Sealar Simpkins


Sentinal Courier

Apr. 23, 1914

Sealar Simpkins

On Friday P.M. at one o'clock there passed away the oldest citizen of Mountain Home, Sealar Simpkins, born Feb. 4th 1827, and died April 3, 1914.

He was born at Troy Pa. and later moved to Elmira, New York, where he married Nancy Stillwell. To this union four children were born - three of whom are living. They are Mrs. Clark A. Grant of Ithaca N.Y.; George E. of Chicago; and David of Va.

After the death of his wife he moved to St Clair Mich. where in 1868 he married Tammah Robertson. To this union two children were born: Ralph W. well known to newspaper men of Mountain Home, and Mrs Mabel Simpkins Stengele of Cooperstown North Dakota.

In 1883 Mr. Simpkins moved to North Dakota where he lived until 1908. He then moved to Mountain Home. He served in the Civil War. He is buried at Mountain Home.

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