Allen Breed

Allen Breed, farmer, Section 34-145-56, Post Office address in Hope, is a descendant of Allen Breed, a soldier of 1812, who was born and lived all his life in southern New York.

His grandfather on his mother’s side wasJohn Wild, one of the earliest pioneers in western New York, who went to Orleans County about 1812 when the wolves were his only neighbors, and their howling was heard around the door. He was a Bostonian, and was descended from a family of physicians, lawyers, and farmers.

Our subject was born in Orleans County where his father, Albert Breed, also was born, on January 9, 1852, and was educated at the Boston High School, and at the Worcester Technical School, Massachusetts. He was afterward a civil engineer in Somerville, the same State. In 1878 he went into the wholesale and retail grocery business.

In January, 1880 he was married to Miss Ida Stewart, the daughter of Herman Stewart, a pioneer of DeKalb, Illinois and a prominent citizen of that section. Mrs. Breed was born January 1855. She was the second lady graduate in the classical course, class of 1878 at the Northwestern University.

Mr. Breed came to Dakota in the spring of 1881, and located a claim two miles northwest of Hope and purchased two sections of land from the Red River Land Company. He has been unusually successful in Dakota, raising tweny and a half bushels to the acre. His crop for 1883 netted 16% on the valuation of his lands and buildings, $5,000. He was Commissioner of the County of Griggs from Ju e 16, 1882 to January 1884.

Bibliography: Atlas of Dakota, 1884 page 241

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