterprise8
Anderson, Fritchop SHetland, RachelMarriageJanuary 1, 1903Valley City Times Record5
Kjelson, OlafStromme, MariaMarriageJanuary 1, 1903Valley City Times Record5
Coffey, J AAndrews, MissMarriageJanuary 2, 1903Courtney Gazette1
Moffat, John AHaskell, Lillyan MReceptionJanuary 8, 1903Cooperstown Courier5
Olson, ArntBergstrom, HuldaReceptionJanuary 8, 1903Cooperstown Courier5
Reynolds, RollaJimeson, Margaret RReceptionJanuary 8, 1903Cooperstown Courier5
Moffat, John AHaskell, LillianWeddingJanuary 8, 1903Hope Pioneer3
Thompson, James FultonTanner, Minnie ThompsonWeddingJanuary 8, 1903Sanborn Enterprise8
Thornberg, O RAnderson, MinnieMarriageJanuary 8, 1903Sanborn Enterprise5
Jacobson, ElmerStafslein, JosephineWeddingJanuary 15, 1903Cooperstown Courier5
Murray, Francis CMcCarthy, CatherineWeddingJanuary 15, 1903Hope Pioneer3
Roach, MorrisSiners, ElizabethWeddingJanuary 22, 1903Cooperstown Courier5
Hoar, Chesley AMoffatt, Elizabeth MWeddingJanuary 29, 1903Cooperstown Courier5
Potter, FredDittmar, Clara AugustaMarriageFebruary 19, 1903Sanborn Enterprise5
Warner, Charles GrayWakeman, M MinnieWeddingMarch 5, 1903Hope Pioneer1
Pickard, JosephNoxon, Emma LWeddingMarch 6, 1903Wimbledon News1
Owens, Fred WLinseith, AnnaWeddingMarch 13, 1903Wimbledon News1
Skaar, Tom AHanson, JohannaMarriageMarch 26, 1903Cooperstown Courier5
Christianson, CharlesHillerson, MinnieWeddingMarch 26, 1903Hope Pioneer4
Monson, HenryHilsted, LenaMarriageApril 2, 1903Cooperstown Courier4
Neierenberg, FredBorchert, IdaWeddingApril 2, 1903Cooperstown Courier5
Stork, George NKinnie, Susan AWeddingApril 2, 1903Cooperstown Courier5
Dodd, ThomasMarley, Mrs.WeddingApril 2, 1903Hope Pioneer5
Tracey, AlbertHawkins, MissWeddingApril 2, 1903Hope Pioneer5
Arneson, NelsOlson, LizzieWeddingApril 9, 1903Cooperstown Courier5
Jones, A PGunderson, MinnieWeddingApril 9, 1903Cooperstown Courier5
Patterson, CharlesEngelstad, EmmaMarriageApril 9, 1903Cooperstown Courier5
Patterson, CharleyEnglestad, IdaWeddingApril 9, 1903Cooperstown Courier4
Miller, RoyBarrett, JennieWeddingApril 9, 1903Hope Pioneer5
Delfs, ChristFarris, MinnieMarriageApril 16, 1903Cooperstown Courier5
Elwanger, John AOlson, ElizabethMarriageApril 16, 1903Cooperstown Courier5
Sinclair, Wallace JNelson, Clara DMarriageApril 16, 1903Cooperstown Courier5
Delfs, ChristTams, MinnieWeddingApril 16, 1903Griggs County Sentinel1
Hovel, MatiasRickford, MinnieWeddingApril 16, 1903Griggs County Sentinel8
Jones, A PGunderson, MinnieWeddingApril 16, 1903Griggs County Sentinel1
Caesar, Thomas HFritz, LydiaWeddingApril 16, 1903Hope Pioneer1
Allgaier, J BMarkey, AnnaWeddingApril 30, 1903Hope Pioneer1
Barnes, Frank EFortney, LenaAnnouncementMay 7, 1903Cooperstown Courier5
Bonnes, Frank EFortney, Tena SMarriageMay 7, 1903Griggs County Sentinel1
Lewis, Fred GReid, Isabelle MMarriageMay 28, 1903Cooperstown Courier5
Nelson, JohnLanglud, SigneMarriageMay 28, 1903Cooperstown Courier5
Munz, CharleyBrook, IdaMarriageMay 28, 1903Sanborn Enterprise5
Skanse, Olof JAxwell, AnnaWeddingJune 11, 1903Cooperstown Courier5
Neimeyer, W HCross, C AWeddingJune 18, 1903Cooperstown Courier4
Ellefson, OleLarson, LizzieMarriageJune 25, 1903Griggs County Sentinel1
Langer, EmilWashburn, LillieWeddingJune 25, 1903Sanborn Enterprise8
Whipple, Wm WEastman, MinnieWeddingJune 25, 1903Sanborn Enterprise8
Cussons, John CDoran, StellaWeddingJune 28, 1903Cooperstown Courier5
Ellefson, OleLarson, LizzieWeddingJuly 2, 1903Cooperstown Courier5
Langer, Emil FWashburn, LillieWeddingJuly 2, 1903Sanborn Enterprise8
Nichols, Alvin HPlatt, Ada PearlWeddingJuly 9, 1903Cooperstown Courier5
Swanson, S GPratt, JennieWeddingJuly 23, 1903Hope Pioneer8
Sandvold, AlbertRyum, HelgaMarriageAugust 6, 1903Cooperstown Courier5
Roberts, E MMoe, OlavineMarriageAugust 6, 1903Sanborn Enterprise4
Amsden, Mervyn HHone, Effa BlancheWeddingAugust 6, 1903Valley City Times Record1
Hammer, Gilbert PHurmance, EdithWeddingAugust 13, 1903Cooperstown Courier5
Nicoll, Mr. John, Sr.Nicoll, Mrs.50th AnniversaryAugust 20, 1903Cooperstown Courier1
Lewis, Walter AHagerty, AltheaWeddingSeptember 3, 1903Cooperstown Courier4
Maconnell, George ENewberry, MinnieWeddingSeptember 3, 1903Cooperstown Courier5
Steen, Oscar L CNewman, IdaAnnouncementSeptember 3, 1903Hope Pioneer3
Lee, CarlOlson, AnnaMarriageSeptember 10, 1903Cooperstown Courier5
Anderson, AntonMcClain, LydiaWeddingSeptember 11, 1903Wimbledon News4
Brown, Waler HFisher, Ellen ELicense, MarriageSeptember 24, 1903Hope Pioneer4
Fordice, Leon LeroyLocket, MargaretWeddingSeptember 24, 1903Hope Pioneer5
Pewonka, JosephNass, JustineLicense, MarriageSeptember 24, 1903Hope Pioneer4
Reinicke, A CBergh, R AWeddingSeptember 24, 1903Hope Pioneer5
Reynolds, ElmoJarvis, M EdithWeddingSeptember 25, 1903Wimbledon News1
Olsen, Fred OJaberg, StellaPart 1 - WeddingOctober 1, 1903Sanborn Enterprise8
Olsen, Fred OJaberg, StellaPart 2 - WeddingOctober 1, 1903Sanborn Enterprise8
Olsen, Frederic OttoJaberg, Stella GraceWeddingOctober 1, 1903Valley City Times Record1
Miller, GeorgeOmild, EmmaMarriageOctober 15, 1903Cooperstown Courier5
Nelson, HenryAnnouncementOctober 15, 1903Cooperstown Courier5
Nelson, Henry WBisberg, AmandaWeddingOctober 15, 1903Griggs County Sentinel1
Larin, EugeneCarhart, MargaretWeddingOctober 15, 1903Hope Pioneer4
Osborne, Elmer HBaker, Alice EWeddingOctober 22, 1903Cooperstown Courier5
Moore, DavidCollins, Mattie BWeddingOctober 22, 1903Hope Pioneer1
Sund, William JSund, Inga SerineWeddingOctober 22, 1903Hope Pioneer1
Blocker, Henry AJohnson, ElizabethWeddingOctober 29, 1903Cooperstown Courier5
Murray, William JSullivan, BeeWeddingOctober 29, 1903Hope Pioneer5
Torrance, O GWhite, SusieWeddingOctober 29, 1903Hope Pioneer1
Haugen, Perry ERichardson, NevaMarriageNovember 5, 1903Cooperstown Courier5
McAuley, RayBell, ElizabethMarriageNovember 5, 1903Cooperstown Courier5
Vig, Jacob OSalvorsen, Ellen KWeddingNovember 5, 1903Hope Pioneer8
Boe, NicolaiWatne, MarieAnnouncementNovember 12, 1903Cooperstown Courier5
Mish, Albert ASuchla, JuliaMarriageNovember 13, 1903Courtney Gazette1
Nowatzeck, JohnKokott, MaryMarriageNovember 13, 1903Courtney Gazette6
Watzeck, John NKokett, MaryWeddingNovember 13, 1903Wimbledon News4
Curry, Theadore KanouseBorgerson, TillieAnnouncementNovember 19, 1903Cooperstown Courier5
Larson, John VThu, SeverineMarriageNovember 19, 1903Cooperstown Courier5
Nilson, John AGustafson, LydiaMarriageNovember 19, 1903Cooperstown Courier5
Werth, AugustPugh, StellaMarriageNovember 19, 1903Cooperstown Courier5
Sparks, CharlesFuller, Alta MWeddingNovember 19, 1903Hope Pioneer1
Stuff, Otto KPrice, Jennie EMarriageNovember 20, 1903Courtney Gazette6
Simenson, EmilSkramstad, HannahAnnouncementNovember 26, 1903Cooperstown Courier5
Johnson, OveNelson, EmmaMarriageNovember 27, 1903Courtney Gazette6
Wilson, James HenryLesan, Jessie ChloeWeddingNovember 27, 1903Courtney Gazette1
Curry, TheadoreBorgerson, TillieWeddingDecember 3, 1903Cooperstown Courier1
McCulloch, James ARothert, HelenMarriageDecember 3, 1903Cooperstown Courier5
Overby, ChristianTufte, SinaMarriageDecember 3, 1903Cooperstown Courier5
Simenson, EmilSkramstad, HannahWeddingDecember 3, 1903Cooperstown Courier5
Crievier, JohnVadnie, AgathaWeddingDecember 3, 1903Hope Pioneer6
Crowley, DanielDanforth, LillianWeddingDecember 3, 1903Hope Pioneer5
Doyle, Newton AHarmeson, EthelWeddingDecember 3, 1903Hope Pioneer6
Haining, Argailus ERichardson, Nancy CLicense, MarriageDecember 3, 1903Hope Pioneer1
Ole, Peter SKlath, AnnieLicense, MarriageDecember 3, 1903Hope Pioneer1
Olson, PeterAnderson, TenaLicense, MarriageDecember 3, 1903Hope Pioneer1
Pierce, T JParsons, JuneWeddingDecember 3, 1903Hope Pioneer5
Sheets, Thomas RMcLaughlin, EllenLicense, MarriageDecember 3, 1903Hope Pioneer1
Simlie, OscarHagen, CeliaLicense, MarriageDecember 3, 1903Hope Pioneer1
Smith, DavidGilmore, EdithWeddingDecember 3, 1903Hope Pioneer5
Nesbitt, ThomasGainsforth, MillieWeddingDecember 3, 1903Sanborn Enterprise8
Ukestad, MartinDiemert, CeceliaMarriageDecember 3, 1903Sanborn Enterprise5
Conant, Alvin CKramer, MinervaWeddingDecember 4, 1903Courtney Gazette1
Henry, RobJones, JennieMarriageDecember 4, 1903Courtney Gazette2
Sine, MyronBurton, DorothyMarriageDecember 4, 1903Courtney Gazette3
Erickson, AndrewFalla, TheaMarriageDecember 10, 1903Cooperstown Courier5
Gilbertson, GilbertJacobson, EllenMarriageDecember 10, 1903Cooperstown Courier5
Jacobson, AndrewHaukland, MagdalenaMarriageDecember 10, 1903Cooperstown Courier5
Soma, JorgenKydlland, GinaMarriageDecember 10, 1903Cooperstown Courier5
Bond, A MSparks, Elizabeth SWeddingDecember 10, 1903Valley City Times Record11
Pearson, PeteThompson, TenaMarriageDecember 11, 1903Courtney Gazette3
McDonald, Duncan BKnow, Anna MWeddingDecember 17, 1903Cooperstown Courier4
Smith, JohnGreenwood, HelenWeddingDecember 17, 1903Hope Pioneer1
Bond, Henry WLien, Dora BMarriageDecember 17, 1903Sanborn Enterprise5
Pearson, PeteThompson, TenaWeddingDecember 18, 1903Courtney Gazette3
Amundson, LudvigKoloen, AnnaAnnouncementDecember 24, 1903Cooperstown Courier5
Ward, ErnestShaw, Dora MMarriageDecember 25, 1903Courtney Gazette8
Alfson, AlbertThingelstad, AlphaAnnouncementDecember 31, 1903Cooperstown Courier5
Sites, Ed TCrandall, Gertie BMarriageDecember 31, 1903Sanborn Enterprise8
Miller, John ELutz, Magdalena MargueriteMarriageJanuary 1, 1904Courtney Gazette1
Roberts, CharlesDeLong, J SMarriageJanuary 7, 1904Cooperstown Courier4
Mason, OscarMunger, ElnaWeddingJanuary 7, 1904Sanborn Enterprise5
Riedman, Fred SrGreenleaf, AliceMarriageJanuary 7, 1904Sanborn Enterprise5
Williams, J EThayer, MayWeddingJanuary 14, 1904Hope Pioneer5
Lundy, E EWilson, MissMarriageJanuary 15, 1904Wimbledon News5
Jenson, JuliusStai, Edna HMarriageJanuary 21, 1904Cooperstown Courier5
Kee, Robert EBronson, Emma AWeddingJanuary 21, 1904Sanborn Enterprise8
Miller, John ELutz, Magdalena MargueriteReceptionJanuary 22, 1904Courtney Gazette9
Bateman, AlveyStoneberg, MaryMarriageJanuary 28, 1904Cooperstown Courier5
Olson, LewisAnderson, SabinaMarriageJanuary 28, 1904Cooperstown Courier5
Trostad, GuyLundstein, MariaMarriageJanuary 28, 1904Cooperstown Courier5
Bryn, Herman PFairy, AnnaWeddingJanuary 28, 1904Valley City Times Record8
Simpson, William TMark, Nancy SAnnouncementFebruary 5, 1904Wimbledon News5
Wakeman, Orlo ELyman, Anna MWeddingFebruary 11, 1904Hope Pioneer1
Schwehr, RobertDiemert, AemiliaAnnouncementFebruary 11, 1904Sanborn Enterprise5
Henderson, John FFuller, Mig LMarriageFebruary 12, 1904Courtney Gazette8
Simpson, W TMark, NinaWeddingFebruary 12, 1904Wimbledon News5
Tang, Peter JLoge, ElizabethMarriageFebruary 18, 1904Cooperstown Courier5
Tang, Peter JLoge, ElizabethWeddingFebruary 18, 1904Griggs County Sentinel1
Carlson, John AWilliams, ValdineWeddingFebruary 18, 1904Hope Pioneer1
Long, AlvahQuamme, OlavaWeddingFebruary 18, 1904Hope Pioneer4
Gleason, FrankMarriageFebruary 19, 1904Wimbledon News5
Simpson, W THoneymoon returnFebruary 19, 1904Wimbledon News5
Northop, William HomerMott, Gertrude LydiaWeddingFebruary 25, 1904Hope Pioneer1
Wilkinson, O MBooth, EdnaWeddingMarch 4, 1904Wimbledon News4
Detwiller, JohnSherman, Gertrude AWeddingMarch 10, 1904Cooperstown Courier5
Radtke, JohnMatildaDivorceMarch 10, 1904Sanborn Enterprise5
Wilkinson, OrrBooth, EdnaMarriageMarch 10, 1904Sanborn Enterprise8
Anderson, EmilThune, Clara JMarriageMarch 17, 1904Cooperstown Courier5
Palfrey, John SPalfrey, Mrs. CharlesWeddingMarch 17, 1904Hope Pioneer2
Peterson, Jens PHouge, BergetteMarriageMarch 17, 1904Valley City Times Record1
Schilling, FredSchroeder, IdaMarriageMarch 17, 1904Valley City Times Record1
Boe, JohnTams, MaggieMarriageMarch 24, 1904Cooperstown Courier5
Jacobson, MartinRasmussen, MaryMarriageMarch 24, 1904Cooperstown Courier4
Werner, HansVining, EffieMarriageMarch 24, 1904Cooperstown Courier5
Smith, FrankNorth, MissWeddingMarch 24, 1904Valley City Times Record1
Vennum, VenneStillman, GertrudeMarriageMarch 25, 1904Courtney Gazette1
Wilson, D GGlendenning, Carrie BMarriageApril 1, 1904Courtney Gazette8
Bacharach, Dr. HArnold, MinnieWeddingApril 7, 1904Hope Pioneer2
Wilson, Daniel GGlendenning, Carrie BMarriageApril 8, 1904Courtney Gazette8
Wilson, Samuel GGlendenning, Carrie BWeddingApril 8, 1904Wimbledon News5
Guest, James HClark, OliveMarriageApril 14, 1904Cooperstown Courier1
Miller, Chas MFletcher, MarieMarriageApril 14, 1904Sanborn Enterprise5
Hone, Irwin JBush, Jessie MWeddingApril 21, 1904Valley City Times Record1
Weiser, John WO'Brien, MargaretMarriageApril 21, 1904Valley City Times Record1
Bischoff, ErnestSperner, LouiseWeddingApril 22, 1904Courtney Gazette1
Williams, Harvey DGurney, Alice ItenWeddingApril 28, 1904Hope Pioneer1
Southwick, Schuyler PMcIntyre, Margaret MMarriageApril 28, 1904Valley City Times Record1
Christianson, EinerWichstrom, ElsieMarriageMay 5, 1904Valley City Times Record7
Scoville, D WMilne, NellieWeddingMay 6, 1904Courtney Gazette1
