E. R. Anderson

Fargo, North Dakota

was born in Eau Claire, Wisconsin on March 21, 1886. His parents, Andreas Andersen and Gurine Bye, came from From Parish district near Ă˜ieren. They came to Eau Claire and live there that this time. He was educated at Asker Seminar and held Norwegian School for 27 years under the vital deceased Chairman Hoyme and Pastor Tangjerd. He graduated from St. Olafs College in 1908 after he had begun there in 1901. He received his theological education at the United Church Seminar and was ordained as a Priest in 1911. His first Calling was Trinity's and Bethel Parish in Superior, Wisconsin where he was until 1914. Then he moved to Fargo, where he now is a Priest for The first Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Church.

He married Amanda Oyaas in 1912. Her parents, Bernt Oyaas and Anna Hallanger, live in Superior, Wisconsin. They have two children; Rolph Harald is three years old and Margaret is one years old.

During his activities in Fargo the Pastor has won many Friends. His church is altfor little, especially with festive occasions is overfyldt Hus. Near the endelige Union comes condition, will presumably Norwegian's Cathedral in Fargo shortly shortly become built and become large nok and likewise beautiful as a the new Trinity's Church in Moorhead. There shall Time to all, and the Norwegian Priests in Fargo is young and virkelystne.

Source: Norwegians and Norwegian Homes in America by Hans Jervell - 1916 - Page 164


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