Peter Helland

Nome, North Dakota.

was born in Vestnes on December 7, 1877 and came to America in 1901 to Nome and has been a building contractor there since.

His wife, Magda Jansen, was born in America. Her parents, Thorvald and Vina Jansen, live in Enderlin. Her father was from Drammen and her mother was from Kristiania. They have been in America for 35 years.

Peter Helland took his wife and two children with him on a trip to Norway in 1914 and returned in 1915. He has built himself a nice home and many for others. Along with Lars Knutsen he has built, among other things, the Church for the Romsdolers at Sandpraerien.

Gunnar Helland is also a Romsdoling from Vestnes. He is a newcomer and lives with Peter. He came to Nome in 1914. He is is a carpenter and works along with Peter Helland and Lars Knutsen as a building contractor. His wife is still in Norway.

Source: Norwegians and Norwegian Homes in America by Hans Jervell - 1916 - Page 55


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