Overby, BenLarson, SarahMarriageMay 12, 1904Cooperstown Courier5
Quinn, B HRice, HannahWeddingMay 12, 1904Hope Pioneer5
Christianson, EinarWickstrom, ElsieMarriageMay 12, 1904Sanborn Enterprise5
Greenwood, W MKincaid, Annie SMarriageMay 12, 1904Valley City Times Record4
Weiser, J SWeiser, Mrs50th AnniversaryMay 12, 1904Valley City Times Record4
Pearson, SamNelson, LouiseAnnouncementMay 20, 1904Courtney Gazette8
Howden, Samuel GeorgeKoch, SarahMarriageMay 26, 1904Cooperstown Courier5
Park, DuncanJohnson, Josephine BWeddingJune 2, 1904Hope Pioneer2
Burgster, Jesse BSanford, Nellie D AnnouncementJune 2, 1904Sanborn Enterprise5
Campbell, Clyde LeithHollister, Mary OlivaWeddingJune 2, 1904Valley City Times Record4
Baldwin, DormanIngalls, Isabel MMarriageJune 3, 1904Courtney Gazette2
Burgster, Jesse BSanford, Nellie DoraAnnouncementJune 3, 1904Courtney Gazette8
Eager, Harry MJoos, BerthaMarriageJune 3, 1904Courtney Gazette8
Norell, OliverShaner, Hattie VelmaAnnouncementJune 3, 1904Courtney Gazette8
Pearson, SamNelson, LouiseWeddingJune 3, 1904Courtney Gazette1
Norell, OliverShaner, HattieMarriageJune 10, 1904Courtney Gazette10
Pearson, SamPearson, Mrs.ReceptionJune 10, 1904Courtney Gazette10
Paulson, MathiasOlson, KarenMarriageJune 16, 1904Cooperstown Courier5
Martin, Frederick CWarner, Mable A WeddingJune 16, 1904Hope Pioneer1
Hill, Dr. S JBenedict, Jennie AWeddingJune 16, 1904Sanborn Enterprise5
Burgester, Jesse BronwellSanford, Nellie DoraMarriageJune 17, 1904Courtney Gazette10
Norell, OliverShaner, HattieWeddingJune 17, 1904Courtney Gazette3
Pederson, PaulPederson, HelgaMarriageJune 23, 1904Cooperstown Courier5
Rood, MartinKobervig, LizzieWeddingJune 23, 1904Cooperstown Courier5
Martin, Frederick CWarner, MableMarriageJune 23, 1904Valley City Times Record1
Kokatt, Peter JLonski, MonicaWeddingJune 24, 1904Courtney Gazette1
Aga, Mr. PeterAga, Mrs.50th AnniversaryJune 30, 1904Cooperstown Courier1
Rose, Frederick WalterHewer, Emma RuthWeddingJune 30, 1904Cooperstown Courier1
St. John, Harry Peters, Helma DWeddingJune 30, 1904Cooperstown Courier5
Gilmore, ErvinBowen, LucyWeddingJune 30, 1904Hope Pioneer5
McGurren, Dr. C JLanger, HattieWeddingJune 30, 1904Hope Pioneer2
Colburn, ArthurBathey, JennieWeddingJuly 7, 1904Cooperstown Courier4
Fead, Dr. George ASparling, Anna MWeddingJuly 7, 1904Hope Pioneer5
Johnson, AveryOstrander, BessieWeddingJuly 7, 1904Hope Pioneer5
Brimi, Dr. C LMarriageJuly 14, 1904Cooperstown Courier5
Fead, Dr. George ASparling, Anna MWeddingJuly 14, 1904Hope Pioneer6
Marshall, George OPloof, MabelWeddingJuly 14, 1904Hope Pioneer4
Satrom, OleAason, MissWeddingJuly 14, 1904Hope Pioneer4
Cox, Kenneth WMagoon, FlorenceMarriageJuly 14, 1904Sanborn Enterprise5
Norell, OliverNorell, Mrs.Serenaded post honeymoonJuly 15, 1904Courtney Gazette8
Pepper, J ABeckerjeck, Edith EWeddingJuly 21, 1904Hope Pioneer2
Gordon, Charles NPerkins, Mrs Neva ReagleMarriageJuly 21, 1904Sanborn Enterprise5
Henselman, J HesseRoddy, VionaAnnouncementJuly 21, 1904Sanborn Enterprise8
Longacre, LewisFairweather, Ada MMarriageJuly 21, 1904Sanborn Enterprise8
White, Louis EAnderson, JosieMarriageJuly 21, 1904Sanborn Enterprise5
Johnson, AveryReceptionAugust 4, 1904Hope Pioneer1
Pepper, J ABeckerjeck, Edith EReceptionAugust 4, 1904Hope Pioneer1
Revell, Chester AMcGless, MaudMarriageAugust 4, 1904Sanborn Enterprise8
Knudson, GustNelson, GustaMarriageAugust 4, 1904Valley City Times Record1
Turner, MackReturns with bride, pt1August 19, 1904Courtney Gazette1
Turner, MackReturns with bride, pt2August 19, 1904Courtney Gazette1
Corey, B EMcKinnon, MaryMarriageAugust 26, 1904Wimbledon News2
Ahearn, P EMiles, FannieWeddingSeptember 9, 1904Courtney Gazette1
Stiles, RoyHouseman, MinnieMarriageSeptember 29, 1904Sanborn Enterprise8
Homuth, WilliamWohldorf, MinnieMarriageSeptember 30, 1904Courtney Gazette12
McKinnon, John LJones, BlancheAnnouncementOctober 6, 1904Sanborn Enterprise5
Flewell, HerbertJenness, LucyWeddingOctober 7, 1904Wimbledon News3
Long, B JAnderson, EdythWeddingOctober 13, 1904Hope Pioneer1
Flewell, HerbertJenness, LucyMarriageOctober 14, 1904Courtney Gazette8
Shockley, SamFerguson, KittieMarriageOctober 14, 1904Courtney Gazette8
McKinnon, John LJones, BlancheWeddingOctober 20, 1904Sanborn Enterprise5
McKinnon, John LJones, BlancheMarriageOctober 20, 1904Valley City Times Record7
Rickford, RichardNesheim, AnnaWeddingOctober 27, 1904Cooperstown Courier7
Miller, John DFlaherty, Lizzie CeceliaAnnouncementOctober 27, 1904Sanborn Enterprise5
Fiebiger, EdwardZimprich, MaryMarriageNovember 3, 1904Cooperstown Courier7
Ness, JohnTrostad, RunnaugMarriageNovember 3, 1904Cooperstown Courier7
Blomberg, CharleyLatt, RosieMarriageNovember 3, 1904Sanborn Enterprise5
Emery, William JSecrest, LinaMarriageNovember 3, 1904Sanborn Enterprise5
Blomberg, CarlLatt, RosieMarriageNovember 3, 1904Valley City Times Record9
Couey, FrankMorrison, MinnieMarriageNovember 4, 1904Courtney Gazette8
Smith, Karl HGreenen, Josephine MMarriageNovember 4, 1904Courtney Gazette1
Lambert, PercyMcLaughlin, StellaWeddingNovember 10, 1904Hope Pioneer4
Clemens, EdwardSchmitt, LouiseMarriageNovember 11, 1904Courtney Gazette8
Gutormson, EvenBelden, Mable CWeddingNovember 17, 1904Cooperstown Courier4
Lawry, James ABaker, MamieWeddingNovember 17, 1904Sanborn Enterprise8
Reinheimer, HarryWarwick, LuluLicense, MarriageNovember 18, 1904Courtney Gazette8
Dusbabek, HannahJohnson, IngebretWeddingNovember 24, 1904Cooperstown Courier5
Hamre, AndrewErickson, LouiseWeddingNovember 24, 1904Cooperstown Courier5
Tollefson, LevorNerby, MathildaMarriageNovember 24, 1904Cooperstown Courier5
Churchill, HughSwanson, IdaWeddingNovember 24, 1904Hope Pioneer4
Neva, P JMarsolek, MaryMarriageNovember 25, 1904Courtney Gazette10
Richmond, George TJones, MabelleMarriageNovember 25, 1904Courtney Gazette10
Adams, Charles ENiernberg, MinnieWeddingDecember 1, 1904Cooperstown Courier5
Probstfield, George WBerg, LillieWeddingDecember 1, 1904Cooperstown Courier4
Coleman, O FJohnson, TillieMarriageDecember 1, 1904Valley City Times Record1
White, George JMarboe, AlmaMarriageDecember 2, 1904Courtney Gazette8
Peterson, LouisShockley, MabelWeddingDecember 2, 1904Wimbledon News5
Peterson, AlfredPeterson, JetteMarriageDecember 8, 1904Cooperstown Courier5
Hammer, AndrewErickson, Mrs. LouiseMarriageDecember 9, 1904Courtney Gazette2
Simonson, OttoPeterson, MaryMarriageDecember 9, 1904Courtney Gazette8
Watne, Lars JHelgesen, SophiaWeddingDecember 15, 1904Cooperstown Courier5
Wells, John EdwardSteinborn, MableWeddingDecember 15, 1904Cooperstown Courier4
Anderson, William JohnMorlan, NoraWeddingDecember 15, 1904Hope Pioneer5
Thorn, RobertGroven, AnnieWeddingDecember 29, 1904Cooperstown Courier1
Hitchcock, Rev. SamuelWashington, AmeliaWeddingJanuary 4, 1905Hope Pioneer7
Halvorson, H SJohnson, ClaraWeddingJanuary 5, 1905Cooperstown Courier4
Oppegaard, ElmerJohnson, JMarriageJanuary 5, 1905Cooperstown Courier5
Aandahl, George JKrogan, Bessie LMarriageJanuary 5, 1905Sanborn Enterprise5
Banning, J KShackelton, GertrudeMarriageJanuary 5, 1905Sanborn Enterprise5
Murphy, Henry TCressinger, EddieMarriageJanuary 5, 1905Sanborn Enterprise8
Murphy, Henry TCressinger, EddieMarriageJanuary 5, 1905Sanborn Enterprise8
Nelson, Charles FMcCurry, Harriet EthlynWeddingJanuary 12, 1905Cooperstown Courier4
Williams, HartmanCuthbert, MayWeddingJanuary 13, 1905Courtney Gazette1
Rogney, OscarWeddingJanuary 19, 1905Cooperstown Courier5
Wilson, James WilbertMoote, EthelWeddingJanuary 19, 1905Hope Pioneer4
Goss, Dr Edwin LStandish, NellieWeddingJanuary 19, 1905Sanborn Enterprise9
Nitchey, JoeKaney, EmmaWeddingJanuary 20, 1905Courtney Gazette1
Sisson, ByronHarrison, CarrieWeddingJanuary 20, 1905Wimbledon News5
Sisson, ByronHarrison, CarolynWeddingJanuary 26, 1905Sanborn Enterprise8
Butler, Edward CEtager, MaryWeddingFebruary 2, 1905Cooperstown Courier5
Oppeboen, OsmuudKalvik, MaryMarriageFebruary 2, 1905Cooperstown Courier5
Schuldt, Edward JKohlgraf, ElizabethAnnouncementFebruary 2, 1905Hope Pioneer5
Vigesaa, ThorvaldOuren, BerthaMarriageFebruary 9, 1905Cooperstown Courier5
Butler, Edward CHetager, MaryWeddingFebruary 9, 1905Hope Pioneer5
Nesheim, WilliamAnderson, EleanorWeddingFebruary 9, 1905Hope Pioneer5
Anderson, TheodoreChristoferson, BeataMarriageFebruary 17, 1905Courtney Gazette8
Simonson, SamuelSolberg, DinaWeddingFebruary 17, 1905Wimbledon News1
Klimek, John PKillian, FrancesAnnouncementFebruary 24, 1905Courtney Gazette8
Luly, JohnMarriageFebruary 24, 1905Courtney Gazette8
Luly, PaulMarriageFebruary 24, 1905Courtney Gazette8
Darcy, JamesWeddingFebruary 24, 1905Wimbledon News1
Klimek, John PKillion, FrancesWeddingMarch 3, 1905Wimbledon News5
McCulloch, GrahamErickson, Edith MMarriageMarch 9, 1905Cooperstown Courier5
Posey, Forest CLasher, Carrie OWeddingMarch 10, 1905Courtney Gazette1
Joos, Martin EMarkey, LouiseMarriageMarch 17, 1905Courtney Gazette8
Flewell, A E Michaelson, ChristianaWeddingMarch 17, 1905Wimbledon News5
Schwehr, LeopoldMeyer, MissMarriageMarch 23, 1905Sanborn Enterprise8
Ableidinger, AmbroseNelson, TenaWeddingMarch 24, 1905Courtney Gazette8
Flewell, A E Michaelson, ChristianaWeddingMarch 24, 1905Courtney Gazette8
Johnson, AndrewBrosten, MaryMarriageMarch 30, 1905Cooperstown Courier5
Johnson, AndrewBrosten, MaryMarriageMarch 30, 1905Griggs County Sentinel8
Simpson, George GlenSkagen, BerthaAnnouncementMarch 30, 1905Griggs County Sentinel1
Bryan, R RGray, Bessie BWeddingMarch 30, 1905Hope Pioneer4
Gartman, GeorgeWright, BlancheWeddingApril 5, 1905Cooperstown Courier5
Roisum, Henry NKnudsen, LizzieMarriageApril 5, 1905Cooperstown Courier5
Roisum, Henry NKnudson, LizzieMarriageApril 6, 1905Griggs County Sentinel1
Dodd, ThomasW___e, CoraWeddingApril 6, 1905Hope Pioneer5
Hill, JohnCassels, PearlWeddingApril 6, 1905Hope Pioneer1
Gartman, GeorgeWright, BlancheWeddingApril 7, 1905Cooperstown Courier5
Gartman, GeorgeWright, BlancheWeddingApril 7, 1905Courtney Gazette1
Pearce, Orin ASmith, GraceWeddingApril 11, 1905Hope Pioneer5
Simpson, George GlenSkagen, BerthaWeddingApril 13, 1905Griggs County Sentinel1
Shern, GeorgeAnderson, CarrieMarriageApril 20, 1905Cooperstown Courier5
Shern, GeorgeAnderson, CarrieMarriageApril 20, 1905Griggs County Sentinel1
Marsolek, George BMiller, EthelAnnouncementApril 21, 1905Courtney Gazette1
Posey, EdSloan, EmmaMarriageApril 28, 1905Courtney Gazette8
Miklethune, KnuteOlson, Ida MWeddingApril 28, 1905Wimbledon News1
Mikleton, KnuteOlson, Ida MWeddingMay 4, 1905Sanborn Enterprise5
Fosholdt, O THaggberg, MinnieWeddingMay 5, 1905Courtney Gazette1
Sluga, N PCanth, AgnesWeddingMay 5, 1905Courtney Gazette8
Richard, Harvey FWard, BessieMarriageMay 11, 1905Cooperstown Courier5
Fosholdt, O THagberg, MinnieMarriageMay 11, 1905Griggs County Sentinel1
Richardson, Harvey FWard, BessieMarriageMay 11, 1905Griggs County Sentinel1
Ritter, Louis JesseHorn, MabelWeddingMay 26, 1905Courtney Gazette1
Lang, Leo LMaxwell, JessieWeddingJune 8, 1905Cooperstown Courier5
Lang, Leo LMoffatt, Jessie MaxwellWeddingJune 8, 1905Hope Pioneer4
McCulloch, CliffordWells, Elsie MayWeddingJune 8, 1905Hope Pioneer1
Bopp, Samuel ClairSmith, Laura EttaWeddingJune 15, 1905Cooperstown Courier5
Bopp, Samuel ClairSmith, LaurettaWeddingJune 15, 1905Griggs County Sentinel4
McCulloch, William AlbertTufteland, MaryAnnouncementJune 15, 1905Griggs County Sentinel1
Matthews, Irwin RWoodbury, Nellie A WWeddingJune 16, 1905Wimbledon News2
Stevens, George Michaelis, Susan HelenWeddingJune 22, 1905Cooperstown Courier5
Westley, O CHerigstad, MargaretWeddingJune 22, 1905Cooperstown Courier5
Hoff, Oscar FrederickFeiring, Julia HildaAnnouncementJune 22, 1905Griggs County Sentinel1
Kjelson, John JStewart, Maggie MWeddingJune 22, 1905Griggs County Sentinel1
Stevens, George FranklinMichaelis, SusanaWeddingJune 22, 1905Griggs County Sentinel1
Westley, O BHerigstad, KarenWeddingJune 22, 1905Griggs County Sentinel1
Stevens, George FMichaelis, SusanWeddingJune 22, 1905Hope Pioneer1
Knable, FrankHouseman, MrsMarriageJune 22, 1905Sanborn Enterprise8
Lang, Leo LMoffatt, Jessie MaxwellWeddingJune 22, 1905Sanborn Enterprise8
Kelson, JohnStewart, Maggie MarriageJune 23, 1905Courtney Gazette8
Huff, Oscar FrederickFeiring, Julia HuldaWeddingJune 29, 1905Cooperstown Courier5
Mulroy, George HJohnson, IngaWeddingJune 29, 1905Griggs County Sentinel1
Quamme, IverStromme, EmmaWeddingJune 29, 1905Griggs County Sentinel8
McCulloch, WilliamTuftland, MaryWeddingJuly 6, 1905Cooperstown Courier5
Mulroy, GeorgeJohnson, IngaWeddingJuly 6, 1905Cooperstown Courier1
Hoff, Oscar FrederickFeiring, Julia HildaWeddingJuly 6, 1905Griggs County Sentinel1
McCulloch, William ATufteland, MaryWeddingJuly 6, 1905Griggs County Sentinel1
Hall, Jay JKane, SadieWeddingJuly 7, 1905Wimbledon News3
Bowe, George BartonSmith, Mintie BWeddingJuly 10, 1905Cooperstown Courier5
Moan, John EdwardFreegard, LorenzeMarriageJuly 13, 1905Cooperstown Courier5
