Hannaford Area Photographs

Baseball Team 1924

Bridge East of Hannaford 1925

Ski Jump 1924

KKK Cross 1925

Basketball Team 1924-1925

Football Team 1924-1925

Steam Shovel West of Hannaford 1925

Crane Johnson Lumber Yard

Main Street 1927

Bridge East of Hannaford 1926

Baseball 1923

Hannaford 1928

No. 27 from bridge west of Hannaford

Top of Ski Slide

Fast Mail

N.P. Depot

Coal Chute

Hannaford from the East

Hannaford from the Southwest

Mitchell Barber Shop

The Street Before the Game

Threshing in 1923

John Stafney has furnished these pictures.  They were taken by his father, Custer Stafney.

Custer Stafney was born in Minnesota in 1902 and came to Hannaford around 1912 with his parents Ole and Anna Stafney and family.

Custer was interested in preserving history and took photos wherever he went and documented much of what he saw and who he met.

The pictures in this display were taken or collected by Custer during his life in and around Hannaford.

He was also very active in athletics playing baseball until he was fifty.

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