James B. Cooper


June 11, 1897.

James B. Cooper, eldest brother of T. J. And R. C. Cooper, died in Colorado Springs, Colorado after an illness of some months, Monday, May 31, 1897. Mr. Cooper was born in Addison County, Vermont, near Shoreham, September 30, 1828.

In 1832, his parents, endowed with the sterling qualities of successful pioneers, sought with their family a home in the reluctant wilds of Michigan. Here his boyhood days were spent. When the father no longer needed the older boys, he and his brother, T. J. in 1856 started out for themselves, first in Northern Michigan, then in Minnesota. Four years later they found themselves in Colorado.

Seven years later J. B. went to California where he has remained chiefly since that time, having a beautiful home in Alameda, where his son still resides. A few months ago, Cooper returned to Colorado to see if the climate would do, once more, what it had done for him before. But, nature and the ministrations of relatives were unavailing. He was laid away in the beautiful Evergreen Cemetery at Colorado Springs, June 3, 1897 by his sisters, Mrs. Parmentier, Mrs. George W. Barnard (once an esteemed resident of Griggs County) and his brother, H. H. Cooper.

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