Blair, F JWalkerdine, AnnaWeddingJuly 13, 1905Sanborn Enterprise1
Pray, HarveyGriffith, Ida MMarriageJuly 13, 1905Sanborn Enterprise5
Ried, John DDusbabek, EmilineMarriageJuly 20, 1905Cooperstown Courier5
Monson, MartinuMossing, MissWeddingJuly 20, 1905Griggs County Sentinel1
Johnson, AndrewRyum, HildaMarriageJuly 21, 1905Courtney Gazette1
Simmons, D DwightLanger, Jessie AWeddingJuly 21, 1905Sanborn Enterprise5
Kilmer, FredBuckley, AgnesWeddingJuly 28, 1905Wimbledon News2
Crawford, ThomasWalker, AnnieMarriageAugust 4, 1905Wimbledon News3
Colpitt, Claud HWarner, Hazel ClareWeddingAugust 10, 1905Hope Pioneer8
Donaldson, AlbertLarson, MarieWeddingAugust 10, 1905Hope Pioneer1
Svare, Hans Glaspell, EdnaWeddingAugust 17, 1905Griggs County Sentinel1
Holmes, Lars FStall, AnnieMarriageAugust 18, 1905Courtney Gazette8
Marsolek, GeorgeZimmerly, GraceMarriageAugust 18, 1905Courtney Gazette6
Svare, Hans EGlaspell, EdnaWeddingAugust 24, 1905Cooperstown Courier1
Harwood, Dr. C BWilliams, WilhelminaWeddingAugust 24, 1905Hope Pioneer1
Hammer, CharlieMarriageAugust 26, 1905Wimbledon News3
Stern, HarryMarriageAugust 26, 1905Wimbledon News3
Anson, Oscar CWalum, Mabel HWeddingAugust 29, 1905Hannaford Enterprise4
Sturdivant, William DHawley, Viola EWeddingAugust 29, 1905Hannaford Enterprise4
Anson, Oscar CWalum, Mabel HWeddingAugust 31, 1905Cooperstown Courier5
Anson, Oscar CWalum, Mabel HWeddingAugust 31, 1905Griggs County Sentinel1
Sturdivant, William DHawley, Viola EWeddingAugust 31, 1905Griggs County Sentinel1
Ellsbury, Mr.Ellsbury, Mrs.40th AnniversaryAugust 31, 1905Hope Pioneer8
Garlid, Martin DPeterson, LelaWeddingSeptember 7, 1905Cooperstown Courier5
Gratias, Walter ALier, Minnie AWeddingSeptember 7, 1905Cooperstown Courier5
Garlid, MartinPeterson, LetaAnnouncementSeptember 7, 1905Griggs County Sentinel1
Ritchie, DavidHackett, KatherineMarriageSeptember 7, 1905Sanborn Enterprise5
Scheler, AntonFalk, MaryMarriageSeptember 8, 1905Courtney Gazette8
Garlid, MartinPeterson, LelaWeddingSeptember 14, 1905Cooperstown Courier5
Garlid, MartinPeterson, LelaWeddingSeptember 14, 1905Griggs County Sentinel1
Wilkins, AlbertHamilton, CynthiaWeddingSeptember 14, 1905Hope Pioneer1
Donald, Ed WWebber, JuliaMarriageSeptember 21, 1905Cooperstown Courier5
Donald, Edward WWebber, JuliaMarriageSeptember 21, 1905Griggs County Sentinel5
Opfer, Elmer GGibbs, RuthWeddingSeptember 28, 1905Cooperstown Courier5
Standish, M HStandish, Mrs28th AnniversaryOctober 5, 1905Sanborn Enterprise8
Snyder, EdwinHagen, JennieWeddingOctober 12, 1905Cooperstown Courier5
Walls, ErnestGarrison, GertrudeMarriageOctober 12, 1905Cooperstown Courier5
Snyder, EdwinHagen, JennieWeddingOctober 12, 1905Griggs County Sentinel1
Fried, Peter UGray, Davina LWeddingOctober 13, 1905Courtney Gazette1
Rathman, Charles FButler, HattieMarriageOctober 13, 1905Courtney Gazette8
Boardman, John CWoodard, Myrtle MayMarriageOctober 19, 1905Cooperstown Courier5
Bergren, Chas. GHaugen, AnnaWeddingOctober 24, 1905Hannaford Enterprise4
Williams, LewisOverby, ClaraMarriageOctober 26, 1905Cooperstown Courier5
McVay, J HStiles, BessieWeddingOctober 26, 1905Hope Pioneer10
Tibbetts, Herbert CMayes, Thresa MWeddingOctober 26, 1905Hope Pioneer1
Dusbabek, EmilBoyle, MimieMarriageOctober 26, 1905Sanborn Enterprise5
Strong, Elmer EHansen, MarieMarriageOctober 27, 1905Courtney Gazette8
Bergren, Charles GHauen, AnnaMarriageNovember 2, 1905Griggs County Sentinel5
Tibbetts, H CMayes, Theresa MAnnouncementNovember 2, 1905Griggs County Sentinel5
Morrisson, Charles TNewell, Sadie EWeddingNovember 2, 1905Hope Pioneer1
Sloan, Samuel EDrake, SusieMarriageNovember 3, 1905Courtney Gazette8
Harrington, GeorgeBonde, SadieWeddingNovember 9, 1905Cooperstown Courier5
McKee, David DLong, Eva MMarriageNovember 9, 1905Cooperstown Courier5
McKee, David DLong, Eva MWeddingNovember 9, 1905Griggs County Sentinel5
Sloulin, CharlesKrogfoss, Clara MathildaWeddingNovember 9, 1905Griggs County Sentinel5
Eckart, AntonTorkelson, BelleWeddingNovember 9, 1905Hope Pioneer1
Abeln, G JHeinzel, Augusta AMarriageNovember 9, 1905Sanborn Enterprise8
Zollner, FredTomlinson, Mary EWeddingNovember 10, 1905Courtney Gazette1
Georgi, RevGeorgi, MrsReceptionNovember 10, 1905Wimbledon News5
Sloan, SamuelDrake, SusieWeddingNovember 10, 1905Wimbledon News5
Tollefson, FredMark, MatieWeddingNovember 10, 1905Wimbledon News5
Williams, F HWitham, MyrtleWeddingNovember 16, 1905Cooperstown Courier5
Williams, F HWitham, MyrtleWeddingNovember 16, 1905Griggs County Sentinel1
Mather, Alonzo AWaite, Amelia EMarriageNovember 16, 1905Sanborn Enterprise8
Crawford, JohnLicense, MarriageNovember 17, 1905Courtney Gazette6
Crawford, JohnWalker, FlorenceLicense, MarriageNovember 17, 1905Courtney Gazette8
Price, William AStuff, Sarah AMarriageNovember 17, 1905Courtney Gazette8
Shaner, HomerTopping, ClaraMarriageNovember 17, 1905Courtney Gazette8
Zollner, FredTumleson, MamieWeddingNovember 17, 1905Courtney Gazette1
Eagle, WillMcClaflin, MinnieMarriageNovember 24, 1905Courtney Gazette8
Wertz, CharlesThornhill, IdaMarriageNovember 24, 1905Courtney Gazette8
Goplin, GilbertSchou, Andrea SorineWeddingNovember 28, 1905Hannaford Enterprise4
Dunstan, ArchieKoch, AnnieWeddingNovember 30, 1905Cooperstown Courier4
Dunstan, Archie LKoch, Annie MWeddingNovember 30, 1905Griggs County Sentinel1
Varty, JamesMcMann, Mary AWeddingNovember 30, 1905Hope Pioneer10
Gerber, Henry EMcCurdy, JessieMarriageDecember 1, 1905Courtney Gazette8
LePage, Joe AGerber, LelaMarriageDecember 1, 1905Courtney Gazette8
Nelson, H TheoHennings, EleanorWeddingDecember 1, 1905Courtney Gazette1
McFadgen, NeilBooth, AliceWeddingDecember 1, 1905Wimbledon News2
Tritchler, WilliamRose, KathleenWeddingDecember 7, 1905Griggs County Sentinel1
Chilson, C FWhite, MamieWeddingDecember 7, 1905Hope Pioneer1
Hitchcock, Rev. SamuelWashington, Amelia MayAnnouncementDecember 7, 1905Hope Pioneer7
Spangel, LouisJohnson, EstellaWeddingDecember 7, 1905Hope Pioneer1
Varty, James AMcMann, Mary AWeddingDecember 7, 1905Hope Pioneer1
Beate, JamesFuros, AnnaWeddingDecember 12, 1905Hannaford Enterprise4
Johnson, AndrewErickson, AnnieMarriageDecember 14, 1905Cooperstown Courier5
Rickforp, ErnestRickford, LenaMarriageDecember 14, 1905Cooperstown Courier5
Johnson, AndrewErickson, AnnieMarriageDecember 14, 1905Griggs County Sentinel1
Painter, ShermanSteinborn, AnnieMarriageDecember 14, 1905Griggs County Sentinel1
Rickford, ErnestRickford, LenaMarriageDecember 14, 1905Griggs County Sentinel1
Hitchcock, Rev. SWashington, Amelia MayAnnouncementDecember 21, 1905Hope Pioneer7
Kotts, Garret WilliamCurry, JuliaWeddingDecember 21, 1905Hope Pioneer1
Lund, GeorgeCreighton, AdaMarriageDecember 22, 1905Courtney Gazette3
Retzlaff, OrryBeier, EmmaWeddingDecember 28, 1905Griggs County Sentinel1
Resler, HomerRonstead, Adele CWeddingDecember 28, 1905Hope Pioneer1
Lonson, Robert Vedin, BessieWeddingDecember 28, 1905Sanborn Enterprise8
Councilman, FredLyle, AgnesMarriageDecember 29, 1905Courtney Gazette1
Jarvis, RalphBrown, LenaMarriageDecember 29, 1905Courtney Gazette6
Lonson, Robert TBeden, Bertha CarolineMarriageDecember 29, 1905Courtney Gazette8
Hoel, Andrew Almklov, RuthWeddingJanuary 1, 1906Hannaford Enterprise5
Michaelis, HermanRowley, AnnieWeddingJanuary 4, 1906Cooperstown Courier1
Retzlaff, OrryBeier, EmmaWeddingJanuary 4, 1906Cooperstown Courier1
Rhodes, OrionErickson, MaudWeddingJanuary 4, 1906Cooperstown Courier1
Rhodes, OrronErickson, MaudWeddingJanuary 4, 1906Griggs County Sentinel4
Blakely, C BOpdycke, GertrudeWeddingJanuary 4, 1906Hope Pioneer1
Brady, CharlesBrady, Mrs20th AnniversaryJanuary 5, 1906Courtney Gazette8
Scoville, Chas ESterling, AgnesMarriageJanuary 5, 1906Courtney Gazette8
Councilman, FredLyle, AgnesWeddingJanuary 9, 1906Hannaford Enterprise1
Gimblett, Rev. William HMacLeod, Margaret MWeddingJanuary 11, 1906Cooperstown Courier5
Cannon, Fred DPratt, FrancesWeddingJanuary 11, 1906Griggs County Sentinel4
Gimblett, William HMcLeod, Margaret CMarriageJanuary 11, 1906Griggs County Sentinel1
Homes, Nels HEkren, BeateMarriageJanuary 12, 1906Courtney Gazette8
Lundeen, ErnestAnderson, GeorginaWeddingJanuary 12, 1906Courtney Gazette6
Seiler, Ed Rathman, FloyMarriageJanuary 12, 1906Courtney Gazette8
Savage, ThomasPokoney, MaryWeddingJanuary 12, 1906Wimbledon News5
Feckler, John JosephSmith, Edith PearlMarriageJanuary 18, 1906Cooperstown Courier5
Gimlett, William HMcLeod, Margaret CReceptionJanuary 18, 1906Griggs County Sentinel1
Hart, CharlesBrekhoff, SophieWeddingJanuary 18, 1906Griggs County Sentinel1
Zittle, JosephHuwer, CeceliaWeddingJanuary 19, 1906Wimbledon News5
Sabin, WilliamBaker, Lucretia JWeddingJanuary 25, 1906Hope Pioneer1
Quambeck, William WTwedt, AlmaWeddingFebruary 1, 1906Cooperstown Courier1
Hart, CharlesBrekhoff, SophieReceptionFebruary 1, 1906Griggs County Sentinel1
Baldwin, T JMerriel, EvaWeddingFebruary 1, 1906Hope Pioneer5
Sabin, William HBaker, Lucretia JarvisWeddingFebruary 1, 1906Hope Pioneer5
Baldwin, Thomas JMerriel, Eva EWeddingFebruary 8, 1906Hope Pioneer5
Baum, JoelMarriageFebruary 9, 1906Courtney Gazette8
Vermeers, Robert WFinnigan, KateWeddingFebruary 15, 1906Cooperstown Courier5
Larson, EdwinJohanson, DagmarMarriageFebruary 22, 1906Cooperstown Courier5
Pederson, LarsJager, BarbaraMarriageFebruary 22, 1906Cooperstown Courier5
Sussex, William HStanfield, MyraWeddingFebruary 22, 1906Hope Pioneer5
Pederson, LarsJaeger, BarbaraWeddingFebruary 27, 1906Hannaford Enterprise5
Drakeley, A TAldrich, Mrs. MaryWeddingMarch 1, 1906Hope Pioneer1
Sussex, William HStanfield, MyraWeddingMarch 1, 1906Hope Pioneer1
Barnum, George AMarriageMarch 2, 1906Courtney Gazette5
Riggles, WilliamPosey, NellieMarriageMarch 2, 1906Courtney Gazette5
Retzlaff, OttoSteffen, HelenaMarriageMarch 8, 1906Cooperstown Courier5
Bigelow, JudgeStanfield, Mrs JennieMarriageMarch 9, 1906Courtney Gazette5
Gallivan, WmGallivan, Mrs20th AnniversaryMarch 9, 1906Courtney Gazette1
Whitford, W JMarriageMarch 9, 1906Courtney Gazette5
Sonju, Hans HansonArestad, AllidaWeddingMarch 20, 1906Hannaford Enterprise5
Hanson, Hans GArestad, Alida HMarriageMarch 22, 1906Cooperstown Courier4
Hetzler, Edward MMoore, JeanetteMarriageMarch 22, 1906Cooperstown Courier4
Jensen, N PPayne, FlorenceMarriageMarch 22, 1906Cooperstown Courier5
Wassenberg, John MEvenson, ElviraMarriageMarch 22, 1906Cooperstown Courier4
Hanson, Hans GArestad, Mrs. Alida HMarriageMarch 22, 1906Griggs County Sentinel1
Hassenbery, John MEvenson, ElvinaMarriageMarch 22, 1906Griggs County Sentinel1
Hetzler, Edward MMoore, Jennette MMarriageMarch 22, 1906Griggs County Sentinel1
Jenson, N PPayne, FlorenceMarriageMarch 22, 1906Griggs County Sentinel1
Parr, JesseLaramore, MaudeWeddingMarch 22, 1906Hope Pioneer1
Price, Delbert WFjorkenstad, OlgaWeddingMarch 23, 1906Wimbledon News8
Holm, C JLadd, E MWeddingMarch 27, 1906Hannaford Enterprise5
Holm, CharlesLadd, EdithMarriageMarch 29, 1906Cooperstown Courier5
Holm, C JLadd, E MWeddingMarch 29, 1906Griggs County Sentinel1
Rowley, Luther Michaelis, FridrikeAnnouncementMarch 29, 1906Griggs County Sentinel1
Holt, GeorgeRaymond, Mary LeliaWeddingMarch 29, 1906Hope Pioneer5
Rowley, Luther EMichaelis, FridrikaWeddingApril 5, 1906Cooperstown Courier5
Rowley, Luther Michaelis, FridrikeWeddingApril 5, 1906Griggs County Sentinel1
Hoosline, Albert ARichardson, Minnie MMarriageApril 12, 1906Cooperstown Courier4
Paulson, JensGammelgard, MaryMarriageApril 12, 1906Cooperstown Courier4
Skaar, Leonard IHelgesen, HelenMarriageApril 12, 1906Cooperstown Courier5
Hoosline, Albert ORichardson, Minnie MWeddingApril 12, 1906Griggs County Sentinel1
Johnson, J EMarriageApril 12, 1906Griggs County Sentinel8
Paulson, JensGammelgard, MaryMarriageApril 12, 1906Griggs County Sentinel1
Skaar, Leonard IHelgeson, HelenMarriageApril 12, 1906Griggs County Sentinel1
Hoosline, Albert ORichardson, Minnie MWeddingApril 17, 1906Hannaford Enterprise1
Paulson, JensGammelgard, MaryWeddingApril 17, 1906Hannaford Enterprise8
Skaar, Leonard Helgeson, HelenWeddingApril 17, 1906Hannaford Enterprise8
Brady, OscarHomuth, MaryMarriageApril 20, 1906Courtney Gazette5
Chandler, Dr. Frank WGallinger, PaulineWeddingApril 20, 1906Courtney Gazette1
Forester, William FPlowe, Loulu NMarriageApril 20, 1906Courtney Gazette5
Chandler, Dr. Frank WGallinger, Pauline HarrietWeddingApril 20, 1906Wimbledon News4
McDonnell, AubreyJohnson, BessieMarriageApril 27, 1906Courtney Gazette4
Hanson, HansDale, LenaMarriageMay 1, 1906Hannaford Enterprise4
Hanson, Hans Dahl, SenaMarriageMay 3, 1906Griggs County Sentinel4
Sullivan, FrankHopwood, StellaWeddingMay 4, 1906Courtney Gazette1
Gillespie, Charles SBarton, Sarah ScottWeddingMay 10, 1906Cooperstown Courier5
Gilmer, AlexanderBowe, GertrudeWeddingMay 10, 1906Cooperstown Courier5
Gillespie, Charles SBarton, Sarah ScottWeddingMay 10, 1906Griggs County Sentinel1
Gillespie, Charles SBarton, MissMarriageMay 11, 1906Courtney Gazette5
