Pastor I. G. Monson

Williston, North Dakota

Ingvard Grothe Monson was born in Laerdal in Sogn and emigrated to America in 1861 along with his father, Mons Olsen Grothe, and his mother, Kari Tonjum. He went to Luther College from 1869 to 1875; Concordia Seminar Springfield from 1875 to 1876 and Lutheran Seminar in the Spring of 1877. He had a store and was a bank assistant from 1877 to 1886. He attended Luther Seminar from 1886 to 87 (C. T.)

was a Priest in Sioux Rapids, Iowa from 1887 to 1888; Wausau, Wisconsin from 1888 to 1892; Amherst, Wisconsin from 1892 to 1896; Kindred, North Dakota from 1896 to 1912; and in Williston, North Dakota since 1912.

He has been married two times. His first wife, Synneva J. Fosmark, died in 1884. His second wife’s name is Emma Christine Bestul.

Monson is very interested in literature. He has a very large collection of books with a lot of rare and unusual books. He has written much in the publications, especially in “Fram” and "Normanden". He is the author of: "Human Understanding" in 1885, "What Does Church History Say" in 1902 and several other articles. He is very interested in the regional society-movement and in the Sogne regional society in particular. They are in his "S" for which he can attest that he is a "Genuine Sogning".

Source: Norwegians and Norwegian Homes in America by Hans Jervell - 1916 - Page 94


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