Dr. Ansgar Sommerfelt

Kathryn, North Dakota

was born on October 11, 1864 in Eidsvold, where his father was a Priest. He became a student at Kristiania University in 1882 along with Dr. Gundersen of La Crosse and Dr. Wangel of Portland, North Dakota. He was a theological candidate in 1889 and, was appointed as a Seaman’s priest in New York in 1890. He was in a Seaman’s commission service outside Norway for five years. He worked for Sagen on Norway’s Coast for ten years and published "Signal". He became sick in 1903. He was sick for three years with a nerve impairment problem and thus received his interest for medical studies, so that he went to the medical department at Kristiania University. He came to America in January 1913 and worked for a time as a doctor in Wisconsin. He came to Kathryn, North Dakota in April 1916. He has been married two Times

His current wife, Johanne Sidselrud, is from Larvik. She graduated as a nurse from Evanston Hospital, Illinois by way of the Medical-Mechanical Institute in Kristiania. A strong well educated medical pair cannot found in many of the Northwest’s towns.

Source: Norwegians and Norwegian Homes in America by Hans Jervell - 1916 - Page 179


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