Leif Som Norgaard


Biography of Leif Som Norgaard

May, 1930

Leif Som Norgaard is the son of Swen Norgaard. He was born in

Chicago, Illinois on January 16, 1862. He came to North Dakota with his parents in 1874. The reason they came to North Dakota was because of the good homesteads that could be taken up here. They came in a covered wagon.

He took up a homestead on section 22, township 146, range 58. Their first home was a dugout. They had oxen at first to go to town with. Some of their early hardships were blizzards and prairie fires. His nearest neighbor was S. K. Skagen. Their farm machinery was a walking plow and a broadcaster.

One of the early churches was in a school house in Mardell and there III was a traveling minister called Lundeby.

The fuel they used was wood which they cut for themselves from along the river.

He was married to Carrie Gilbertson December 24, 1881 in Mardell. He is now living in Washburn township, section 23.

His descendents are:

Mrs. Olaf Olson, Cooperstown, North Dakota Melvin Norgaard, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Edward Norgaard, Living at home

Conrad Norgaard, Comstock, Wisconsin Leonard Norgaard, Finley, North Dakota

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