Concordia College

Concordia College began its activity on October 15, 1891. It is the Red River Valley’s largest and the best Norwegian School. It had over 400 students last school year. This school functions to give young men and women a Christian education, as good as anyone can receive and on par with any other college in United States.

As someone comes up and stands before the impressive Main Building -- The Central Building -- and sees on the one side the imposing Hauge memorial stones and on the other Ivar Aasen’s sculpture with the inscription: "Let us not forget our ancestors" - then all Norwegian men and women must become warm in their hearts and glad in their spirits. This school is often traveled to by the Red River Valley’s Norwegian pioneers, and definitely by the adult up whose family has Norwegian blood in their veins. The educational basis of his ancestor's beliefs and culture with the freedom star flag waving over so stately a temple, this school can be seen by anyone that it will definitely be -- In Time Be Fulfilled -- that was the beginning of the Norwegian's University in Red River Valley.

All of this has resulted in rapid development under the present capable and energetic president’s leadership.

I am of the belief that it will be of interest to many of Concordia’s well-wishers to find out a little more about the school’s teachers and their education and work, and so I have assembled the following information.

Source: Norwegians and Norwegian Homes in America by Hans Jervell - 1916 - Page 7


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