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Biography of T. O. Hetager

Mildred Hetager

Ole and Taran Olson were the Parents of Thor Olson Hetager born on September 1, 1867, in the country of Norway in the county of HallingĀ­dal, and near the city of Drammen.

He left his former home, because he thought it would be a better future for him in the United States. He came to North Dakota instead of any other state because he had relatives living there. Landing in New York by steamboat, he came to North Dakota by means of a train on SepĀ­tember 21, 1887.

He took up his land in the township of Rosendal, Section 5. The first house on his land was a frame shack. On trips to town, he either walked or went with a team of horses. He experienced many blizzards, but no floods or prairie fires. His nearest neighbors were John Peterson and Ben Cornet. He never had any machinery or teams, because he rented out his homestead as soon as he had proved it up , and worked elsewhere.

Among the early schools was the Gallatine, Laura Amalie being the teacher. The Ness Church was one of the early churches having Rev. Quamme as the minister.

He got his fuel from the river, hauling it from there with oxen.

He was married to Rachel Skaar at Cooperstown, North Dakota in 1910.

His present residence is in Cooperstown, North Dakota

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