President J. A. Aasgaard

is born in Albert Lea, Minnesota on the 5th of April 1876. Hans Father, Anders Larsen Aasgaard our from Drammen and his mother Maren Brustad our from Eidsvold. they came over to America in 1867 to Decorah, Iowa and moved later to Albert Lea, Minnesota.

Education: Attended United Church Seminar 1893 - 94, St. Olafs College 1894 - 98 (A. B.), U. S. Seminar 1898 - 1901 (C. T.), Princeton University 1904 - 1905 (B. J.), Wisconsin University 1905 - 06, Priest in Norway Grove, The Forest, Wisconsin 1901 - 11. Theological Stipendiat 1904 - 05, Teacher in Church history with U. C. Seminar 1906 - 07. Member of Skolekom. since 1910. Indsamler for Chicago Deacon's home, and Mohn Ladies Hall, St. Olafs College 1909 - 1911. Forfatter of St. Olafs College 25- years "Souverneer", Editor of "United Lutheran" 1908 - 09 and "Church newsletter" 1910 - 1911. Since 1911 President of Concordia College and Priest for Salem Parishes, Cass County - An capable and energisk Man, there faar alt to that go and not viger returned for what man will kalde "uovervindelige Difficult named" - an Pioneer, under whose Leadership Concordia College have done store Progress at all Territory.

Hans Hustru Ragnhild Hoyme is the daughter of Chairman Hoyme.

Source: Norwegian and Norwegian Home I America of Hans Jervell 1916 Page 8


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