Anton T. Falla

Biography of Anton T. Falla

--Arthur Storkson

Name of this pioneer's parents are Torger Falla and Bertha Falla. His name is Anton T. Falla.

He was born September 18, 1877 in Hurdal County near Oslo, Norway.

He left his former home because his father went. He came to North Dakota to locate a better home and a better and cheaper land.

He didn't have any experiences from former home to North Dakota. He came to North Dakota August 10, 1900.

Took up homestead in section 20, range 61, Rosendal Township 148. He built a frame shanty, 12' by 14', with one window and one door. He had a sod barn.

He used a team and wagon and went to McHenry for provisions. His near neighbors were Hendrick Olson, and Clint Wilson.

His machinery was a. walking plow, binder, and a. mower. He had four horses.

Early crops were flax. It yielded ten bushels to the acre.

The fuel used was wood gotten at McHenry with a team and wagon. There were snowstorms in the winter and prairie fires in the fall and spring.

He was married to Jenny Bjornson in the spring of 1903 at Cooperstown.

His descendants are Inga Falla, McHenry, North Dakota; Albert Falla, McHenry, North Dakota; Tilde Fella, McHenry, North Dakota; and Otto Falla, McHenry, North Dakota

He lives 3 miles north and a half a mile west of Mose.


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