Larson, C HLarson, AmandaWeddingMay 11, 1906Courtney Gazette5
Scoville, A NDagnon, Mary JMarriageMay 11, 1906Courtney Gazette1
Askelson, JohnKlubben, ElizabethMarriageMay 17, 1906Griggs County Sentinel5
Askelson, JohnKlubben, LizzieWeddingMay 17, 1906Griggs County Sentinel1
Walin, EricFogderud, CoraWeddingMay 24, 1906Griggs County Sentinel8
Thompson, Theo GHammer, Helga MWeddingJune 7, 1906Cooperstown Courier4
Thompson, Theo GHammer, Helga MWeddingJune 14, 1906Griggs County Sentinel8
Wold, MartinFosholdt, SarahWeddingJune 14, 1906Griggs County Sentinel1
Sayles, GeneHoward, FannieMarriageJune 21, 1906Cooperstown Courier5
Washburn, HowardBrewer, IdaWeddingJune 21, 1906Hope Pioneer1
Munn, William ThomsonMcConnell, Lulu GertrudeMarriageJune 28, 1906Cooperstown Courier5
Onstad, Carl JCroonquist, HattieWeddingJune 29, 1906Wimbledon News1
Bustrack, S HDuVall, Laura MayWeddingJuly 3, 1906Hannaford Enterprise5
Lind, GustForsberg, LottieWeddingJuly 3, 1906Hannaford Enterprise5
Nogosek, AntonKlimek, SofieAnnouncementJuly 12, 1906Courtney Gazette5
Nogosek, AntonKlimek, SofieWeddingJuly 12, 1906Courtney Gazette1
Raymond, Earl AErickson, IsabelWeddingJuly 12, 1906Hope Pioneer1
Nelson, J NSimpson, BessieMarriageJuly 19, 1906Cooperstown Courier5
Nelson, Joseph NSimpson, Bessie LWeddingJuly 19, 1906Griggs County Sentinel1
Simonson, Paul JOlson, Katy CMarriageJuly 26, 1906Cooperstown Courier4
Sinclair, William DSinclair, Ethel MMarriageJuly 26, 1906Cooperstown Courier4
Simonson, Paul JOlson, Katy CMarriageJuly 26, 1906Griggs County Sentinel5
Sinclair, William DSinclair, EthelMarriageJuly 26, 1906Griggs County Sentinel5
Curry, Randall LSussex, ElizaWeddingJuly 26, 1906Hope Pioneer4
Sinclair, William DSinclair, Ethel MWeddingJuly 31, 1906Hannaford Enterprise4
Tallmadge, Carl EHalsey, Ruby HelenWeddingAugust 2, 1906Cooperstown Courier4
Wiswell, Charles AustinErlandson, Arrie MarieWeddingAugust 2, 1906Hope Pioneer5
Greenland, MorrisRorvig, Olga MadaleneWeddingAugust 9, 1906Griggs County Sentinel1
Lewis, Peter LawrenceRorvig, Selma AgundaWeddingAugust 9, 1906Griggs County Sentinel1
Funck, Rev ARabe, JohannaWeddingAugust 10, 1906Wimbledon News8
Anderson, Alfred OrlandoSinclair, Sara JeaneWeddingAugust 16, 1906Cooperstown Courier5
Loucks, Alonzo LHoden, Mamie EMarriageAugust 16, 1906Cooperstown Courier5
Anderson, Alfred OrlandoSinclair, Sara Jean WeddingAugust 21, 1906Hannaford Enterprise4
Schlins, Frederick TJohnston, EmilyMarriageAugust 23, 1906Cooperstown Courier5
Thompson, Nelson JGray, Grace BlairWeddingAugust 23, 1906Hope Pioneer1
Jacobson, George JCampbell, Daisy Ann BelleWeddingAugust 24, 1906Wimbledon News2
Williams, HarryLong, AnnaMarriageAugust 30, 1906Courtney Gazette5
Dagenhart, AdolfRobedeau, EthelWeddingAugust 30, 1906Hope Pioneer5
Ellefson, MissMarriageSeptember 13, 1906Courtney Gazette5
Petitt, AlonzoEllifson, OllieWeddingSeptember 14, 1906Wimbledon News3
Petitt, AlonzoEllefson, OllieMarriageSeptember 20, 1906Courtney Gazette4
Howden, GeorgeEberhart, AugustaMarriageOctober 4, 1906Cooperstown Courier5
Smith, Fred EAllert, LeonoreWeddingOctober 4, 1906Hope Pioneer1
Rode, J JJohnson, Emma BWeddingOctober 11, 1906Hope Pioneer5
Pope, GeorgeCone, AlmaWeddingOctober 18, 1906Hope Pioneer1
Gray, RobertDingle, MyrtleWeddingOctober 25, 1906Hope Pioneer5
Pierce, HaroldKnudson, LillianWeddingOctober 26, 1906Wimbledon News4
Knowles, G HGray, RosettaWeddingOctober 54, 1906Hope Pioneer2
Bartowski, JacobStalowski, KatherineLicense, MarriageNovember 1, 1906Courtney Gazette7
Gassnor, RoyFuller, OraWeddingNovember 1, 1906Hope Pioneer1
Madland, Ole BHerigstad, Lena LMarriageNovember 8, 1906Cooperstown Courier8
Wallace, PeterCarter, LuellaWeddingNovember 8, 1906Cooperstown Courier1
Westley, Ole TOlsen, BerthaMarriageNovember 8, 1906Cooperstown Courier8
Loge, S ELunde, AxlianaWeddingNovember 13, 1906Hannaford Enterprise5
Madland, Ole BHerigstad, Lena LWeddingNovember 13, 1906Hannaford Enterprise1
Westley, O TOlson, BerthaWeddingNovember 13, 1906Hannaford Enterprise1
Willey, JesseConroy, TheaMarriageNovember 15, 1906Cooperstown Courier5
Robinson, Arthur EMcLean, EttaWeddingNovember 15, 1906Hope Pioneer7
Houghton, Walter JBartron, Nellie HWeddingNovember 22, 1906Cooperstown Courier5
Nelson, Henry BurdickRichardson, Olive MildredMarriageNovember 22, 1906Cooperstown Courier5
Gruchalla, AugustWinch, MaryMarriageNovember 22, 1906Courtney Gazette5
Scheler, HermanNotski, TenaMarriageNovember 22, 1906Courtney Gazette5
Milne, FrankPhillips, GraceWeddingNovember 29, 1906Courtney Gazette1
Blackman, RayJohnson, DeliaWeddingNovember 29, 1906Hope Pioneer6
Fuller, Roy S JMcCarty, Mary ElizabethWeddingNovember 29, 1906Hope Pioneer6
Masters, WalterRobertson, JanetWeddingNovember 29, 1906Hope Pioneer6
Smith, CharleyKiniston, EvaWeddingNovember 29, 1906Hope Pioneer6
Vadnie, Francis ELindeman, Anna EWeddingNovember 29, 1906Hope Pioneer6
Bakkan, OleMyron, DoraWeddingDecember 6, 1906Cooperstown Courier5
Thompson, Hollen SShue, FlorenceWeddingDecember 6, 1906Cooperstown Courier5
Hagen, Oscar WScollard, CarrieMarriageDecember 6, 1906Hope Pioneer7
Joos, John MSchmidt, KatieWeddingDecember 7, 1906Wimbledon News1
Bakken, OleMyron, DoraWeddingDecember 11, 1906Hannaford Enterprise1
Heaton, RobertPayne, Alice LWeddingDecember 11, 1906Hannaford Enterprise1
Thompson, Hollen SShue, FlorenceWeddingDecember 11, 1906Hannaford Enterprise1
Hervey, L MGlynn, Mrs A EMarriageDecember 13, 1906Courtney Gazette7
Baker, RusselDarch, MinnieWeddingDecember 13, 1906Hope Pioneer1
Brady, John TDrake, Cora HMarriageDecember 20, 1906Courtney Gazette7
Hogness, JohnFare, Kristie TWeddingDecember 23, 1906Hannaford Enterprise4
Olmsted, J EHowden, Bessie PearlWeddingDecember 23, 1906Hannaford Enterprise5
Olmsted, EugeneHowden, Bessie WeddingDecember 23, 1906Hannaford Enterprise4
Hoel, Andrew GAlmklov, RuthWeddingDecember 27, 1906Cooperstown Courier5
Olmsted, J CHowden, Bessie PearlWeddingDecember 27, 1906Cooperstown Courier4
Unkenholz, Joseph CDayhuff, MarillaWeddingDecember 27, 1906Hope Pioneer1
Anderson, C LBrendon, NettieMarriageJanuary 3, 1907Cooperstown Courier5
Graff, Paul MNichols, Doxie MayWeddingJanuary 3, 1907Cooperstown Courier5
Johnston, Harry LBorgerson, Alma OMarriageJanuary 3, 1907Cooperstown Courier5
Tufte, BenjaminFeiring, ClaraWeddingJanuary 3, 1907Cooperstown Courier5
Strong, John EBaillie, Elizabeth WWeddingJanuary 3, 1907Courtney Gazette1
Miller, GeorgeBarrett, MyrtleMarriageJanuary 3, 1907Hope Pioneer7
Peterson, OscarChristianson, CarolineMarriageJanuary 3, 1907Hope Pioneer7
Sylvester, JohnChristopherson, OliveMarriageJanuary 3, 1907Hope Pioneer7
Anderson, Charley LBrenden, NettieWeddingJanuary 8, 1907Hannaford Enterprise5
Tufte, BenjaminFeiring, ClaraWeddingJanuary 8, 1907Hannaford Enterprise1
Johnson, HermanLind, HildaMarriageJanuary 10, 1907Courtney Gazette3
James, Carl CFlewell, EvaWeddingJanuary 11, 1907Wimbledon News2
Altringer, LouisHansen, EllaWeddingJanuary 11, 1907Wimbledon News2
Anderson, Charles PWatne, JorginaMarriageJanuary 17, 1907Cooperstown Courier3
Clason, JamesStromme, EngaMarriageJanuary 17, 1907Cooperstown Courier3
Woell, Henry KLanger, Clara CeceliaWeddingJanuary 17, 1907Hope Pioneer1
Ball, W HSwsnson, J AWeddingJanuary 24, 1907Hope Pioneer7
Haigh, JimmyMarriageFebruary 7, 1907Courtney Gazette5
Niemeyer, L BSmith, JosephineMarriageFebruary 7, 1907Courtney Gazette5
Zimkoski, AnthonyDavis, Rose MayWeddingFebruary 7, 1907Hope Pioneer1
Gunkel, RhinhartLambert, AliceWeddingFebruary 13, 1907Hope Pioneer5
Wold, IngolfLehr, ImogeneWeddingFebruary 14, 1907Cooperstown Courier5
Lindblom, JohnErickson, FriedaWeddingFebruary 14, 1907Hope Pioneer5
Meader, W MLarson, HannahWeddingFebruary 21, 1907Hope Pioneer6
Bateman, H HBoothe, Inez ClareWeddingFebruary 28, 1907Cooperstown Courier5
Thorsgard, ThorvaldLund, LenaMarriageFebruary 28, 1907Cooperstown Courier4
Larson, ChristRoyce, MissMarriageFebruary 28, 1907Courtney Gazette7
Parker, A CKorf, MinnieMarriageFebruary 28, 1907Courtney Gazette7
Bond, EdStickles, MayMarriageMarch 7, 1907Courtney Gazette7
Larson, ChristRoise, Marie GMarriageMarch 7, 1907Courtney Gazette7
McLaughlin, Mr. ArthurMcLaughlin, Mrs.25th AnniversaryMarch 7, 1907Hope Pioneer1
Young, CharlesParks, GraceWeddingMarch 14, 1907Hope Pioneer7
Bateman, H HReceptionMarch 19, 1907Hannaford Enterprise5
Bateman, H HWedding PartyMarch 19, 1907Hannaford Enterprise5
Bateman, Herbert HBooth, Inez ClareWeddingMarch 21, 1907Cooperstown Courier4
Freng, PeterThompson, LuellaWeddingMarch 26, 1907Hannaford Enterprise4
Lundstronm, Anders CHanson, EllenMarriageMarch 28, 1907Cooperstown Courier4
Reid, R HWebster, MrsWeddingMarch 28, 1907Courtney Gazette2
Fried, AdolphStarkawski, RoseMarriageApril 4, 1907Courtney Gazette7
Allen, GeorgeThurlow, Harriett GMarriageApril 11, 1907Cooperstown Courier5
Beans, John NelsonHolland, BerthaMarriageApril 18, 1907Cooperstown Courier5
Maneson, VictorOlson, AnnieMarriageApril 18, 1907Cooperstown Courier5
Palmer, William MHolbrook, Evangeline E SMarriageApril 18, 1907Cooperstown Courier3
Margach, WilliamBerge, Stena JWeddingApril 23, 1907Hannaford Enterprise5
Juell, George ETitus, AltaMarriageApril 25, 1907Cooperstown Courier5
Margach, WilliamBerge, Stena JMarriageApril 25, 1907Cooperstown Courier5
Wagner, Richard PVan Alstine, GertrudeMarriageMay 9, 1907Cooperstown Courier5
Lyle, Peter SMcMillan, JeanMarriageMay 16, 1907Cooperstown Courier5
Lyle, Peter SMcMillan, JeanWeddingMay 21, 1907Hannaford Enterprise5
Stiles, E HBodkins, Mabel BlancheWeddingJune 6, 1907Hope Pioneer6
Skramstad, MartinAnderson, AmandaWeddingJune 13, 1907Cooperstown Courier1
Steinke, William EBrendemuehl, Martha MWeddingJune 13, 1907Hope Pioneer1
Burling, Rev. EdwinLockton, Lillian MerettaWeddingJune 20, 1907Cooperstown Courier4
Ingraham, George WAtherton, AmeliaMarriageJune 27, 1907Courtney Gazette7
Sorenson, Martin DWilliams, Elsa LWeddingJune 27, 1907Hope Pioneer7
Thompson, MartinAnderson, Louise BorghildWeddingJuly 2, 1907Hannaford Enterprise4
Thompson, Martin JAnderson, Louise BorghildWeddingJuly 2, 1907Hannaford Enterprise4
Gardner, AngusAyrea, JessieMarriageJuly 4, 1907Cooperstown Courier5
Bemis, LeRoyCook, HattieMarriageJuly 4, 1907Courtney Gazette2
House, GeorgeMiller, KateMarriageJuly 4, 1907Courtney Gazette4
Sorenson, Martin DWilliams, ElsaWeddingJuly 4, 1907Hope Pioneer5
Lyon, Forry SMiller, Florence EMarriageJuly 11, 1907Cooperstown Courier5
Thorn, JuliusHitterdahl, Clara BertinaWeddingJuly 11, 1907Cooperstown Courier1
Marsalek, George BRudnick, FrancesWeddingJuly 11, 1907Courtney Gazette1
Wilcox, Raymond GDean, Ethel IreneWeddingJuly 11, 1907Hope Pioneer5
Reite, ChristianAnderson, AnnaWeddingJuly 16, 1907Hannaford Enterprise1
Mastin, H JWade, Violetta HMarriageJuly 18, 1907Courtney Gazette9
Johnson, HanseCarstens, LouiseMarriageAugust 1, 1907Cooperstown Courier5
Johnson, J STufford, EllenMarriageAugust 1, 1907Courtney Gazette8
Steinway, W FHopwood, NellieWeddingAugust 1, 1907Courtney Gazette1
Peterson, Joe C MNybo, IsabelleWeddingAugust 1, 1907Hope Pioneer5
Montgomery, Harry WMorris, DaisyMarriageAugust 8, 1907Courtney Gazette8
Steinway, WilliamSteinway, MrsReceptionAugust 8, 1907Courtney Gazette7
Hoque, M JBye, HelzaMarriageAugust 15, 1907Cooperstown Courier5
Posey, JohnHopwood, Mrs CatherineMarriageAugust 15, 1907Courtney Gazette2
Waldin, WilliamEarnshaw, Mrs MMarriageAugust 15, 1907Courtney Gazette2
Hedding, Dr. Joseph ABenjamin, Ada ZWeddingAugust 15, 1907Hope Pioneer6
Hareland, LudvigHetland, MartinaWeddingAugust 20, 1907Hannaford Enterprise7
Grounitz, ElmerWatson, ElizabethMarriageAugust 22, 1907Cooperstown Courier5
Walden, Herschell MEarnshaw, Maude EstellaWeddingAugust 22, 1907Courtney Gazette1
Harris, Nathan KindrickWidlund, Hilma AnnaWeddingAugust 29, 1907Cooperstown Courier5
Dale, AlbertMikkelson, IdaWeddingSeptember 3, 1907Hannaford Enterprise5
Bruns, OttoHolman, EttaMarriageSeptember 5, 1907Cooperstown Courier5
Podhasky, CharlesSortre, TenaMarriageSeptember 5, 1907Courtney Gazette9
Bruns, Otto HHolman, Henrietta CMarriageSeptember 12, 1907Cooperstown Courier5
Howden, WmNicoll, Mrs. A JWeddingSeptember 17, 1907Hannaford Enterprise5
Wilson, JamesWang, Alma MarieMarriageSeptember 26, 1907Cooperstown Courier5
Keene, John MLyons, Mary AliceWeddingSeptember 26, 1907Hope Pioneer5
Goodspeed, FrederickCogswell, Lelia RMarriageOctober 3, 1907Cooperstown Courier4
Horell, FrankWilson, BerthaWeddingOctober 3, 1907Cooperstown Courier5
Horell, Frank LWilson, Bertha VWeddingOctober 8, 1907Hannaford Enterprise1
Newell, Otis DuboisMcCollister, RuthMarriageOctober 10, 1907Cooperstown Courier5
Crum, James HEllerman, LucyWeddingOctober 10, 1907Courtney Gazette1
Peterson, OttoAnderson, Mrs MaryMarriageOctober 10, 1907Courtney Gazette10
Tveidt, AndrewLegreid, HelenMarriageOctober 17, 1907Cooperstown Courier5
Berry, F CJennings, EthelWeddingOctober 17, 1907Hope Pioneer5
