Oscar J. Hanson

Fargo, North Dakota

works at Aaker's Business College, Fargo, North Dakota. He was born in Steele County, North Dakota. His father, Peder J. Hanson, was born in Sunds, Parish district at Austervold and his mother, Christine Olsen, is from ├śrnevaag. He was a teacher in the public schools for several years. He was a teacher at Crookston College in Crookston, Minnesota for five years. He was the manager of Aaker's Business College in Grand Forks for about eight years. He came to Concordia College last year, and took a position as the School’s Secretary and as a teacher in shorthand, salesmanship, legal writing and others business skills. He took over a management position at Aaker's Business College in September of 1916. He is a capable musician. He was the director of the "Choral Union" and was with the Singing league for the March 26, 1916 song "The Holy City" with several other choralers. He was the director for the Youth League large Choir in Cooperstown followers of the United Church. He was the director of Zions Parish Church Choir in Grand Forks, North Dakota for several years.

The emigrant sons and daughters from Austervold Parish have donated a beautiful pipe organ their ancestral Church. Professor Hanson has worked out (engraved) a remembrance, which contains 117 names who have paid dues to this regional society. It was then hung in the Church's home in Norway - an impressive idea, a beautiful remembrance as a proof of the emigrants love for their hometown in Norway.

Source: Norwegians and Norwegian Homes in America by Hans Jervell - 1916 - Page 82


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