P. E. Malvey

Moorhead, Minnesota

was born in Gaarden Mjelva at Fanestranden with Molde on July 30, 1870 and emigrated to America in 1888 to Moorhead, Minnesota and has lived there since. He is the town’s chief of police.

In 1893 he was on a trip to Norway and to visit Molde, "Blomsternes Town" and Fanestranden, one of the most beautiful region in Norway. His father, Erik N. Mjelva, and his mother, Karen P. Bolso, lived at Bolso. They moved from Mjelva to Bolso when he was eight years old. Both his parents are now dead. He was a fireman in Moorhead for 15 years. His brother, Oluf Melvey, was the police chief here for eight years. He died and he went to work in his brother’s position and finished out his term. After that he became a deputy sheriff in Clay County, and was a candidate for sheriff in the fall of 1914. He went back to the police force and became the police chief in 1915.

His wife, Agnes L. Colkins, is an American woman. They have five children.

He is a very interesting Norwegian and he is a beloved and capable man, one of the most reputable Norwegians in Moorhead, Minnesota.

Source: Norwegians and Norwegian Homes in America by Hans Jervell - 1916 - Page 58


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