Karl Eide

Mayville, North Dakota

is the proprietor of the towns "Norwegian Coffee house" and the only bakery. He was born in Bjornor on October 20, 1874, and lived the most time in Trondhjem. He emigrated to America in 1910 to Spokane, Washington. He moved to Mayville, North Dakota in 1912. As a president in the Sons of Norway regional society "Mjosen" he took my part of the work at the erection of the Bjornson memorial stones and at the festivities in the opening on June 7, 1916.

His wife, Marie Egge, is from ├śrskog, Sondmore and is a sister to Otto and Peter Egge in Mayville, North Dakota.

During my stay in Mayville, North Dakota I saw advertised: "Cream pudding in the evening at the coffee house". Of course there sat Karl Westre and his two guests, picture man Hans Berge and “Fram”- fellow Hans Jervell who did the writing. The cream pudding was extra good and there was lefse too. There were many of the town’s society – the town’s mayor, bank managers and a magnitude of businessmen knew his wife, who dignified the evening at the "Norwegian Coffee house" with her stay and led the eating of the distinguished cream pudding properly with justice.

Source: Norwegians and Norwegian Homes in America by Hans Jervell - 1916 - Page 19


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