Ole Korshus

Galesburg, North Dakota

is a farmer and contractor. He was born in Dovre on February 12, 1856 and emigrated to America in 1879 to Madelia, Minnesota. He lived on a farm there and was a carpenter for two years. He moved to Mankato, Minnesota and lived there until 1898. Then he came to Galesburg, North Dakota as a contractor and farmer. He has recently built himself a neat, modern and beautiful house in Galesburg, North Dakota where he will live in the future.

His wife, Marit J. Holum, is also from Dovre. They have seven children. Their oldest daughter Rose lives in Seattle, Washington and is married to Thor Haugen from Dovre. Iver Korshus has a farm near Galesburg, North Dakota. Anton Korshus is the treasurer of the Dakota Sash & Door Company, Fargo, North Dakota. Paul Korshus uses his fathers farm. Otto Korshus is a carpenter and lives t home. Olga is married to John O. Saetrum, who has a farm near Galesburg, North Dakota. Minnie is at home.

Source: Norwegians and Norwegian Homes in America by Hans Jervell - 1916 - Page 42


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