H. P. Hammer

Cooperstown, North Dakota

is from Solor. He came to Cooperstown 34 years ago. He is now known as one of Northwest’s richest Norwegians and he has interests in many large businesses. He is president of the First National Bank, Halvorsen & Thompson Land Company and the Hammer Condy Company in Cooperstown. He has retail businesses in Binford, North Dakota, Finley, North Dakota and McHenry, North Dakota and several other places. Hammer Brothers is a horse breeder on a large scale and has some of the finest horses in the state. Several of of them are worth $2,000 to $3,000.

Hammer is a very interesting and capable Norwegian. He has given much to Concordia College and to other Norwegian Institutions.

Source: Norwegians and Norwegian Homes in America by Hans Jervell - 1916 - Page 144


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