Family Histories

Aalgaard, Algot and Berrnice

Aalgaard, Peter and Anna

Aarestad, Gustav and Elling

Albing, Pastor Mary Elizabeth

Albing, Robert Henry

Almklov, Olaf and Rose

Amann, Kim and Denise

Anderson, Gerald and Ruth

Anderson, Paul and Emelia

Arbuckle, Ray and Jeanette

Ashland, Oscar and Margaret

Bakke, Dorothy

Bakken, Markus and Anna

Beattie, James and Anna

Beattie, Wallace and Ingle

Benson, Arvid and Patricia

Benson, Harvey and Mabel

Benson, Homer and Helen

Benson, Richard and Elaine

Berge, Ronald and Ruth

Bingham, Scott and Laura

Bjor, George

Boe, Swen and Mabel

Brekke, Julius and Josephine

Brown, A.C. and Vi

Brown, Clinton and Eleanore

Brown, John and Nancy

Brown, Robert and Karen

Brown, William and Lauretta

Brudwick, Alfred and Julia

Bruns, John and Maddy

Campbell, Alexander and Isabella

Campbell, Donald and Carol

Campbell, Lloyd and Thelma

Campbell, Robert and Beverly

Cederson, Charles and Helena

Bits of Hannaford History

Cederson Jennie (Janna Johnson)

Clemens, Harry and Inga

Clemens, Robert and Leah

Curtis, Mark and Anna

Dahl, Elnor

Doele, Herbert, Sr. and Marion

Edwards, R. L. "Piney" and Doris

Erickson, Lyonel D.

Eslinger, Albert and Loretta

Eslinger, Arthur and Irene

Evenson, Clarence

Everson, Evan and Betsy

Everson, Robert and Dorothy

Fliflet, Ben and Sidsel

Fliflet, Gust and Clara

Fliflet, Sam and Sara

Fliflet, Scott and Darla

Fogerud, Andrew L. and Ellen

Fogderud, Conrad and Sylvia

Fogderud, David and Pat

Fogderud, Gerald and Iris

Fogderud, Harley and Beatrice

Fogderud, Lester and Borghild

Forsberg, Johan and Carolina

Francis, John and Edith

Freer, Claude and Myrtle

Freer, Jonas and Ella

Gilbertson, Oscar A. and Clara

Goplen, Carl and Martha

Goplen, Gilman and Vivian

Goplen, John and Anne

Grinager, Christian and Thelma

Gronneberg, Milford and Sylvia

Grover, Adolph and Amanda

Grover, John (Bud) and Pearl

Grover, John A. and Sharon

Gruman, Allen

Gruman, Joseph and Rosey

Gunderson, Aslak and Thoren

Gunderson, Gunder and Ida

Gunderson, Peter and Inga

Hanson, Jerry and Sandy

Hanson, John and Henrietta

Hanson, Kenneth and Neva

Hanson, Mr. and Mrs. Velleck

Harris, Henry

Harris, Joseph and Mayme Merriman

Harvey, Lars and Hilda

Haugen Bennie H. and Bertha

Haugen, Bennie M. and Oline

Haugen, Eldo and Colleen

Haugen, Eldren and Gerda

Haugen, Elverne K. and Margaret

Haugen, Hans A. and Maxine

Haugen, Carl J. and Elsie

Haugen, Hans J. and Sina

Haugen, Harry and Anna

Haugen, Henry J. and Bertha

Haugen, Ingvard and Ruth

Haugen, Johannes and Anna

Haugen, Lois Johnson

Haugen, Magnus and Malena

Haugen, Martiin and Borghild

Haugen, Marvin and Carol

Haugen, Maynard and Margaret

Haugen, Ralph and Deane

Haugen, Robert and Delores

Haugen, Roland and Diane

Helmer, Melvin and Bertha

North Dakota

Helmer, Ole and Kristine

Helmer, Charles and Mildred

Hetland, David and Dorothe

Heyerdahl, Carl and Anna

Heyerdahl, Erick and Madle

Hiebert, Harry and Mary

Hilyard, Charles and Marie

Himmerich, Delila Evangeline

Himmerich, Ephriam and Arlene

Himmerich, Phillip and Elizabeth

Hoffman, Oscar and Winifred

Hook, Markus and Alma

Hovi, Einar and Hilda

Hovland, Mr. and Mrs. Arne

Jackson, Byron D.

