Elling Johnson

Cooperstown, North Dakota

is a retired farmer. He was born in Froiland, Time at Jaederen on December 26, 1850. He came to Yellow Medicine County, Minnesota and lived there one year. He drove a team of oxen from there to Cooperstown, North Dakota in 1883. He took a homestead four miles southwest of Cooperstown in Ball Hill Township in Griggs County, North Dakota and has lived there as a farmer for the last 26 years. He moved to Norway in 1906 and was there until 1907 and has since lived in Cooperstown, North Dakota where he has a good home with flowers and berry bushes in abundance.

He has been married two times. His first wife, Martha Norheim, was the daughter of County Sheriff Osmund Norheim in Time. She died in 1895. His second wife, Severine Hagen, was from Hedemarken. She died in 1914. They have four children.

His son Hans operates the farm.

Ingeborg is married to Fred Anderson who is a mason and was killed in an accident six years ago. They live in Cooperstown, North Dakota and have six children.

Aagot is married to Jesper Toksdal, a farmer near Cooperstown, North Dakota.

Amalie is married to Post Office driver Kristian Seldahl of Cooperstown, North Dakota. He is from Sannes. They have six children.

Johnson is an interested Member of the Sons of Norway regional society. He is the treasurer for a collection of memoribilia to Time.

Source: Norwegians and Norwegian Homes in America by Hans Jervell - 1916 - Page 102


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