O. C. Beck

Moorhead, Minnesota.

is from Hedemarken. He was born in Vangs Parish district, on August 7, 1856 and came to America as a 17 years Boy to St. Paul. He was was there and in Minneapolis, until he came to Moorhead, Minnesota in 1879 and has lived there since. He has the Furniture shop, and along with Morrow the Funeral parlor. Beck is very interested in Song, and one of the oldest Members of "Norse" Singing choir. He worked as city mayor one term.

His wife, Marie Olsen, is the daughter of the tailor Olsen, who has lived in Fargo for many years. They have five children. His oldest Son Charles Beck is in Seattle, Washington and his son Melvin is in business.

Source: Norwegians and Norwegian Homes in America by Hans Jervell - 1916 - Page 140


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