Nils Rosevold

Portland, North Dakota

is a farmer. He came to America from Borgund to Mayville, North Dakota in 1859 and has lived in that area since as a farmer.

His wife, Petrine Jelle, is from ├śrskog. He lives along with his oldest son, Elias Rosevold, on a impressive farm near Portland, North Dakota. They have four sons, of which three are farmers and the fourth is a banker. They had the joy of all those present at his Golden Wedding Anniversary on the 18th of June in 1916. You know they had many friends, which can be appreciated by the fact that over 150 well-wishers made their appearance from far and near. A longtime friend from Romsdoling, P. O. Hall, from Carpio, North Dakota who had taken part in Romsdal regional society’s annual Meeting in Fergus Falls, Minnesota prepared to return to Mayville, North Dakota to greet his many friends among the Sondmoringer’s there, where he had lived for several years and had considered Mr. and Mrs. Rosevold’s home as his own, and was the most eager campaigner to get this infrequent celebration started. And it was a successful celebration. the Golden Anniversary Bride, "Grandma" received as a remembrance an umbrella with a gold crafted handle and the Golden Anniversary Bride Groom, as robust a workman as you can think of, received a walking stick and a gold necklace, accompanied by giving best wishes about having a good old age.

Source: Norwegians and Norwegian Homes in America by Hans Jervell - 1916 - Page 71


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