John Feske

Biography of John Feske

Clara Anderson – 1927

John Feske was born February 19, 1875. At the age of seventeen he came to this country with his parents. They came to North Dakota because they thought there were better opportunities being they could get three quarter 'sections of land free.

In taking up land they took township 145, section 4, range 60. They made their house of boards on the inside and sod on the outside. It was a little shanty about 10 ft. by 14 ft. They made their trips with oxen and went very slow.

Their closest neighbor was John Pitty.

They did not have very much machinery. They had a walking plow, a broadcast seeder, and used oxen for teams. They raised very good crops but they, did not have many acres under cultivation. They went out on the prairies and gathered buffalo chips and used them for fuel.

HE was married at Cooperstown to Hanna Helmer March 25, 1999. His descendants are Violet Feske, Rudolph Feske and Pearl Feske, all of Cooperstown, North Dakota

He is still living at the age of fifty-two years of age. His present home is in Helen township, section 11, Cooperstown.


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