Amelia becherl

Ameila Becherl

Amelia Becherl was born in Germany in 1880. She came to the United States in 1882 in the fall with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Arndt. She had one sister and five brothers. They all settled at Casselton, North Dakota, but didn’t stay too long. Then they came to a farm about 2 ½ miles southwest of Jessie and homesteaded at once.

They livedin a sod shanty and had a sod barn. In 1895 they built a new barn and in 1896 a new house, and in 1897 their new granary.

Amelia went to school at the McCulloch and Tweed schools. In 1909 she married John Becherl. They moved to Superior Wisconsin. There they had a confectionary store. In 1911 their first child (Myrtle) was born. She married Ben Kenninger.

From there they moved to a farm north of Jessie and started to farm. They had two sons, Roy and Harry, and another daughter Lillian, who married Julian Urness.

Mr. and Mrs. Becherl farmed until he died in 1938. He then made her home with her son Harry for four years. She now lives with her daughter, Mrs. Ben Kenninger.

From Tyrol School No. 1 scrapbook (Y.C.L.)

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