Jackson, Claus and Ida

Jacobsen, Jacob and Florence

Jensen, Chris and Martha

Johnson, Albert and Louise

Johnson, Arthur K. and Florence

Johnson, August and Berit

Johnson, Erick and Julia

Johnson, Francis

Johnson, Halvor C. and Anne

Johnson, Richard and Phyllis

Johnson, Roland and Helen

Juell, Dr. Samuel and Eliza

Kaastad, Mr. and Mrs. Ole A.

Fjelstad - Kalberg Family

Kalland, Bennie and Sophie

Kalvik, Olaf and Dora

Kalvick, Ole J. and Gina

Kalvik, Orville and Agnes

Kampen, Ingvald A. and Estella

Kerber, John Sr. and Henrietta

Kjelgaard Family

Knutson, Hillard and Ann

Knutson, Hans (Krist) and Dina

Knutson, Ole and Caroline

Knutson, Stark and Serina

Larson, Daniel M. and Etta

Larson, Louis and Ellen

Lausch, Marilyn and Iyla

Lende, Donald and June

Lende, Merlin and Evelyn

Lende, Palmer and Helma

Lind, Gustav and Charlotte

Lind, Algot and Jennie

Linder, Clarence and Ann

Linder, Marvin and Delores

Loberg, John and Thea

Lofgren, Gustaf

Lunn, Berlyle and Ruth

Lunn, Kenneth and Claire

Lunn, Miller B. and Nellie

Lyngby, Mathias and Karen

Lyngby, Reynard and Marlyn

Madsen, Christ and Anna

McCallson, Laures and Ida

McCallson, LeRoy and Mae

Messer, Maynard and Charlene

Michaelson, Conrad and Arlien

Miklethun, John L. and Bessie

Mossing, Ole and Kristine

Nelson, Alfred P.

Nelson, Andrew and Petrena

Nelson, Carl and Margaret

Nelson, Nels G. and Ellen

Nelson, Percy and Ruth

Nelson, Russel and Elouise

Nevland, Arne and Tina

Nevland, Norman and Jane

Nilsen, Roger and Janice

Telephone Service

Ohman, Paul and Julia

Olson, Floyd and Elena

Jerome and Cyndi (Olson) Gangl

Olson, Jerry and Mary

Robert and Kimberly (Olson) Hook

Ouren, Glen O. and Audrey

Ouren, Oscar and Edna

Palm, Arthur and Clara

Palm, August and Selma

Palm, Fritz and Anna

Paulsen, Elgar and Ernestine

Pederson, Doris

Pederson, Leonard and Celia

Pederson, Myrtle Eberhardt

Peterson, Aloander and Dena

Peterson, Carl F. and Gunda

Peterson, Leslie and Sylvia

Peterson, C.L. (Ludvig) and Berthilda

Popp, Traian

Ramsey, Alvin and Ruth

Ramsey, Alvin and Sue

Ramsey, Orville and Connie

Ramsey, Peg Janel Roy

Rich Gene A.

Rich, Lyle and Joan

Richardson, John and Melissa

Richardson, Roy and Clara

Rognlien, Otto and Ellen

Romsaas, Sigurd and Emma

Schmidt, Neil and Ruth

Schwenger, Harry and Alvilda

Skjeret, Alfred and Helen

Skjeret, Alfred and Fern

Sletten, Carl and Amelia

Smith, Lloyd and Doris

Sonju, Christ and Thea

Sonju, Gustav and Delia

Sonju, Herbert and Hilda

Steffen, Erwin and Lillian

Steiner, W.H. and Emma

Stennes, Ken and Polly

Stockeland, Oscar and Inez

Stokka, Ole J. and Marie

Stokka, Stanley

Swenson, Nicoloai

Swingen, Amanda Larson

Troseth, Paul O. and Anna

Tweit, Andrew and Helena

Tweit, Noralf and Bessie

Venhuizen, Eugene and Stella

Anderson, Minnie C.

Vincent, Calvin and Anna

Wagoner, Dick and Cathy

Wahl, Andrew and Minnie

Wahl, Russell and Dorothy

Wahl, Richard and Karen

Wallum, Martin and Clara

Weller, William and Esther

Westley, Geraldine Benson

Westley, Ommund and Mallene

Wogsland, Andrew and Florence

Wogsland, Daniel and Debra

Wogsland, Richard and Evelyn

Wogsland, Vernon

Wunderlich, Arvie and Clara

Brown, Mark and Marlys

Jackson, Chester and Claire

Lyngby, Ingvald and Tibby

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