Kornelius Seldal


Biography of Kornelius Seldal

Walter Seldal

Kornelius Seldal was born January 22, 1844 to Mr. and Mrs. Christ Seldal.

He left home because he had relatives in the United States. He came to North Dakota because his children lived there. He came on a ship to Canada and by train to North Dakota. He came to North Dakota in April, 1901.

Their first house was a frame house. They made their trips to town very seldom, usually in a buggy. There were very bad blizzards. They used horses for working and had a plow used by hand. O. H. Westley and O. Stokka were the nearest neighbors. He had no schooling here, but he belonged to the Zion Church. Their fuel was coal and wood secured from neighboring towns and woods by the river.

He was married to Ingen Oftedahl in Norway in 1874. He now lives by the Sheyenne River.

His descendants are C. Seldal, H. Seldal, Mrs. I. Wagle.

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