Eimar O. Stromme

Hannaford, North Dakota

is from Voss. He was born in Gaarden Stromme in Bolstadfjorden in 1844 and emigrated to America in 1870 to Goodhue County Minnesota and lived there for nine years as a farmer. He moved to the Red River Valley to Noble Township, Cass County, North Dakota and lived there for three years. He came to Griggs County in 1883. He took preemption and purchased two quarters of land near Hannaford, North Dakota and has lived there since as a farmer. He has lived in Hannaford, North Dakota the last three years.

His wife, Guri Tossen, is also from Voss. They have twelve children. One son Karl, who operates the farm, and eleven daughters, of which seven are married:

Ofine is married to Ole Karstad, a farmer near Hannaford. Marie is married to Halvor Stromme, a farmer near Hannaford, North Dakota. Gustava is married to Elias Olsvold, a farmer near Hannaford, North Dakota. Alette is married to Oscar Nielsen, a farmer in Canada. Emma is married to Iver Quamme, a farmer in Palmer, North Dakota. Anna is married to Peter Aalsgaard, a farmer near Hannaford, North Dakota.

Stromme was an Trip to Norway in 1895. He is the great-grandfather of four and grandfather to 36.

Source: Norwegians and Norwegian Homes in America by Hans Jervell - 1916 - Page 89


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