Fjelstad, MartinWeddingOctober 22, 1907Hannaford Enterprise5
Skjelseth, LarsSkjelseth, Mrs.25th AnniversaryOctober 24, 1907Cooperstown Courier5
Bond, NoelHarrington, FlorenceWeddingOctober 24, 1907Courtney Gazette2
Smithknecht, FrankTheisen, CatharinaMarriageOctober 24, 1907Courtney Gazette5
Johnson, MartinSchei, HelenMarriageOctober 31, 1907Cooperstown Courier5
Flohr, OttoSwanson, EllaMarriageOctober 31, 1907Courtney Gazette3
Rugg, U GRugg, Mrs.50th AnniversaryOctober 31, 1907Hope Pioneer5
Lavik, ChristopherDahl, IngeborgWeddingNovember 5, 1907Hannaford Enterprise5
Knodle, Glenn HHoffman, Lillie EWeddingNovember 7, 1907Cooperstown Courier5
Pittinger, RobertRothert, EmmaMarriageNovember 7, 1907Cooperstown Courier5
Anderson, CarlWashburn, VioletaMarriageNovember 7, 1907Courtney Gazette10
Nelson, EmilHalvorson, Effie GeneveiveWeddingNovember 7, 1907Courtney Gazette1
Langford, AlfredJenkins, MaryWeddingNovember 14, 1907Cooperstown Courier5
Baker, Mr.Baker, Mrs.50th AnniversaryNovember 14, 1907Hope Pioneer5
Rugg, Uriah JRugg, Mrs.50th AnniversaryNovember 14, 1907Hope Pioneer6
Clifford, AdolphBlei, MaryMarriageNovember 21, 1907Courtney Gazette2
Jorgensen, JohnCopenhaver, ClaraWeddingNovember 21, 1907Hope Pioneer5
Hustad, Knute EHouge, Beda FWeddingNovember 28, 1907Hope Pioneer5
Bue, Carl WHogenson, JosieWeddingDecember 5, 1907Cooperstown Courier5
Goff, CharlesStahl, KatieWeddingDecember 5, 1907Cooperstown Courier5
Sampson, Samson HJohnson, MargaretWeddingDecember 5, 1907Cooperstown Courier1
Anundson, HNorderhaug, HelgaWeddingDecember 10, 1907Hannaford Enterprise5
Annundson, HalvorNordermug, Helga MMarriageDecember 12, 1907Cooperstown Courier5
Haaland, EdwardStangeland, EllenWeddingDecember 12, 1907Cooperstown Courier5
Stoddard, Burton HHorn, BelleWeddingDecember 12, 1907Courtney Gazette1
Uhe, Edward ASteele, Effie IreneMarriageDecember 12, 1907Courtney Gazette7
Brown, HaroldFrancis, MabelWeddingDecember 17, 1907Hannaford Enterprise5
Brown, Mr HaroldFrancis, MabelWeddingDecember 19, 1907Cooperstown Courier5
Hanson, Peter CVaugen, Dora JMarriageDecember 19, 1907Cooperstown Courier5
Davis, Ira JHughes, MayWeddingDecember 19, 1907Hope Pioneer4
Peterson, OleBeach, NinaMarriageDecember 26, 1907Courtney Gazette7
Peterson, StephenHilden, Inger MMarriageDecember 26, 1907Courtney Gazette7
McPherson, John ACurry, LydiaWeddingJanuary 2, 1908Hope Pioneer6
Watkins, A EStevens, Mrs. Maggie AWeddingJanuary 2, 1908Hope Pioneer6
Richardson, B FNierenberg, CarrieWeddingJanuary 9, 1908Cooperstown Courier5
Pangburn, Leon LBarkman, Esther C AWeddingJanuary 9, 1908Courtney Gazette1
Anderson, AsherPeterson, ClaraWeddingJanuary 21, 1908Hannaford Enterprise5
Christianson, WalterForsberg, ChristinaWeddingJanuary 21, 1908Hannaford Enterprise5
Shmitt, PeterKaiser, PolageMarriageJanuary 23, 1908Courtney Gazette7
Heille, George AEbeling, MarieWeddingFebruary 13, 1908Hope Pioneer5
Boyer, JoeBotnan, JuliaMarriageFebruary 27, 1908Cooperstown Courier4
Nelson, John AStrem, AnnaMarriageFebruary 27, 1908Cooperstown Courier5
Marsalek, JohnSchiwek, AnnaAnnouncementFebruary 27, 1908Courtney Gazette2
Jacobson, Mr.Jacobson, Mrs.25th AnniversaryFebruary 27, 1908Hope Pioneer5
Beckerjeck, CharlesLaw, Cora MWeddingMarch 5, 1908Hope Pioneer9
Brown, HarryWilson, MamieWeddingMarch 12, 1908Cooperstown Courier5
Lange, EdwardDonat, HelenWeddingMarch 12, 1908Courtney Gazette1
Beckerjeck, Charles FLaw, Cora MaudWeddingMarch 12, 1908Hope Pioneer9
Brown, HarryWilson, MamieWeddingMarch 12, 1908Hope Pioneer9
Laughlin, ARichardson, Norma AWeddingMarch 12, 1908Hope Pioneer9
Peterson, AmandusErickson, EstherWeddingMarch 19, 1908Courtney Gazette1
Harris, TomNelson, Tena MMarriageApril 2, 1908Courtney Gazette2
McKellips, William DCyprus, ElizabethWeddingApril 9, 1908Hope Pioneer5
Kenche, Arthur FJackson, Clara JMarriageApril 16, 1908Cooperstown Courier5
Tracy, Fredrick BBond, Anna MildredMarriageApril 16, 1908Courtney Gazette3
Peterson, MartinWelden, AnnaMarriageApril 30, 1908Cooperstown Courier5
Troseth, Paul OMagnusson, AnnaWeddingMay 5, 1908Hannaford Enterprise4
Back, OttoRogney, EleanorMarriageMay 7, 1908Cooperstown Courier4
Lohrke, Otto AlbertGallivan, Edna LenoreWeddingJune 4, 1908Courtney Gazette1
Savre, EdwardBruns, MalindaWeddingJune 9, 1908Hannaford Enterprise4
Savre, EdwardBruns, MalindaWeddingJune 11, 1908Cooperstown Courier1
Towers, Ernest F WStewart, RubyMarriageJune 11, 1908Cooperstown Courier1
Hareland, SveinHetland, IngaWeddingJune 16, 1908Hannaford Enterprise5
Holmquist, Charles OAtchison, EstherMarriageJune 18, 1908Cooperstown Courier5
Linde, Thorvold TJohnson, Hilda M CWeddingJune 18, 1908Hope Pioneer5
Rognlien, O MLarson, EllenWeddingJune 23, 1908Hannaford Enterprise5
Bingham, Harvey NelsonAshford, ElizabethWeddingJune 25, 1908Hope Pioneer5
Kimball, Pearly CBowen, Minnie HWeddingJune 25, 1908Hope Pioneer5
Evenson, Mat GStevens, Ida MarieWeddingJuly 2, 1908Cooperstown Courier4
Kimball, Pearly CBowen, MinnieGifts, WeddingJuly 2, 1908Hope Pioneer8
Leng, Frank ErvinBeckerjeck, Rose MWeddingJuly 2, 1908Hope Pioneer5
Nelson, OscarStromme, AletteWeddingJuly 7, 1908Hannaford Enterprise4
Vigesaa, TorkelHerigstad, BerthaWeddingJuly 7, 1908Hannaford Enterprise4
Fosholdt, TorvalGunderson, Sophia AMarriageJuly 9, 1908Cooperstown Courier5
Greenland, MagnusSaxrud, Hattie AnnaMarriageJuly 9, 1908Cooperstown Courier5
Sloan, Allie LeanBrady, Jennie BlanchMarriageJuly 9, 1908Courtney Gazette2
Scott, OlofHiatt, MaryMarriageJuly 16, 1908Courtney Gazette7
Brown, Rev. R StanleyMott, M LouiseWeddingJuly 16, 1908Hope Pioneer6
Lawrence, ChristOlsen, AgnesWeddingJuly 23, 1908Cooperstown Courier4
Moore, EdHildreth, ElizabethMarriageJuly 23, 1908Courtney Gazette8
Ottinger, GuyRichcreek, NellieMarriageJuly 23, 1908Courtney Gazette8
Scott, OlofHiatt, MaryMarriageJuly 23, 1908Courtney Gazette8
Day, James AScholes, EdenWeddingJuly 23, 1908Hope Pioneer6
Melgard, OswaldHammer, Josephine RWeddingJuly 30, 1908Cooperstown Courier4
Moore, C EHildreth, ElizabethWeddingJuly 30, 1908Courtney Gazette1
Kelley, J CHackett, LoucileAnnouncementJuly 30, 1908Hope Pioneer7
Jensen, JensPederson, AnnaWeddingAugust 20, 1908Hope Pioneer5
Lonbaken, Samuel AClint, Jessie AmandaAnnouncementAugust 20, 1908Hope Pioneer5
Meiners, JohnCyrus, Mary GertrudeWeddingAugust 20, 1908Hope Pioneer5
Brodshaug, OleMoore, KateWeddingAugust 25, 1908Hannaford Enterprise4
Anderson, Charles Johnson, JennieWeddingAugust 27, 1908Cooperstown Courier5
Piatt, Charles ODenham, Bertha EWeddingAugust 27, 1908Cooperstown Courier5
Danskin, Stewart JamesHampton, Lucy EthelWeddingAugust 27, 1908Hope Pioneer5
Danskin, Stewart JamesHampton, LucyWeddingSeptember 3, 1908Hope Pioneer5
Anderson, BennieBerkeland, AnsofMarriageOctober 8, 1908Cooperstown Courier5
Falk, JohnMiller, MaryMarriageOctober 8, 1908Courtney Gazette3
Gustafson, RobertLeiske, KatieWeddingOctober 8, 1908Hope Pioneer7
Sparrow, AlbertJansen, JettieMarriageOctober 8, 1908Hope Pioneer7
Feske, OttoNylander, Anna CMarriageOctober 15, 1908Cooperstown Courier5
Hicks, Eugene CSanden, MinnieMarriageOctober 15, 1908Cooperstown Courier5
Gustafson, RobertLeiske, KatieMarriageOctober 15, 1908Hope Pioneer5
Angell, W REllefson, ElminaMarriageOctober 22, 1908Courtney Gazette7
Ferguson, EarlPrice, GraceMarriageOctober 22, 1908Courtney Gazette7
Sletten, AlbertEvenson, RosaWeddingOctober 27, 1908Hannaford Enterprise5
Kile, Walter GOverby, BerthaMarriageOctober 29, 1908Cooperstown Courier5
Pritz, Sever AWild, Inez TMarriageOctober 29, 1908Cooperstown Courier5
Buzzell, FrankNelson, HattieWeddingOctober 29, 1908Courtney Gazette2
Story, George WJennie, EthelWeddingOctober 29, 1908Hope Pioneer2
Longstreth, DrLeet, JuneMarriageNovember 5, 1908Courtney Gazette7
Ricoldsen, RobertSabba, GunhildaMarriageNovember 12, 1908Cooperstown Courier5
Kelley, John CharlesHackett, LoucileWeddingNovember 12, 1908Hope Pioneer5
Schmidt, ChasHansen, Mrs AugustaMarriageNovember 19, 1908Courtney Gazette7
Larson, OleNelson, ToraWeddingNovember 24, 1908Hannaford Enterprise5
Houghton, LutherWillard, MattieMarriageNovember 26, 1908Cooperstown Courier5
Whitcher, JennieMarriageNovember 26, 1908Cooperstown Courier5
Bowers, MattFeahmrick, EmilyMarriageNovember 26, 1908Courtney Gazette2
Lamont, Scott LMarquardt, Elizabeth GraceWeddingDecember 3, 1908Cooperstown Courier1
Buzzell, DelbertWheeler, Gertrude AnnieMarriageDecember 3, 1908Courtney Gazette9
Curfman, R MHohenhouse, ElsieMarriageDecember 3, 1908Courtney Gazette3
Deeg, GeorgeArnold, CeliaMarriageDecember 3, 1908Courtney Gazette9
Hohenhouse, Fred GPosey, BessieWeddingDecember 3, 1908Courtney Gazette1
Rece, E HO'Connell, MargaretMarriageDecember 3, 1908Courtney Gazette9
Webber, WilliamAaby, IdaMarriageDecember 3, 1908Courtney Gazette9
Lewis, LymanBowe, FloraAnnouncementDecember 10, 1908Cooperstown Courier5
Curfman, R MHohenhouse, ElsieWeddingDecember 10, 1908Courtney Gazette1
Martin, Mr.Fortney, Sophia KatherineWeddingDecember 15, 1908Hannaford Enterprise4
Foss, Sven PKnudson, EmeliaMarriageDecember 17, 1908Cooperstown Courier5
Dommar, EmilNess, BertheenaMarriageDecember 24, 1908Cooperstown Courier5
Lewis, LymanBowe, FloraWeddingDecember 24, 1908Cooperstown Courier5
Marquardt, Otto HSaunders, GeorgiaWeddingDecember 24, 1908Cooperstown Courier1
Marquardt, Otto HSaunders, GeorgieWeddingDecember 24, 1908Hope Pioneer5
Parkman, JamesChalmers, Cora JaneWeddingDecember 24, 1908Hope Pioneer5
Nygord, GabrielHolton, HuldahWeddingJanuary 5, 1909Hannaford Enterprise5
Markuson, NelsNelson, AnnaWeddingJanuary 19, 1909Hannaford Enterprise5
Stevens, Oliver JamesFarmer, Faye VernonWeddingJanuary 21, 1909Cooperstown Courier5
Boyd, Rev J SBoyd, Mrs50th AnniversaryJanuary 21, 1909Courtney Gazette1
Hill, J HMorse, Mrs. J CWeddingJanuary 28, 1909Cooperstown Courier5
Nelson, V FNeary, MargaretAnnouncementJanuary 28, 1909Cooperstown Courier5
Nelson_V_FMarriageJanuary 28, 1909Cooperstown Courier5
Curtis, HerbertLaValley, Lillian VictrineWeddingFebruary 4, 1909Cooperstown Courier5
Asplund, Elmer RLoge, ElizabethMarriageFebruary 4, 1909Cooperstown Courier5
Neva, Mr MikeNeva, Mrs50th AnniversaryFebruary 4, 1909Courtney Gazette7
Nevland, ArneSamuelson, MarieWeddingFebruary 9, 1909Hannaford Enterprise5
Lowe, RossCaven, LMarriageFebruary 11, 1909Courtney Gazette7
Piatt, Paul CCleveland, MaudeWeddingFebruary 18, 1909Cooperstown Courier5
Helms, J WallaceHalverson, Harriet OWeddingFebruary 18, 1909Courtney Gazette7
Lowe, Ross BCaven, LizzieWeddingFebruary 18, 1909Courtney Gazette7
Lee, John GQuale, IngeborgWeddingFebruary 25, 1909Cooperstown Courier4
Brown, Oscar RHohenhouse, BerthaMarriageMarch 4, 1909Courtney Gazette1
Harriman, Frank HenryKoch, MaryWeddingMarch 11, 1909Cooperstown Courier4
Marsh, Ernest AllisonMcKean, JosephineWeddingMarch 11, 1909Cooperstown Courier5
Pratt, Elijah TOlsson, V ElizabethMarriageMarch 11, 1909Cooperstown Courier5
Thompson, T ALongfellow, MaudAnnouncementMarch 11, 1909Cooperstown Courier8
Seljestad, ThomasMiklethun, LouiseWeddingMarch 16, 1909Hannaford Enterprise4
Braaten, Ole OHolte, OliaMarriageMarch 18, 1909Cooperstown Courier5
Watne, Carl JEastwold, TillieWeddingMarch 18, 1909Cooperstown Courier5
Flynn, StanleyThompson, Grace WWeddingMarch 25, 1909Cooperstown Courier4
Starr, FrankBergman, MarieWeddingMarch 25, 1909Cooperstown Courier4
McFaul, WilliamAnderson, Ida ElizabethWeddingMarch 30, 1909Hannaford Enterprise4
Erickson, JohnErickson, Emma JWeddingApril 1, 1909Cooperstown Courier5
Jenson, Rev. James MQualey, Anna MWeddingApril 1, 1909Cooperstown Courier1
Thompson, Thor AdolfLongfellow, Maude LouiseWeddingApril 1, 1909Cooperstown Courier1
Seria, AugustLicense, MarriageApril 1, 1909Courtney Gazette1
Golden, Ernest CMcFaul, MaryWeddingApril 13, 1909Hannaford Enterprise4
Jensen, ThorEidoen, ChristineWeddingApril 15, 1909Cooperstown Courier5
Cardin, Tuffle IchabodNobben, Carrie AliceMarriageApril 20, 1909Cooperstown Courier5
Elgin, OscarArneson, AnnaMarriageApril 22, 1909Cooperstown Courier1
Crawford, NormanAlbright, MollieMarriageApril 22, 1909Courtney Gazette7
Clark, MontVansickle, JoyMarriageApril 29, 1909Courtney Gazette2
Keirn, William PatrickHagness, Hilda MarieLicense, MarriageMay 6, 1909Courtney Gazette7
Knewel, Mr.Sinclair, MyrtleMarriageMay 11, 1909Hannaford Enterprise5
Hoff, OliverFeiring, IdaWeddingMay 25, 1909Hannaford Enterprise5
Hoff, OliverFeiring, IdaWeddingMay 27, 1909Cooperstown Courier5
Proctor, William RHoffman, Mrs Percis EMarriageMay 27, 1909Courtney Gazette9
Farries, GeorgePrice, EmmaWeddingJune 3, 1909Courtney Gazette9
Te Hennepe, LeonardOlsen, ElizabethWeddingJune 8, 1909Hannaford Enterprise5
Belden, Mr R HBelden, Mrs.MarriageJune 10, 1909Cooperstown Courier1
Clellen, Loyd GWarren, Hazelle EWeddingJune 17, 1909Cooperstown Courier5
Ricksgers, JoeAnderson, Annie MarriageJune 24, 1909Courtney Gazette9
Inches, CharlesFerguson, OllieMarriageJuly 1, 1909Courtney Gazette9
