Karl L. Knutsen

Kathryn, North Dakota

is a farmer. He was born in Gaarden Aas in Vestnes, on November 29, 1869 and emigrated to America in 1889 to Valley City, North Dakota. He settled at Sandprairie and in 1902 he purchased a farm called "Solbakken" in Oak Hill Township, It is a large farm and it corresponds to its name, since it has hills and woods and a beautiful, warm sunshiney home.

His wife, Lina Martinsen, is from Ă˜sterdalen. She was born near Tonset and emigrated to America when she was six months old. She is sister of Mrs. Lars Knutson in Nome, North Dakota. Their mother, Sigrid Martinsen - born Reitan, lives nearby. Their father Karelius Martinsen is dead. Their oldest son, Leonard Knutson, is with his uncle, Lars Knutson, the acclaimed building contractor in Nome, North Dakota who is now building the Romsdolernes Church at Sandprairie that will be completed by harvest. Their oldest daughter Martha is married to Pete Olsen, who lives in Kathryn, North Dakota and is in the auto and livery business Sofie is at home, likewise the next oldest son Clarence. Anna, Oscar and Chester go to school. Martin and Liljan are racing to grow up and shortly go to school.

At "Solbakken" I saw a worthy example on the use of a gasoline motor, which operated a separator, a churn, a washing machine, a feedmill and a carpentry shop - something all sensible, practical farmers ought to have on their farms as relief for himself, his wife, his sons and daughters on the farm. Their home lies warmly in a beautiful grove with a multitude of shady twelve year old trees.

Source: Norwegians and Norwegian Homes in America by Hans Jervell - 1916 - Page 57


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