Pastor Edward Berntsen

is a Priest at Oak Grove Seminar. He was born in Flekkefjord on September 14, 1869 and emigrated to America in 1882 to Willmar, Minnesota. He went to Wilmar Seminar and he graduated from Augsburg College in 1891 and from Augsburg Theological Department in 1894. He was ordained as a Priest in the Free Church 1895. His first calling was in Colfax, Wisconsin from 1902 to 1906 and then in Escanaba, Michigan from 1906 to 1912, and since 1913 in Fargo, where he is a Priest for Pontoppidan Parishes.

His wife, Emilie Simonsen, was born in Kristiania. Her mother lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin Her husband is dead. They have seven children.

Pontoppidans Parish is now building a large and well equipped church, and it will be completed in the near future. It is the oldest Norwegian Parish in Fargo and was organized in 1877.


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