Michaelson, TomLegreid, ElizabethMarriageJuly 6, 1909Hannaford Enterprise3
Palm, CharlesJohnson, TheresaWeddingJuly 8, 1909Cooperstown Courier5
Howden, JohnVesta, HebbaWeddingJuly 13, 1909Hannaford Enterprise3
Palm, CharlesJohnson, AgnesWeddingJuly 13, 1909Hannaford Enterprise3
Bemis, Melvin HenryDeArton, Aurelia MaeWeddingJuly 15, 1909Cooperstown Courier5
Sletten, CarlRasmusson, AmeliaMarriageJuly 20, 1909Hannaford Enterprise5
Cookinham, Henry Jared Jr.Serles, Mable LeavenworthWeddingJuly 22, 1909Cooperstown Courier1
Howden, JohnVesta, HebbaWeddingJuly 22, 1909Cooperstown Courier1
Stritzelm, MaxmilianemMaluszycki, HelenyMarriageJuly 22, 1909Courtney Gazette2
Connell, Eugene JohnHare, Ina LillianMarriageJuly 29, 1909Cooperstown Courier5
Ashmore, JamesBond, MadgeMarriageJuly 29, 1909Courtney Gazette7
Johnston, George WMahoney, AnnaWeddingJuly 29, 1909Courtney Gazette1
Levanskofski, JohnAlbright, LenaMarriageJuly 29, 1909Courtney Gazette7
Otterburn, M MGardner, GertrudeMarriageJuly 29, 1909Courtney Gazette7
Posey, WilliamCrawford, Mrs JaneMarriageJuly 29, 1909Courtney Gazette2
Tiehm, August GJasman, BerthaMarriageJuly 29, 1909Courtney Gazette7
Levanskofski, JohnAlbright, LenaNot married; MisinformedAugust 5, 1909Courtney Gazette9
Taklo, Julius H LStengele, Ruth OliveMarriageAugust 12, 1909Cooperstown Courier5
Korsell, GusWilliams, Mrs OsciaMarriageAugust 12, 1909Courtney Gazette11
Wells, Gaylord NClocksin, ElsieWeddingAugust 12, 1909Courtney Gazette11
Sloan, RileyGriffin, MinnieMarriageAugust 19, 1909Courtney Gazette7
Tufteland, HenryBoied, DolliaMarriageAugust 26, 1909Cooperstown Courier5
Beach, William HGreenup, FannieLicense, MarriageAugust 26, 1909Courtney Gazette7
Sharpe, HalvorVatne, GeorginaMarriageSeptember 2, 1909Cooperstown Courier5
Richardson, Elmer SJohnson, HelenMarriageSeptember 9, 1909Cooperstown Courier5
Ouren, OscarJohnson, EdnaWeddingOctober 7, 1909Cooperstown Courier5
Zuger, FredBeier, AmeliaWeddingOctober 7, 1909Cooperstown Courier5
Harrington, George RLarson, Gena GertrudeMarriageOctober 14, 1909Courtney Gazette2
Nelson, Joseph Serrin, HazelMarriageOctober 14, 1909Courtney Gazette9
Sorenson, Jens ChristianLees, Margaret RoseMarriageOctober 14, 1909Courtney Gazette2
Farrington, Wilbur CMunch, Rose CMarriageOctober 21, 1909Cooperstown Courier5
Knapp, Jesse DBall, Anna AMarriageOctober 21, 1909Cooperstown Courier5
Connelly, ArchPosey, Minnie AMarriageOctober 21, 1909Courtney Gazette9
Gilger, PaulFollansbee, MabelMarriageOctober 21, 1909Courtney Gazette10
Whitney, Martin CMcClure, HelenLicense, MarriageOctober 21, 1909Courtney Gazette2
Hilbrant, AdolphHanson, SarahWeddingOctober 26, 1909Hannaford Enterprise5
Knapp, Jessie DBall, Anna AWeddingOctober 26, 1909Hannaford Enterprise5
Rosvold, Charlie EJellum, Ida MarieWeddingOctober 26, 1909Hannaford Enterprise4
Ellefson, RandyRee, Julian A BMarriageOctober 28, 1909Cooperstown Courier5
Fillbrant, AdolphHanson, SarahWeddingOctober 28, 1909Cooperstown Courier1
Ree, Julian A BEllefson, RandyMarriageOctober 28, 1909Cooperstown Courier5
Conlin, JamesHollenberg, EmmaMarriageOctober 28, 1909Courtney Gazette2
Greenland, IngvalVatne, GrethaWeddingNovember 4, 1909Cooperstown Courier5
Saunders, William CStuart, Annie BWeddingNovember 4, 1909Cooperstown Courier5
Nelson, Sven EAnderson, EstherMarriageNovember 4, 1909Courtney Gazette2
Nelson, SeverinAlm, GundaWeddingNovember 9, 1909Hannaford Enterprise5
Overby, Thorvald PKnutson, AnnaWeddingNovember 9, 1909Hannaford Enterprise5
Nilsen, SeverinAlm, GundaMarriageNovember 11, 1909Cooperstown Courier5
Weber, Charles HMutz, AnnaLicense, MarriageNovember 11, 1909Courtney Gazette2
Alm, OliverHalvorson, BerthaWeddingNovember 18, 1909Cooperstown Courier1
Syverson, Theodore AnnouncementNovember 18, 1909Cooperstown Courier5
Grangaard, Dr. Henry O Hammer, EmmaLicense, MarriageNovember 23, 1909Cooperstown Courier4
Larson, Andrew SAslakson, MarieLicense, MarriageNovember 23, 1909Cooperstown Courier4
Frydenberg, ClausMichelton, AnnaLicense, MarriageNovember 23, 1909Hannaford Enterprise4
Sjokvist, AxelLilleskare, BertinaWeddingNovember 23, 1909Hannaford Enterprise5
Taxdal, ArntJohnson, EllaLicense, MarriageNovember 23, 1909Hannaford Enterprise4
Christopherson, JohnJohnson, MargaretLicense, MarriageNovember 23, 1909Hannaford Enterprise4
Hegvik, OlaWinther, AlettaLicense, MarriageNovember 23, 1909Hannaford Enterprise4
Grangaard, Dr. Henry OswaldHammer, EmmaWeddingNovember 25, 1909Cooperstown Courier5
Wall, Hallie WNewell, OliveWeddingNovember 25, 1909Cooperstown Courier5
Fredenburg, ClausMickelthun, AnnieAnnouncementNovember 28, 1909Courtney Gazette6
Lewanskofski, PeterLewanskofski, Mrs25th AnniversaryNovember 28, 1909Courtney Gazette5
Mansfield, GlenScheler, LizzieMarriageNovember 28, 1909Courtney Gazette5
Mikelson, WilliamJensen, AnnieMarriageNovember 28, 1909Courtney Gazette6
Frydenberg, ClausMickelton, AnnaWeddingNovember 30, 1909Hannaford Enterprise4
Brant, LewisBostron, AdelieWeddingDecember 2, 1909Cooperstown Courier5
Taxdal, ArntJohnson, EllaMarriageDecember 2, 1909Cooperstown Courier5
Haugen, Bennie MHarvey, OlineLicense, MarriageDecember 7, 1909Hannaford Enterprise5
Sola, Gustav EBue, AlvildeWeddingDecember 7, 1909Hannaford Enterprise5
Kalvik, KnutBjorsvik, TorbjorgLicense, MarriageDecember 7, 1909Hannaford Enterprise5
Larson, AndrewAslakson, MariaMarriageDecember 9, 1909Cooperstown Courier8
Miller, Marshall FWoodbury, Olive MWeddingDecember 9, 1909Cooperstown Courier5
Tufte, PeterLarson, AnnieMarriageDecember 9, 1909Cooperstown Courier4
Haugen, BennieHarvey, OlineWeddingDecember 14, 1909Hannaford Enterprise3
Olmstead, W AHowden, Edith WeddingDecember 21, 1909Hannaford Enterprise3
Olmsted, William AHowden, Edith EWeddingDecember 23, 1909Cooperstown Courier5
Saar, RobertNelander, Hilda WilhelminaWeddingDecember 30, 1909Cooperstown Courier5
Schmaltz, Walter FHansen, FlorenceMarriageDecember 30, 1909Courtney Gazette7
Almklov, OHoiby, RoseWeddingJanuary 4, 1910Hannaford Enterprise3
Steen, HansAslakson, OliveWeddingJanuary 6, 1910Cooperstown Courier1
Falk, PeterGurskie, AnnaMarriageJanuary 13, 1910Courtney Gazette7
Aalgaard, PeterStromme, Anna ChristineWeddingJanuary 18, 1910Hannaford Enterprise4
Linse, ClarenceSchmidt, Erma BLicense, MarriageJanuary 18, 1910Hannaford Enterprise5
Deimert, BertNogosek, MarieWeddingJanuary 27, 1910Courtney Gazette9
Marson, DavidThompson, MabelWeddingFebruary 3, 1910Cooperstown Courier5
Wilson, Frank HHodgman, Loverna AWeddingFebruary 3, 1910Cooperstown Courier5
Peterson, WilhelmChristianson, KatherineWeddingFebruary 22, 1910Hannaford Enterprise5
Kouskofski, JohnSchoeler, AnnaMarriageMarch 3, 1910Courtney Gazette2
Satre, Sandy CChristensen, MarieWeddingMarch 3, 1910Courtney Gazette1
Sonsalle, TomMarriageMarch 3, 1910Courtney Gazette7
Braash, John JrSperner, EmilieMarriageMarch 10, 1910Courtney Gazette7
Boggs, Waite TSviggum, EllenWeddingMarch 17, 1910Cooperstown Courier5
Trapp, AlbertTrapp, Mrs25th AnniversaryMarch 17, 1910Courtney Gazette9
Boggs, Wattie FSwiggum, Ellen OMarriageMarch 22, 1910Hannaford Enterprise7
Kvamme, Johannes JKaastad, Gudrid ELicense, MarriageMarch 22, 1910Hannaford Enterprise7
Ruud, LudvigArndt, AliceWeddingMarch 22, 1910Hannaford Enterprise4
Hetager, Thor ASkaar, RachelWeddingMarch 24, 1910Cooperstown Courier5
Hetager, ThorSkaar, Rakel EMarriageMarch 29, 1910Hannaford Enterprise5
Peterson, AlbertFluke, Sarah LMarriageMarch 31, 1910Cooperstown Courier5
Kvamme, JohannesKaastad, GudridWeddingApril 5, 1910Hannaford Enterprise5
Njaa, Arnt Jr.Bekkevold, ChristineWeddingApril 19, 1910Hannaford Enterprise5
Ledberg, MartinLawrence, SeverinaWeddingApril 21, 1910Cooperstown Courier5
Njaa, Arnt Jr.Bekkevold, ChristineWeddingApril 21, 1910Cooperstown Courier5
Devlin, Peter JChristie, AnnieWeddingMay 5, 1910Cooperstown Courier5
Barnett, Chas KHunter, Mrs PriscillaMarriageMay 12, 1910Courtney Gazette9
Kinnamon, A NPierce, MaymeMarriageMay 12, 1910Courtney Gazette8
Vale, M LMcCully, MaeMarriageJune 2, 1910Courtney Gazette3
Epber, George CJackson, Ella OWeddingJune 7, 1910Hannaford Enterprise3
Kalvik, OleLund, GinaWeddingJune 7, 1910Hannaford Enterprise3
Winslow, Rev. D EHagen, Mrs. Belle HMarriageJune 7, 1910Hannaford Enterprise3
Porterville, Chas. ABemis, MyrtleLicense, MarriageJune 7, 1910Hannaford Enterprise3
Winsloe, DanaHagen, BelleWeddingJune 9, 1910Cooperstown Courier5
Vale, M LeeMcCully, MaeMarriageJune 9, 1910Courtney Gazette9
Goodrich, Wirt WheelerMack, Helen DickinsonWeddingJune 23, 1910Cooperstown Courier5
Porterville, CharlesBemis, MyrtleWeddingJune 23, 1910Cooperstown Courier5
Milne, Robert BestramRobinson, Helen StewardWeddingJune 23, 1910Courtney Gazette6
Overby, Petter AMotland, Alma OteleiMarriageJune 30, 1910Cooperstown Courier5
Thompson, G ODurkee, Hattie GMarriageJune 30, 1910Courtney Gazette1
Hoveland, Oscar HNerhaugen, Mabelle IWeddingJuly 7, 1910Cooperstown Courier5
Krantz, ClemenceLunde, NelaWeddingJuly 7, 1910Cooperstown Courier5
Sexton, Frank EldridgeWilson, Alta DellWeddingJuly 7, 1910Cooperstown Courier1
Selmack, JohnSkroch, AnnaMarriageJuly 7, 1910Courtney Gazette7
Robinson, ElwoodOwen, FrancesMarriageJuly 14, 1910Courtney Gazette1
Haugen, Julius Carlson, EmmaWeddingJuly 19, 1910Hannaford Enterprise5
Haugen, Julius ACarlson, EmmaWeddingJuly 21, 1910Cooperstown Courier5
Ellevson, OttoCarlson, IngaMarriageAugust 4, 1910Cooperstown Courier8
Rust, GunderEljen, JosephineMarriageAugust 4, 1910Cooperstown Courier5
Torgerson, OscarMarriageAugust 18, 1910Cooperstown Courier5
Willing, Matthew HWeed, CoraMarriageAugust 19, 1910Cooperstown Courier5
Erickson, EdwinHammer, ClaraWeddingAugust 25, 1910Cooperstown Courier5
Weart, ArthurJimeson, LottieWeddingAugust 25, 1910Cooperstown Courier5
Anderson, NelsWilton, AliceMarriageSeptember 8, 1910Courtney Gazette7
Crawford, J AJones, Bertha EMarriageSeptember 15, 1910Courtney Gazette7
Chilcote, DonAnderson, LauraLicense, MarriageSeptember 20, 1910Hannaford Enterprise5
LicenseSeptember 20, 1910Hannaford Enterprise5
Chilcote, DonAnderson, LauraMarriageSeptember 22, 1910Cooperstown Courier5
Christianson, JohanFrydenberg, GraceWeddingSeptember 27, 1910Hannaford Enterprise5
Adams, GeorgeWaters, Mrs AnnaMarriageOctober 6, 1910Courtney Gazette7
Sharpe, AndrewVatne, JannaLicense, MarriageOctober 11, 1910Cooperstown Courier5
Swingen, H HStai, AnnaLicense, MarriageOctober 11, 1910Hannaford Enterprise5
Swingen, Henry HStai, AnnaWeddingOctober 11, 1910Hannaford Enterprise5
Thorstenson, Louis EIsackson, AnnaLicense, MarriageOctober 11, 1910Hannaford Enterprise5
Sharpe, AndrewVatne, JannaMarriageOctober 13, 1910Cooperstown Courier5
Thorstenson, Louis EdvardIsacson, AnnaWeddingOctober 18, 1910Hannaford Enterprise5
Hoffman, OttoWilliams, EllaWeddingOctober 27, 1910Cooperstown Courier5
Hoffman, OttoWilliams, EllaWeddingNovember 1, 1910Hannaford Enterprise1
Rustad, ChristianJohnson, JorgineWeddingNovember 1, 1910Hannaford Enterprise5
Stromme, JohnOlson, BellaMarriageNovember 1, 1910Hannaford Enterprise5
Anderson, RudolphFlaten, AmeliaLicense, MarriageNovember 8, 1910Hannaford Enterprise5
Larson, LouisOlson, MaryLicense, MarriageNovember 15, 1910Hannaford Enterprise5
Hooper, Harry SIsely, MargaretMarriageNovember 17, 1910Courtney Gazette1
Johnson, EdSmith, MaryMarriageNovember 17, 1910Courtney Gazette8
Cook, Walter ASteele, Mary EMarriageDecember 1, 1910Courtney Gazette1
Porter, Archie WWasser, Katherine GertrudeWeddingDecember 1, 1910Courtney Gazette1
Dramstad, HansHagen, BerginaWeddingDecember 8, 1910Cooperstown Courier7
Edmondson, BasilHoughton, Estella BWeddingDecember 8, 1910Cooperstown Courier7
Halvorsen, NelsPederson, AnettaWeddingDecember 8, 1910Cooperstown Courier1
Johnson, Charles OJohnson, Mrs.25th AnniversaryDecember 8, 1910Cooperstown Courier1
Olson, EllefOlson, Mrs.50th AnniversaryDecember 8, 1910Cooperstown Courier1
Feiring, Oscar WGreenland, OliveWeddingDecember 22, 1910Cooperstown Courier5
Feiring, Oscar Greenland, OliveWeddingDecember 27, 1910Hannaford Enterprise5
Halvorson, HokenLandgraf, JosieMarriageJanuary 3, 1911Hannaford Enterprise5
Klein, S RNelson, AlvinaMarriageJanuary 5, 1911Courtney Gazette2
Nelson, CarlJohnson, AnnaMarriageJanuary 5, 1911Courtney Gazette7
Martinson, LAnderson, EstherWeddingJanuary 10, 1911Hannaford Enterprise5
Bruns, JohnHolman, Mrs. JennieWeddingJanuary 12, 1911Cooperstown Courier5
Alm, Louis MStromme, Sarah CarolineLicense, MarriageJanuary 24, 1911Hannaford Enterprise5
Alm, Louis MStromme, Sarah CarolineWeddingJanuary 31, 1911Hannaford Enterprise5
Westley, Dr. M DHutchinson, EvaWeddingFebruary 23, 1911Cooperstown Courier5
Westley, Dr. M DHutchinson, EvaWeddingMarch 2, 1911Cooperstown Courier1
Haas, PeterHaas, Mrs25th AnniversaryMarch 23, 1911Courtney Gazette7
Francis, JamesAdrian, AnnaWeddingMarch 28, 1911Hannaford Enterprise4
Francis, JamesAdrian, AnneWeddingMarch 28, 1911Hannaford Enterprise4
