Dr. L. Stoud Platou

Valley City, North Dakota

Ludvig Stoud Platou was born in Hamar on April 8, 1867 and is the 10th of 15 children. His father was the merchant and bank manager Christian Platou. His mother was the daughter of the sheriff and she still lives in Hamar. He went to Hamars public school and high school and graduated as a medical candidate at Kristiania University in 1893. That same year he moved to America and settled down as a doctor in Cooperstown, North Dakota where he practiced for four years. Then he moved to Valley City, North Dakota where he has lived since and where he has an extensive practice.

In his student days at Kristiania he took part in politics. In America he has been with the Democratic Party and was one of the Democratic Candidates for Governor of North Dakota in the 1916 Primary election. He is a friend and admirer of both Senator LaFollette and our compatriot Senator Gronna from North Dakota. That known, Dr. Platou is not a fanatic partisan.

has been the mayor of Valley City, North Dakota for a short six years and his administration praise from everyone in town. Under his management the town has received among other things new lighting, good drinking water, a sewer system and a zoo. Everything is paid for and the towns money is in a good position in the financial area.

Dr. Platou was recently selected to be a vice president in the new International Equity Bank in Fargo, North Dakota. He owns and operates a private hospital where there are 40 sickbeds. He also has several farms of which he is the manager, so he is a working man in other words. He is real sharp witted and a good Norwegian and American citizen simultaneously.

Source: Norwegians and Norwegian Homes in America by Hans Jervell - 1916 - Page 148


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