Iver Brudevold

Sondmor Regional Societys Recently Deceased Chairman,

was from Sovde. He was born there in 1877. His father, Bernt Brudevold, still lives there. His mother died in 1910. He emigrated America as a poor boy and worked hard on a farm. He came to North Dakota and got himself a farm there. Because of his wife’s wishes, he stopped working as a farmer, notwithstanding the fact that he was capable and successful, and thus moved to Page, North Dakota where he operated a substantial business in hardware, harness and groceries. He had many positions of trust in this town. He was chairman of the school board for several years. He was interested in the church and he worked hard to get a Norwegian Lutheran Church built in Page, North Dakota. When he came to Fargo, North Dakota, he always stayed in the Viking Hotel, which became the headquarters for the Northwest’s Norwegian farmer population. There Iver Brudevold was very often in conversation with his very good friend, Dr. Herman Fjelde, about their many mutual interests in things besides the Sondmor regional society, especially St Luke's Hospital and its expansion, although it already is now one of Northwest’s largest and most reputable hospitals. As a good Sondmoring he was an eager worker for the erection of the Ivar Aasen Monument at Concordia College and was one of Peter Reite’s best friends and well-wishers. He has also worked eagerly at the old people’s home in his hometown of Sovde.

His wife, Anne Homme, was from Tellimarksaet. She died in 1915 and left him with four surviving children, Selma, Melida, Emily and Bennett.

One of his sisters lives here in Landet. Andrew Brudevold is in Fargo, North Dakota. Mrs. Elise Eriksen is in Valley City, North Dakota. Mrs. Hanna Ziele. Rev. Knut Brudevold is in Makoti, North Dakota. Jacob Benson is in Pillbury, North Dakota and John Benson is in Page, North Dakota. These and many of his friends among the SondMoringers and others, who have learned to know, will mourn his early death and hold him in our thoughts and honor him. He was a good Sondmoring, a good Norwegian and a good American simultaneously, and has left a wonderful epithet.

Source: Norwegians and Norwegian Homes in America by Hans Jervell - 1916 - Page 61


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