Dr. Olaf Th. Sherping

Fergus Falls, Minnesota

is the chairman of the Halling regional society. He was born on a farm called Skjerping in Torpe on August 6, 1864 and he came to America in the spring of 1884. After that he practiced as a doctor in Enderlin, North Dakota for eight years. He moved to Fergus Falls, Minnesota where he became the senior doctor at St. Luke's Hospital, a position that he still holds at this time. On a student journey in 1909 he also saw his birthplace and later had the pleasure of fishing for trout in Lya and Storelven. He lives at his farm "Torpe" seven miles from Fergus Falls, Minnesota.

Unspoiled nature is very dear to him, and he rides mornings and evenings as one of his biggest amusements. Norwegian sports interest him very much and he founded the "Park Region Ski Club", which has the annual ski run prize. Dr. Sherping has been Halling regional societys chairman since its founding and has taken part eagerly in its work.

Source: Norwegians and Norwegian Homes in America by Hans Jervell - 1916 - Page 123


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