O. T. Lowen

Aneta, North Dakota

came from Stavanger to America 1869. He went to School in Evanston, Illinois and became a preacher. He was an eye-witness to the large fire in Chicago Fall in 1871. He was ordained into the priesthood in the fall of 1878 and served Parishes in three states in the time span of 19 years. He decided to give up his place to a younger man who wished to be called to the priesthood and so he went into business.

Lowen has lived in Aneta about for 17 years and worked at the shoe store, as town treasurer and so forth. His wife is from Gudbrandsdalen. Her maiden name was Ragnhild Mork. There are four sons and two daughters in this family as a all is, voxne. Two of the sons are telegraph operators and work for the Western Union Telegraph Company in Minneapolis. The other two, C. A. Lowen and E. H. Lowen, are respectively the treasurer and assistant treasurer at the Farmers and Merchants Bank of Aneta, North Dakota.

One of the daughters is Mrs. N. T. Cameron, a wheat buyer in Aneta and the other is Mrs. Geo. C. Majoris, a bank manager in Tolna, North Dakota.

Source: Norwegians and Norwegian Homes in America by Hans Jervell - 1916 - Page 107


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