Ole O. Forde

Pekin, North Dakota

is a farmer and businessman. He was born in Evanger, Voss, on September 28, 1852 and emigrated to America in 1859 to Winnisheik, County, Iowa. His father, Ole Forde, took a homestead in Jackson County Minnesota in 1860. He was killed in the Indian Wars of 1862. Ole O. Forde took a homestead in 1882 in Forde Township, Nelson County, North Dakota. He was one of the first settlers there.

His wife, Alida Olsen, was born in Kristiania and died in 1915. He has three daughters. Mathilde is married to Karl Brekken, a farmer near Pekin, North Dakota. Julia is married to Ed. Loe, who has a garage in Pekin, North Dakota. Clara is at the Elsaas store in Pekin, North Dakota. He was County Assessor for six years and has had several others positions of trust in this area. He has lived in Pekin, North Dakota since 1910.

Source: Norwegians and Norwegian Homes in America by Hans Jervell - 1916 - Page 81


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