Karl Westre

Mayville, North Dakota

was born in Ørskog on May 10, 1877. His father, Peter Westre, and his mother, Petrine Westre, live there on their farm. He was trained as a mechanic at Skarbo in Ørskog and later worked at Olsen’s mechanic workshop in Aalesund. He emigrated to America in 1896, to Mayville, North Dakota. He moved to Northwood, North Dakota in 1901 and had the machinery business under the name of Edwards & Westre. In 1908 he sold out and returned to Mayville and has since been foreman or first machinist at the Mayville Motor Company, which is the largest business of its type in this area. It sells 300 to 400 automobiles every year.

Westre married Karoline Viseth in 1907. Her father, Rasmus Viseth, was from Ørskog was one of the oldest settlers in that area, but he returned to Norway many years ago and now lives at Viseth in Ørskog. She died on November 19, 1915 and left him with three children, two small girls and a boy.

He has a very fine and comfortable modern furnished home with his own patented heating equipment.

His housekeeper Miss Ella Westre is also from Ørskog. She came over here as a young girl. On Hans Berges and my own behalf I say thank you, because She looked after us so well - and made the visit with Karl Westre so pleasant and memorable for both of us.

Source: Norwegians and Norwegian Homes in America by Hans Jervell - 1916 - Page 75


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