Torkel Oftelie

Fergus Falls, Minnesota

is a Tele regional society historian. He was born in Hoidalsmo on January 23, 1856. He was a school teacher in Telemarken for eleven years. After that have went to Kviteseid and Asker Seminar and for a time at Gausdal Public high school. He emigrated to America in 1886 to Ottertail County Minnesota. He held Norwegian School for a couple of winters in the neighborhood of Fergus Falls, Minnesota. He was co-editor of the "Fergus Falls Ueblad" for four years. He started "Rodhuggeren" in Fergus Falls, Minnesota together with Ole Hagen of Crookston, Minnesota. Then they became involved together with the "4th of July" and "Dakota" in Fargo, North Dakota under the name “Fram” and he was there several years. He was a founder of the Tele Regional Society in 1907 and has been the historian of the "Tele parish" the entire time since it arose about 20 years ago.

His wife’s name is Signe and she was born in Laardal on April 21, 1858 and emigrated to America in 1883. They were married in 1886 and have four children; Halvor, Anne, Margit, Aasmund.

Their home in Fergus Falls, Minnesota is a slice of Norway, at an elevation with a view over Lake Ellis and forestland and the hills in the distance - and as well decorated and cozy a home as anyone could want for themselves.

Source: Norwegians and Norwegian Homes in America by Hans Jervell - 1916 - Page 115


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