Albert Campbell

Biography of Albert Campbell

June 3, 1928

Florence Boltz

Mr. Campbell came to North Dakota in 1892 from Ontario, Canada. He then located in Cooperstown, where he lived for two or three years. During the time he spent in Cooperstown, he did carpenter work and various other kinds of work trying to make a living. He then grew tired of city life, and wanted to work a farm of his own. He purchased a farm north of Cooperstown in 1895, the farm on which he now resides.

He batched for five long years doing his own baking, cooking, and entertaining his other bachelor friends. His hardships were plentiful. The place had no buildings of any kind. He had to construct all necessary buildings before he made much headway at all.

He was married in 1902 which gave him a housekeeper and more courage to keep on trying to reach success. He has been living on this one place now for 33 years. They have had one son, Cecil, who has grown up and now helps his father on the farm. The farm has been improved in every way. The old house, which used to stand, burned down and a beautiful, large house has been built; also a new barn and other buildings. He now enjoys himself on his farm, and expects to live there yet for many years.


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