Halvor Rasmussen

Moorhead, Minnesota

was born in Kviteseid on September 26, 1841 and emigrated to America in 1861 to Kilbourn City, Wisconsin. He was there until the fall of 1864 and worked for J. E. Dickson & Son. He came to Winona, Minnesota where he operated a hotel. In 1866 he moved to Houston, Minnesota and operated a wheat business and the general store. He was the towns first president and he was a member of the school board. In the spring of 1878 he came to Moorhead and has lived there since, beginning with the hotel business. In 1883-85 he was the city clerk. In the fall of 1884 he became the clerk of Court in Clay County, and held the position for 16 years. He was a member of the board of education in Moorhead for 13 years as a clerk and treasurer. In 1891 he was with and organized Concordia College and was the schools first treasurer.

He went to Norway ten years ago with his daughter. He came to America when he was 45 years old. He has been married two times. His first wife, Line Johnson, was from Vraadal. She died on March 12, 1909. They had six children, three sons and three daughters. His oldest, son John Rasmussen lives in Crookston. His daughter, Mrs. Flaten, died last year. Mrs. O. D. Dahl and his daughter, Nora Rasmussen, live in Fargo. Rudolf Rasmussen is a commercial traveller and Frederik Rasmussen is a doctor in Center, North Dakota. He was in Norway five years ago and married Marie Kristiansen from Kragero. He has built himself a beautiful bungalow as his old age home in Moorhead.

Source: Norwegians and Norwegian Homes in America by Hans Jervell - 1916 - Page 113


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