Thomas Olsen

Hannaford, North Dakota

is a daughter's son of Mollargutten and one of the pioneers in that region. His Norwegian name is Torger Olsen. He was born in Rauland on July 20, 1861 and emigrated to America 32 years ago to Calver, Minnesota and then he moved to Kristiania-Settelment near Farmington, Minnesota. He came to Hannaford 30 years ago and was a farmer for about eight years. Later he was a carpenter and painter and he has built many fine homes for Norwegian in that area.

He was together a lot with Mollargutten and he was 14 years old when diad and he has often been at the place where he lived in Norway. His parents Ole Knudsen and Birget Torgesdatter Ƙdegaarden lived at Gaarden since they were named Mollargutten and he still thinks of Mollarguttens in a strange way, as he has never heard anything like it since then. Mollarguttens actual name was Torger Augunsen. His father was a miller, therefore he became named Mollergutten (the miller's boy). He has a large family in Telemarken, especially in Rauland and Vinje.

Source: Norwegians and Norwegian Homes in America by Hans Jervell - 1916 - Page 112


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