Nelson, ErnestKindso, MinnieWeddingMarch 30, 1911Cooperstown Courier5
Lohrke, Emil AlbertPartch, Clara EthelWeddingMarch 30, 1911Courtney Gazette1
Jenson, EimarMogenson, JensineAnnouncementApril 4, 1911Hannaford Enterprise5
Jensen, FrederickPeterson, AlmaWeddingApril 6, 1911Cooperstown Courier5
Alcock, ClarenceNelson, RoseWeddingApril 11, 1911Hannaford Enterprise5
Foster, Ralph StanleyPhillips, Ella CloWeddingApril 27, 1911Courtney Gazette2
Lindgren, Phil AHeitzman, AmeliaWeddingMay 4, 1911Cooperstown Courier5
McCulloch, William TTipton, GeorgianaMarriageMay 11, 1911Cooperstown Courier5
Brastrup, George EThorsgard, Delta CWeddingMay 11, 1911Courtney Gazette1
Purinton, Rev. O DPurinton, Mrs.43rd AnniversaryMay 18, 1911Cooperstown Courier5
Young, Fred MGrouell, Annie LWeddingMay 18, 1911Courtney Gazette7
Burseth, OlofAyrea, MattieWeddingMay 25, 1911Cooperstown Courier1
Hubbel, Ernest AThorsgard, Sarah JMarriageMay 25, 1911Courtney Gazette7
Regner, Mr. J TRegner, Mrs.25th AnniversaryJune 29, 1911Cooperstown Courier5
Barnes, Dr M PScribbner, LouiseWeddingJune 29, 1911Courtney Gazette7
Johnson, OlofHaugen, EmmaWeddingJuly 11, 1911Hannaford Enterprise5
Fluke, JohnLynch, ElsieWeddingJuly 18, 1911Hannaford Enterprise5
Jorgenson, P ATollefson, MarieWeddingJuly 18, 1911Hannaford Enterprise5
Njaa, TorkelAngelshaug, MinnieWeddingJuly 18, 1911Hannaford Enterprise5
Stromme, Carl OSettevik, HansineWeddingJuly 18, 1911Hannaford Enterprise5
Hutchinson, F VBoyden, Blanche EWeddingJuly 20, 1911Cooperstown Courier4
Widlund, FredLarkin, FloraWeddingJuly 20, 1911Cooperstown Courier5
Kokett, Thomas JrKelly, MissMarriageJuly 20, 1911Courtney Gazette9
Burleson, LouisHammersteadt, EdnaWeddingAugust 3, 1911Courtney Gazette7
Gray, William FRobinson, Bessie ReidWeddingAugust 3, 1911Courtney Gazette1
Boe, SwenRonnie, MabelWeddingAugust 8, 1911Hannaford Enterprise5
McDiarmid, JamesHarriman, EllaWeddingAugust 8, 1911Hannaford Enterprise5
Boe, SwenRonnie, MabelMarriageAugust 10, 1911Cooperstown Courier5
Goplen, JohnOdegard, AnnieWeddingAugust 29, 1911Hannaford Enterprise5
Brudwick, Hans DErlandson, Christine JosephineWeddingSeptember 5, 1911Hannaford Enterprise4
Larson, Olaf JAnderson, Minnie CWeddingSeptember 7, 1911Courtney Gazette7
Nye, W HKirkeby, ClaraMarriageSeptember 7, 1911Courtney Gazette7
Nelsen, SophusSorensen, IngaWeddingSeptember 12, 1911Hannaford Enterprise5
Knudson, Ole AThune, CarolineWeddingSeptember 19, 1911Hannaford Enterprise5
Lyngby, MathiasThune, KarenWeddingSeptember 19, 1911Hannaford Enterprise5
Smith, Calvin HDinehart, LeonaWeddingSeptember 26, 1911Hannaford Enterprise5
Palm, MarcusWallberg, JennieWeddingOctober 3, 1911Hannaford Enterprise5
Culp, Putnam EBerg, EmmaWeddingOctober 17, 1911Hannaford Enterprise4
Abbott, Laura MaeObituaryOctober 19, 1911Cooperstown Courier1
Alm, LouisRasmusson, KathinkaWeddingOctober 24, 1911Hannaford Enterprise5
Vigesaa, AadneHoughton, LauraWeddingOctober 26, 1911Cooperstown Courier1
Vigesaa, AadneHoughton, LauraWeddingOctober 31, 1911Hannaford Enterprise5
Houghton, George KDorrison, Mrs. F RWeddingNovember 2, 1911Cooperstown Courier1
Reich, LeoHaas, Ida BMarriageNovember 2, 1911Courtney Gazette7
Michaelis, Ernest F EHogie, EmmaMarriageNovember 28, 1911Hannaford Enterprise5
Starkson, SamTufte, EmmaMarriageNovember 28, 1911Hannaford Enterprise5
Storkson, SamuelTufte, EmmaWeddingNovember 30, 1911Cooperstown Courier5
Aarestad, Torkel ETingesdal, SerenaMarriageDecember 5, 1911Hannaford Enterprise5
Olson, Julius GNelson, HannahMarriageDecember 5, 1911Hannaford Enterprise5
Quisel, LouisAarness, AnnaMarriageDecember 12, 1911Hannaford Enterprise5
Bolkan, RudolfForing, ClaraWeddingDecember 14, 1911Cooperstown Courier1
Lerum, Lars JErickson, GinaMarriageDecember 14, 1911Cooperstown Courier5
Smith, Earle HoldenMcCulloch, Jeane FlorenceWeddingDecember 14, 1911Cooperstown Courier5
Burleson, Arthur Councilman, Marie MarriageDecember 26, 1911Hannaford Enterprise5
Councilman, GeorgeBerman, EllenMarriageDecember 26, 1911Hannaford Enterprise5
Gronneberg, ChristBjornseth, IngaMarriageDecember 26, 1911Hannaford Enterprise5
Burleson, Arthur WCouncilman, Marie BWeddingDecember 28, 1911Cooperstown Courier5
Martin, T RBohnhoff, EvelynWeddingDecember 28, 1911Cooperstown Courier1
Regnery, ErnestWeddingDecember 28, 1911Cooperstown Courier5
Roin, Ole OBergeson, SandraMarriageDecember 28, 1911Cooperstown Courier5
Treffry, John LeRoyMcCloud, Elizabeth NellieWeddingDecember 28, 1911Cooperstown Courier5
Lockwood, AliEagles, MyrtleWeddingDecember 28, 1911Courtney Gazette4
King, Frederick BHartman, Anne MMarriageJanuary 9, 1912Hannaford Enterprise1
Loge, JohnKlubben, SusannaMarriageJanuary 9, 1912Hannaford Enterprise5
Feiring, Martin EKnapp, EllaWeddingJanuary 11, 1912Cooperstown Courier5
McLaughlin, Arthur CBailey, Millie JWeddingJanuary 11, 1912Cooperstown Courier5
Storkson, JohnLarson, LizzieMarriageJanuary 11, 1912Cooperstown Courier5
Feiring, Martin EKnapp, EllaMarriageJanuary 16, 1912Hannaford Enterprise5
Haugen, Mikel HSabby, Madli TMarriageJanuary 23, 1912Hannaford Enterprise5
Knapp, GeorgeAnderson, Mabel OMarriageJanuary 23, 1912Hannaford Enterprise5
Miner, CharlesDorman, LizzieMarriageJanuary 23, 1912Hannaford Enterprise5
Stokkeland, GeorgeGroven, IsabelMarriageJanuary 23, 1912Hannaford Enterprise5
Knapp, GeorgeAnderson, Mabel OWeddingJanuary 25, 1912Cooperstown Courier5
Stokkeland, GeorgeGroven, IsabelWeddingFebruary 1, 1912Cooperstown Courier5
Watne, Edwin MartinAnderson, Mathilda OleannaWeddingFebruary 15, 1912Cooperstown Courier5
Watne, EdwardAnderson, Mathilda MarriageFebruary 20, 1912Hannaford Enterprise5
Wright, Ernest POlson, AslaugWeddingFebruary 22, 1912Cooperstown Courier1
Olson, Sidney TheodoreFiadland, Agnes MathildaAnnouncementMarch 5, 1912Hannaford Enterprise5
Mills, George WShepherd, Veda BellWeddingMarch 12, 1912Hannaford Enterprise5
Higgins, George EJones, Anna MayWeddingMarch 14, 1912Cooperstown Courier5
Mills, George WShepherd, Veda BellWeddingMarch 14, 1912Cooperstown Courier1
Stokka, BernardLoge, SelineWeddingMarch 21, 1912Cooperstown Courier5
Anderson, Niels KJorgenson, A MarieMarriageApril 2, 1912Hannaford Enterprise5
Everson, ClarenceWalum, OlgaMarriageApril 2, 1912Hannaford Enterprise4
Ruud, Dr. Magnus BOie, Ella MWeddingApril 4, 1912Cooperstown Courier4
Sandbo, Carl OscarTjolson, RagnaWeddingApril 11, 1912Cooperstown Courier5
Aarestad, E JRosdal, ReginaMarriageApril 16, 1912Hannaford Enterprise5
Graveng, Ole SStorebo, SeverineMarriageApril 16, 1912Hannaford Enterprise5
Graveng, Ole SStorebo, SeverineWeddingApril 18, 1912Cooperstown Courier5
Ressler, EdPfeifer, ErnestineWeddingJune 13, 1912Cooperstown Courier5
Johnson, AlbertJohnson, LouiseMarriageJune 18, 1912Hannaford Enterprise5
Lunde, Betuel MWestley, OliveMarriageJune 18, 1912Hannaford Enterprise5
Johnson, AlbertJohnson, LouiseWeddingJune 20, 1912Cooperstown Courier1
Lunde, Betuel MWestley, OliveWeddingJune 20, 1912Cooperstown Courier1
Stai, OleFreer, Ella AWeddingJune 27, 1912Cooperstown Courier5
Michaelis, PaulLarson, ClaraMarriageJuly 2, 1912Hannaford Enterprise5
Stai, OleFreer, Ella AMarriageJuly 2, 1912Hannaford Enterprise5
McColm, Arthur VLotvet, MollieWeddingJuly 11, 1912Cooperstown Courier1
McCormick, Martin DonaldJaeger, ChristoffaMarriageJuly 11, 1912Cooperstown Courier5
McKee, ALarson, JuliaMarriageJuly 11, 1912Cooperstown Courier5
Batie, Harrison GiftBergstrom, Agnes MaeAnnouncementJuly 18, 1912Cooperstown Courier6
Martin, Clarence PBrownson, Jessie FolletteAnnouncementJuly 18, 1912Cooperstown Courier5
Pickett, Benjamin HPayne, GladysWeddingJuly 18, 1912Cooperstown Courier6
Batie, Harrison GBergstrom, Agnes MaeWeddingJuly 25, 1912Cooperstown Courier8
Link, William A HWarner, Grace MWeddingAugust 1, 1912Cooperstown Courier1
Martin, Clarence PhillipsBrownson, Jessie FolletteWeddingAugust 1, 1912Cooperstown Courier1
Paulson, P CBlack, NoraWeddingAugust 1, 1912Cooperstown Courier5
Brown, LouisDuncan, EvaWeddingSeptember 5, 1912Cooperstown Courier4
Wright, Will HPurington, Hazelle MarieWeddingSeptember 5, 1912Cooperstown Courier4
Ewing, Harry EWardlow, Ople MWeddingSeptember 26, 1912Cooperstown Courier5
Skanse, Mr. J PSkanse, Mrs.50th AnniversaryOctober 17, 1912Cooperstown Courier7
Glasscock, Dr T JSavre, Sadie TWeddingOctober 22, 1912Hannaford Enterprise5
Boneville, CourtBack, Mrs. MarthaMarriageOctober 24, 1912Cooperstown Courier7
Ekstrand, CarlSebby, ChristinaWeddingOctober 29, 1912Hannaford Enterprise5
Swanson, OdinSebby, GillaWeddingOctober 29, 1912Hannaford Enterprise5
Hare, CharlieSischo, OliveWeddingNovember 7, 1912Cooperstown Courier5
Husel, HarryMichaelis, MarthaWeddingNovember 12, 1912Hannaford Enterprise3
Husel, Harry JMichaelis, MarthaWeddingNovember 14, 1912Cooperstown Courier5
Hoffman, FredHoffman, RoseMarriageNovember 19, 1912Hannaford Enterprise5
Bakken, MarkusSebby, AnnaMarriageNovember 26, 1912Hannaford Enterprise5
Belland, OscarKvame, AnnaMarriageNovember 26, 1912Hannaford Enterprise5
Diethart, Emil HHammer, HelenMarriageNovember 26, 1912Hannaford Enterprise5
Erickson, JohnTweet, MandyWeddingNovember 26, 1912Hannaford Enterprise5
Fredrikson, FredrikJenson, GurineMarriageNovember 26, 1912Hannaford Enterprise5
Quick, Francis JVogen, MaryMarriageNovember 26, 1912Hannaford Enterprise5
Diethart, Emil RHammer, Helen AWeddingNovember 28, 1912Cooperstown Courier9
Adamson, Walter LSteffen, EmmaWeddingDecember 5, 1912Cooperstown Courier5
Grosz, Gotthilf HFlewell, DoneldaMarriageDecember 10, 1912Hannaford Enterprise5
Peterson, Carl FJohnson, GundaMarriageDecember 17, 1912Hannaford Enterprise5
Flifleth, SigvaldHaugen, MarieMarriageDecember 24, 1912Hannaford Enterprise5
Nelson, Berhard GSyverson, Ida MMarriageDecember 24, 1912Hannaford Enterprise5
Robinson, RoySorenson, BerthaMarriageDecember 24, 1912Hannaford Enterprise5
Houghton, Howard RStone, Gladys LWeddingDecember 26, 1912Cooperstown Courier5
Bergsagel, EliasAspaie, IngeborgMarriageDecember 31, 1912Hannaford Enterprise5
Bolstad, KnutWatne, LizzieMarriageDecember 31, 1912Hannaford Enterprise5
Houghton, Howard Stone, Gladys MarriageDecember 31, 1912Hannaford Enterprise5
Huso, Hon Adolph JMcKay, ElsieWeddingJanuary 7, 1913Hannaford Enterprise5
Huso, Hon Adolph JMcKay, ElsieWeddingJanuary 7, 1913Hannaford Enterprise5
Johnson, Carsten OBeier, Katherine OWeddingJanuary 9, 1913Cooperstown Courier5
Odegaard, EdwardRanden, MarieWeddingJanuary 9, 1913Cooperstown Courier5
Herigstad, Omand BPrescott, Fern EMarriageJanuary 21, 1913Hannaford Enterprise5
Ladue, Robert StuartCrane, KathleenWeddingJanuary 30, 1913Cooperstown Courier5
Mickels, PeterTrost, LizzieMarriageFebruary 4, 1913Hannaford Enterprise5
Halvorson, H SDvorak, AnnaWeddingFebruary 6, 1913Cooperstown Courier5
Aagard, VancePeterson, OlgaWeddingFebruary 20, 1913Cooperstown Courier5
Agard, VancePeterson, OlgaMarriageFebruary 25, 1913Hannaford Enterprise5
Forseth, OleKalvik, BritaMarriageFebruary 25, 1913Hannaford Enterprise5
Hawkes, BernardKoch, AdalineMarriageFebruary 25, 1913Hannaford Enterprise5
Forseth, OleKalvik, BertaWeddingFebruary 27, 1913Cooperstown Courier5
Hawkes, BernardKoch, AdalineWeddingFebruary 27, 1913Cooperstown Courier5
Bjornson, AlbertAsmus, AmandaMarriageMarch 11, 1913Hannaford Enterprise5
Larson, LarsOsmundson, AnneMarriageMarch 11, 1913Hannaford Enterprise5
Rickford, PaulSchmidt, AliceMarriageMarch 11, 1913Hannaford Enterprise5
Green, Asa LeviLowe, HattieWeddingMarch 13, 1913Cooperstown Courier3
Haaland, ThorvaldSola, TomineMarriageMarch 18, 1913Hannaford Enterprise5
Haugen, BertinNelson, ValborgMarriageMarch 25, 1913Hannaford Enterprise5
Haugen, BertinNelson, ValborgMarriageApril 1, 1913Hannaford Enterprise5
Westley, O CLunde, CarnMarriageApril 1, 1913Hannaford Enterprise5
Miklethun, NelsHerreid, AnnaMarriageApril 15, 1913Hannaford Enterprise5
Stebnew, MrRosdal, MissMarriageApril 15, 1913Hannaford Enterprise5
Seekins, EarlFlynn, Mrs Grace (Thompson)MarriageApril 22, 1913Hannaford Enterprise5
Fadness, EmilWilliamson, GessinaMarriageApril 29, 1913Hannaford Enterprise5
Dunnum, C ODunnum, Mrs15th AnniversaryMay 6, 1913Hannaford Enterprise5
Frank, AlbertJohnson, Annie KMarriageMay 27, 1913Hannaford Enterprise5
Alm, MagnusCarlson, AgnesMarriageJune 3, 1913Hannaford Enterprise5
Jorgensen, Jorgen PVessing, Sorine JMarriageJune 10, 1913Hannaford Enterprise5
Erlandson, AlfredPosey, Martha AliceWeddingJune 17, 1913Hannaford Enterprise5
Werner, Carl FLarsen, Ellen CMarriageJune 17, 1913Hannaford Enterprise5
Weeks, Fred LewisThoreson, Dorcas MagdaleneWeddingJuly 1, 1913Hannaford Enterprise5
Weeks, Fred LewisThoreson, DorcasWeddingJuly 3, 1913The Sutton Reporter4
Schneider, Charley AOgelsby, RachelMarriageJuly 22, 1913Hannaford Enterprise5
Day, Warren DO'Keefe, ElisabethWeddingAugust 26, 1913Hannaford Enterprise1
Ueland, OlavEdland, DagnyMarriageAugust 26, 1913Hannaford Enterprise5
Thoreson, RevThoreson, Mrs25th AnniversarySeptember 9, 1913Hannaford Enterprise4
