E. G. Quamme

Finley, North Dakota

is the president of the State Bank. He was born in Goodhue County, Minnesota in 1880. His father, Guttorm Styrkson Quamme, was from Sogn, and also his mother, Hansine Lee Houglum. They came to America same Day Lincoln was shot and settled at Vestprairien, Wisconsin. He moved later to Goodhue County, Minnesota. His father, who was one of the founders of Hauges Synode died in 1905. His mother now lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota with a daughter.

His wife, Henriette Nelson, was born in Humboldt, Iowa. Her parents were from Stavanger. She was the only woman who graduated from Minnesota University. In her family one finds many outstanding people from previous generations.

Quamme has taken part eagerly in the Equality Movement. He has taken a large interest in Norwegians for many days. He has taken part in Sogne regional society Meetings and given good talks there. He has a lot of historical knowledge and good foresight at and believes in the Norwegian people’s future in the Northwest.

Source: Norwegians and Norwegian Homes in America by Hans Jervell - 1916 - Page 97


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