Senator Asle J. Gronna

Lakota, North Dakota

Senator Gronna was born on December 10, 1859 in Elkader, Clayton County, Iowa. His father, Jorgen Gronna, and his mother, Guri Andersdatter Martepladsen, were from Naes. He was two years old when he came he with his parents to Houston County, Minnesota where he grew up on the farm and went to public school. He finished his studies at the Caledonia Academy. He held School in Wilmington, Minnesota for two years. He moved to South Dakota in 1879, where he alternated as a teacher and farmer. He came to Traill County, North Dakota in 1880, where he operated a commercial business in Buxton for several years. He moved to Lakota, North Dakota in 1887 where he since has had his home. He has operated his commercial business and farming on a large scale: he also has a spruce farm near Brooten, Minnesota.

He married Bertha M. Ostby from Spring Grove, Minnesota on August 13, 1884. They have two sons and three daughters.

In 1889 Gronna was eelected as a member of the Legislature. In 1904 he was elected as a member of Congress. He was reelected in 1906 and 1908. In 1911 he was selected by the North Dakota Legislature to fill the vacancy of deceased Senator M. N. Johnson. Since then he has been North Dakota’s Representative in the Senate, where he has won common aclaim as one of the most persistent workers for what he stands. He represents farmers and has with his voting record shown that he fills the glorious place he has with large honor for himself and for his people. In his high position he has cast a glow over Hallingers and Norwegians who get here to this country. Senator Gronna is also a member of Halling Regional Society and has been to several of its meetings and given them his Support. He is both a practical farmer and stands in the foremost row as a good law giver and statesman.

Source: Norwegians and Norwegian Homes in America by Hans Jervell - 1916 - Page 119


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