Christopherson, EdwinOlson, Ida EMarriageOctober 21, 1913Hannaford Enterprise5
Cornish, Ernest RoyalGommerud, LauraWeddingOctober 28, 1913Hannaford Enterprise1
Evenson, Edwin CSaby, KatherinaMarriageDecember 2, 1913Hannaford Enterprise5
Sad, JohnStee, MaeMarriageDecember 2, 1913Hannaford Enterprise5
Goss, Loyal KUrquhart, Florence EMarriageDecember 16, 1913Hannaford Enterprise5
Mills, Milton EParrish, Hannah MaudeWeddingJanuary 6, 1914Hannaford Enterprise5
Broten, JohnQuist, MarthaMarriageJanuary 13, 1914Hannaford Enterprise5
Mills, Milton EParrish, Hannah MaudeMarriageJanuary 13, 1914Hannaford Enterprise5
Anderson, Andrew JRugtiv, ChristineMarriageFebruary 24, 1914Hannaford Enterprise5
Krokom, PeterLundsten, AnnaPart 1 - WeddingFebruary 24, 1914Hannaford Enterprise5
Krokom, PeterLundsten, AnnaPart 2 - WeddingFebruary 24, 1914Hannaford Enterprise5
Kalvik, OlafHaugen, DoraMarriageMarch 10, 1914Hannaford Enterprise5
Rasmusson, HansScramstad, JuliaMarriageMarch 24, 1914Hannaford Enterprise
Swanson, AxelLingren, AnnaMarriageApril 7, 1914Hannaford Enterprise5
Vigesaa, SigvartHoughton, EdytheMarriageApril 14, 1914Hannaford Enterprise4
Danielson, John PEverson, JuliaMarriageApril 28, 1914Hannaford Enterprise5
Stee, TomStee, Mrs30th AnniversaryMay 26, 1914Hannaford Enterprise5
Miklethun, John LPederson, BessieMarriageJune 16, 1914Hannaford Enterprise5
Miklethun, John LPederson, BessieWeddingJune 23, 1914Hannaford Enterprise5
Starr, Albert MJackson, IdaWeddingJune 23, 1914Hannaford Enterprise5
Johnson, AxelJohnson, MathildaWeddingJune 30, 1914Hannaford Enterprise4
Rosdal, AxelForsberg, EmeliaWeddingJune 30, 1914Hannaford Enterprise5
Rusten, Alfred CHalvorson, HildaMarriageJune 30, 1914Hannaford Enterprise5
Lynner, Alfred TAnderson, SarahMarriageJuly 21, 1914Hannaford Enterprise5
Williams, Joseph WaltonCurtis, Myrtle RoseMarriageJuly 21, 1914Hannaford Enterprise5
Codding, Clair LSpangenberg, TruePart 1 - WeddingSeptember 8, 1914Hannaford Enterprise5
Codding, Clair LSpangenberg, TruePart 2 - WeddingSeptember 8, 1914Hannaford Enterprise5
Fosholdt, John TTeigen, OlavaMarriageSeptember 22, 1914Hannaford Enterprise5
Krogfoss, ElmerBruns, Alma KMarriageSeptember 22, 1914Hannaford Enterprise5
Burseth, CharlesHong, AgnethaWeddingOctober 6, 1914Hannaford Enterprise5
Parsons, Benjamin AdisTrubshaw, Maud AlbertaMarriageOctober 6, 1914Hannaford Enterprise5
Haugen, IverLee, GunhildMarriageOctober 20, 1914Hannaford Enterprise5
Nelson, FrankSimonson, MabelMarriageOctober 20, 1914Hannaford Enterprise5
Kalvik, John JHenrikson, Hulda MMarriageNovember 10, 1914Hannaford Enterprise5
Peterson, Julius DRoss, EstellaMarriageNovember 10, 1914Hannaford Enterprise5
Wallum, JustinHaukland, SignaMarriageNovember 10, 1914Hannaford Enterprise5
Berg, Carl ArthurStorebo, JohannaWeddingNovember 17, 1914Hannaford Enterprise5
Aarestad, Ingvald GBerg, Ida WilhelmineWeddingNovember 17, 1914Hannaford Enterprise5
Gaspar, Leonard JDavis, VioletWeddingNovember 17, 1914Hannaford Enterprise5
Halvorson, OleMichaelson, Bessie MathildeMarriageNovember 17, 1914Hannaford Enterprise5
Myhrhoug, Nels LAnderson, AbeloneMarriageDecember 1, 1914Hannaford Enterprise5
Olson, Swen SErickson, HelenaWeddingDecember 1, 1914Hannaford Enterprise5
Schmit, WJernson, CoraWeddingJanuary 13, 1916The Sutton Reporter1
Russell, H L 'Shorty'Bergstad, TillieMarriageNovember 2, 1916The Sutton Reporter4
Nelson, AlbertByington, EdnaWeddingDecember 28, 1916The Sutton Reporter4
Grotting, PetePeterson, PetraMarriageJanuary 4, 1917The Sutton Reporter1
McWethy, JohnHoff, BlancheWeddingJanuary 4, 1917The Sutton Reporter1
Olson, SylvenWickham, IreneMarriageJanuary 4, 1917The Sutton Reporter1
Jackson, JohnWild, EvaMarriageFebruary 8, 1917The Sutton Reporter4
Smith, MikeLyle, MargaretMarriageFebruary 22, 1917The Sutton Reporter1
Vance, R CWickham, WinnifredMarriageJune 28, 1917The Sutton Reporter4
Walker, GeorgeMcWethy, LucyMarriageSeptember 20, 1917The Sutton Reporter4
Kingsley, MiloWild, EdnaMarriageOctober 25, 1917The Sutton Reporter1
Rudicil, RobertDavidson, TinaMarriageNovember 15, 1917The Sutton Reporter4
Houghton, EarlMagnuson, JennieMarriageNovember 22, 1917The Sutton Reporter4
Ringlee, Dr. Emil FStarr, EllaWeddingNovember 29, 1917The Sutton Reporter1
Martin, F LSmith, MarieMarriageJune 6, 1918The Sutton Reporter4
Jackson, MelvinPeterson, HelgaMarriageJune 27, 1918The Sutton Reporter4
Leninger, AlbertBuetow, IreneWeddingJune 27, 1918The Sutton Reporter1
Hauge, WilliamClark, BessieMarriageOctober 24, 1918The Sutton Reporter1
Holtan, OscarBemis, HuldaWeddingNovember 21, 1918The Sutton Reporter1
Crook, A JRood, TillieWeddingJanuary 9, 1919The Sutton Reporter1
Lyle, JohnBowman, LoreneMarriageJanuary 29, 1919The Sutton Reporter1
Lowe, EmilFadness, LauraWeddingFebruary 6, 1919The Sutton Reporter1
Fitch, Kenneth AStarr, HazelWeddingJuly 31, 1919The Sutton Reporter1
Hoover, HaroldDavidson, FernMarriageAugust 14, 1919The Sutton Reporter4
Hanson, Mr.Soli, MissMarriageSeptember 18, 1919The Sutton Reporter1
Melgard, FredGilbertson, OlgaMarriageDecember 11, 1919The Sutton Reporter1
Goss, PerryMckinney, IsabelMarriageJanuary 1, 1920The Sutton Reporter1
Albrecht, FrankLeaves for BrideJune 3, 1920The Sutton Reporter4
Albrecht, FrankDraxler, KathrynWeddingJuly 1, 1920The Sutton Reporter1
Detwiller, Harry Williams, LillianMarriageJuly 8, 1920The Sutton Reporter1
Ebentier, Arthur HDarcy, SarahWeddingJuly 8, 1920The Sutton Reporter1
Thompson, TeoAbrahamson, RosettaMarriageJuly 8, 1920The Sutton Reporter1
Fallen, Claude WUrban, BergaMarriageJuly 15, 1920The Sutton Reporter1
Rhodes, EdHenvit, ThelmaMarriageJuly 15, 1920The Sutton Reporter4
Hill, Homer LAnderson, FlorenceMarriageJuly 29, 1920The Sutton Reporter1
McDonald, C FDaublender, ClemMarriageSeptember 2, 1920The Sutton Reporter1
Peterson, GeorgeVan Maran, AdrianMarriageSeptember 23, 1920The Sutton Reporter1
Anderson, Ole OAnderson, Mrs.25th AnniversaryNovember 4, 1920The Sutton Reporter1
Sonju, OscarGilbertson, MyrtleMarriageNovember 18, 1920The Sutton Reporter1
Simenson, IngebretHanson, Mrs. LizzieMarriageDecember 23, 1920The Sutton Reporter1
Trudeau, LeoBoisjolie, AgnesMarriageFebruary 3, 1921The Sutton Reporter4
Ferguson, DavidJohnson, LydiaMarriageMarch 3, 1921The Sutton Reporter4
Fladeland, EarlSyverson, GertrudeMarriageMay 26, 1921The Sutton Reporter1
Greenland, Mr.Greenland, Mrs.50th AnniversaryJuly 28, 1921The Sutton Reporter4
Strasser, MaxBrown, NoraMarriageSeptember 15, 1921The Sutton Reporter1
Larson, Helmer JFuqua, BerniceMarriageSeptember 22, 1921The Sutton Reporter1
Frydenburg, OscarMarriageApril 6, 1922The Sutton Reporter1
Boisjolie, HomerRhult, MarianMarriageApril 20, 1922The Sutton Reporter1
Rood, ChrisNelsen, NettieMarriageJuly 13, 1922The Sutton Reporter4
Dahl, JosephFallen, MattieMarriageJuly 20, 1922The Sutton Reporter1
Murdock, Wm DErlandson, AmandaWeddingJuly 27, 1922The Sutton Reporter1
Kjelson, ClarenceBauer, Augusta WWeddingAugust 3, 1922The Sutton Reporter1
Kjelson, ClarenceBauer, Augusta WWeddingAugust 3, 1922The Sutton Reporter1
Backstrom, ProfStroud, HelenWeddingAugust 24, 1922The Sutton Reporter1
Sharp, GarnetHall, LeahMarriageAugust 24, 1922The Sutton Reporter1
Ebentier, ClarenceFallen, BessieMarriageAugust 31, 1922The Sutton Reporter1
Klevin, AntonAnderson, MarianMarriageAugust 31, 1922The Sutton Reporter1
Crommett, Edward AlfredMarrs, Vera AleneWeddingDecember 21, 1922The Sutton Reporter1
Goodnough, HansKingsley, EttaMarriageDecember 28, 1922The Sutton Reporter1
Thompson, JoeOlson, VidiaMarriageJanuary 4, 1923The Sutton Reporter1
Bailey, James WJackson, CharlotteWeddingFebruary 1, 1923The Sutton Reporter1
Barber, FrankGilbertson, CoraMarriageJuly 5, 1923The Sutton Reporter1
Boisjolie, Harvey RayLogan, EstellaMarriageSeptember 6, 1923The Sutton Reporter4
McIntyre, EverettAdrian, CarrieMarriageOctober 18, 1923The Sutton Reporter4
Sarbaum, FredMarriageOctober 18, 1923The Sutton Reporter4
Bailey, EdwinStarr, Mrs MarieMarriageNovember 1, 1923The Sutton Reporter1
Cunningham, RobertFeske, ElsieMarriageJanuary 24, 1924The Sutton Reporter1
Kolpin, HarrySimenson, Mrs RenaMarriageFebruary 7, 1924The Sutton Reporter1
Thorsgard, OttoOlson, FlorenceMarriageFebruary 21, 1924The Sutton Reporter1
Ehlers, Clifford CGreenland, InezMarriageMay 1, 1924The Sutton Reporter1
Sorhahl, O TLyste, IdaMarriageJune 19, 1924The Sutton Reporter4
Anderson, LouisMayer, Iva L SWeddingJune 26, 1924The Sutton Reporter1
Anderson, LouisMayer, Iva L SWeddingJune 26, 1924The Sutton Reporter4
Root, DallasRoot, MrsMarriageAugust 14, 1924The Sutton Reporter1
Smesrud, SelmerWalhowe, MinaMarriageApril 2, 1925The Sutton Reporter1
Malde, OlafSoli, StellaWeddingApril 30, 1925The Sutton Reporter4
Greenland, OscarGreenland, Mrs25th AnniversaryMay 7, 1925The Sutton Reporter4
Ebentier, AlbertMarriageJune 25, 1925The Sutton Reporter1
Larson, Jens OPierson, Addia EMarriageJuly 2, 1925The Sutton Reporter4
Tweed, AlfredGunderson, JessieMarriageJuly 9, 1925The Sutton Reporter4
Sorvik, Harold KByington, NinaWeddingJuly 16, 1925The Sutton Reporter1
Sorvik, Harold KByington, NinaWeddingJuly 16, 1925The Sutton Reporter1
Urban, BertJohnson, BerthaMarriageAugust 6, 1925The Sutton Reporter1
Urban, Bert TJohnson, Bertha CMarriageAugust 6, 1925The Sutton Reporter4
Hoffman, Dr Oscar HKampen, WinifredWeddingAugust 13, 1925The Sutton Reporter1
Hoffman, Dr Oscar HHoffman, MrsHoneymoon returnSeptember 17, 1925The Sutton Reporter4
Skorheim, Oscar VSummerville, MonaMarriageOctober 8, 1925The Sutton Reporter4
Smith, C WMichaelson, MrsMarriageMarch 4, 1926The Sutton Reporter1
Werner, WilliamAmundson, AgnesWeddingMay 20, 1926The Sutton Reporter4
Larson, Walter HowardLampert, AnitaMarriageJune 17, 1926The Sutton Reporter4
Rassman, W FRassman, Mrs15th AnniversaryJuly 1, 1926The Sutton Reporter4
Anderson, ArnoldThompson, EvelynMarriageAugust 5, 1926The Sutton Reporter4
Counsell, ErnestAnderson, MyrtleMarriageAugust 5, 1926The Sutton Reporter4
Friesh, JohnZink, EvaMarriageOctober 21, 1926The Sutton Reporter4
Olsen, F EOlsen, Mrs25th AnniversaryDecember 5, 1926The Sutton Reporter4
Larson, John HWalen, LillianMarriageDecember 30, 1926The Sutton Reporter4
Weitenhagen, Chas FMcIntyre, CarrieMarriageJanuary 6, 1927The Sutton Reporter4
Christopherson, GilmerWilley, MabelMarriageMarch 10, 1927The Sutton Reporter4
Bare, EarleForbord, AnnAnnouncementJune 2, 1927The Sutton Reporter4
Alley, AlbertKadry, IreneMarriageJune 23, 1927The Sutton Reporter4
Ramsey, BennieLeininger, AlmaMarriageSeptember 29, 1927The Sutton Reporter4
Byington, Chester VScheer, Esther HazelWeddingOctober 13, 1927The Sutton Reporter1
Rhodes, OrionLang, FrancesMarriageOctober 13, 1927The Sutton Reporter4
Thorson, L VStewart, CynthiaMarriageJanuary 5, 1928The Sutton Reporter4
Knauss, Harry LPeterson, EleanorMarriageMay 31, 1928The Sutton Reporter4
Peterson, JosephTalle, AliceMarriageMay 31, 1928The Sutton Reporter4
Sortland, OlafOlson, EdithWeddingJune 14, 1928The Sutton Reporter4
Ebentier, IrvinHollensteen, LouiseWeddingSeptember 20, 1928The Sutton Reporter4
Olson, HowardErickson, AlfredaWeddingOctober 25, 1928The Sutton Reporter4
Peterson, GuyBergh, HilmaMarriageNovember 15, 1928The Sutton Reporter4
Thu, Ras BHewitt, Ethel EMarriageNovember 15, 1928The Sutton Reporter4
Limmesand, I OOlson, EmmaMarriageMarch 14, 1929The Sutton Reporter4
Howden, B NKaechele, Mrs ElizabethMarriageMarch 28, 1929The Sutton Reporter1
Schact, JohnHall, LuellaAnnouncementMay 9, 1929The Sutton Reporter4
Frydenberg, ElmerGorthy, EstherMarriageMay 23, 1929The Sutton Reporter4
Fadness, Mr A HFadness, Mrs50th AnniversaryJune 27, 1929The Sutton Reporter4
French, Laurence GVigesaa, NinaMarriageJuly 4, 1929The Sutton Reporter4
Hoshal, D EMcWethy, MyrtleMarriageSeptember 26, 1929The Sutton Reporter4
Lampert, BoydMoberg, MabelMarriageSeptember 26, 1929The Sutton Reporter4
Pugh, George LCouncilman, Mrs EllenMarriageSeptember 26, 1929The Sutton Reporter4
Koppenhaver, Robin DGill, MarieMarriageNovember 7, 1929The Sutton Reporter4
Sutton, John EKingsley, Tyla40 years ago MarriageDecember 5, 1929The Sutton Reporter4
Moffat, BruceShirley, Frances BerniceMarriageJanuary 30, 1930The Sutton Reporter4
Nisstad, EdAnderson, EthelMarriageFebruary 20, 1930The Sutton Reporter4
Simenson, SamSimenson, Mrs 25th AnniversaryFebruary 20, 1930The Sutton Reporter4
Hoffman, L LAnderson, VernaAnnouncementMarch 27, 1930The Sutton Reporter4
Hoffman, Lemuel LAnderson, VernaMarriageApril 3, 1930The Sutton Reporter4
McComber, TedClark, Gertrude LouiseMarriageApril 24, 1930The Sutton Reporter4
Howden, EdwardAnderson, MyrtleMarriageJune 19, 1930The Sutton Reporter4
Lyon, HenryRatcliff, Mrs Leo (Sadie)MarriageJuly 3, 1930The Sutton Reporter4
Gunderson, A JBowman, MildredMarriageJuly 10, 1930The Sutton Reporter4
Nelson, VictorJacobson, AlvinaMarriageJuly 31, 1930The Sutton Reporter4


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