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Biography of Jared Clark Hazard

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Jared (C. Hazard was born at Willet, Courtland County, New York, January 13, 1836.

When he was five years old the family moved to a farm forty miles west of Kingston, Upper Canada. Later Hazards moved to Salmon River, Canada where the father operated a sawmill.

In 1846 Hazards travelled by boat to Milton Junction, Rock County, Wisconsin. Mr. Hazard's father purchased a farm at Hampton, Columbia County. Here Mr. Hazard grew to manhood.

He married Emily Augusta MacDonald November 3, 1859. They had eight children of which all but two are living.

In 1887 Hazard came to Cooperstown. He arrived by train; Coopers­town at that time being the end of the route. His farm was built three miles west of Cooperstown at the present Lucius Hazard home.

Mrs. Hazard died January 24, 1891. Five years later he moved to Cooperstown and bought the home where he still resides.

He married Cora St. John at Columbia, Wisconsin in 1895.

Although Mr. Hazard is almost a century old he still enjoys good health and works in his garden.

When Mr. Hazard first came here there were only two elevators, round shaped and white. One was owned by R. C. Cooper for whom this town was named.

He stated that several bachelors hoarded and roomed at the Palace Hotel. These men evidently thought it was too far to walk to the Congregational Church, so the Methodist Church was built near them.

Mr. Hazard said he would like to see more hotels here and not so many garages.

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