A. O. Raaen

Aneta, North Dakota

works at the McCoy Lumber Company. He is from Krodsherred and was born in Gaarden, Raten on August 29, 1876 and emigrated to America in July 1882 to Lake Park, Minnesota. He lived there as a farmer until 1906 and then he came to Aneta, North Dakota and has been there since in his present position.

He is married to Anna Moe from Trondhjem. Her father, Martinus Moe, lives in Audubon, Minnesota. They have four children.

He has been the president of the Sons of Norway regional society, which unfortunately has been discontinued. He has been an alderman for three years and fire chief for five years and has several others positions of trust.

Source: Norwegians and Norwegian Homes in America by Hans Jervell - 1916 - Page 178


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