Ole Aas


Stanley, North Dakota

is from Solor and emigrated to America in 1912. He first came to Montevideo, Minnesota and moved here in 1905 and took a homestead that same year. Ole is a straight and beloved fellow, who will achieve something in this land both in material and cultural respects.

He is thus the chairman for the Parish Youth Society, and gladly takes a hand in things so that something good shall come from this neighborhood.

His brother Marius delayed coming to get himself a homestead with his relatives but the Solor man bought land after the others had just received theirs, and it served Marius well. When the farm is built, large and nice, there will be sunshine on his sun children, for the day will surely come that he is not a bachelor. The father to Ole, Marius, Borghild, Mrs. Holter and Mrs. Sundt was Olaf Lauvaasbakken. He came here to visit his children in 1915. He was 76 years old, but healthy and sharp. He caught his death ailment and died after staying one year with his children. (O.R)

Source: Norwegians and Norwegian Homes in America by Hans Jervell - 1916 - Page 139


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