H. M. Hansen

Pekin, North Dakota

has a drugstore. He was born in La Crosse, Wisconsin on August 12, 1864. His father, Martin Hansen, was from Lillehammer. His mother, Anne Knudsen, was from Herigstad. They are both dead. His father was 80 years old and his mother was 87 years old. He lived on a farm ten miles from Pekin, North Dakota for over 30 years. He took a homestead, preemption and treeclaim in Forde Township. He has lived in Pekin since the spring of 1916.

His wife, Ingeborg Danielsen, was born in Nyes in Hallingdal. They have nine children. The youngest son Clarence is at the drugstore in Pekin, North Dakota. Two sons, Melvin and Harry, are on the farm. Helmer is at the electric plant in Binford, North Dakota. Albin is a barber in Busman, Montana. Hanna is married to Martin Rood in Pekin, North Dakota. Alma is married to Henry Hansen, who works at the elevator in Pekin, North Dakota. Ida is married to Roy Gresches, a German, who has a land business in Canada.

Source: Norwegians and Norwegian Homes in America by Hans Jervell - 1916 - Page 40


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