Ingvald H. Ulsaker

Fargo, North Dakota

was born in Gaarden ovre Ulsaker in Hemsedal, Hallingdal, on April 16, 1868. His parents names were Halvor Ingvaldsen and Barho Knudsdatter Thodok. His mother died when he was young. He was with his grandmother, Margit Ulsaker, until he was 18 years old moved to America. He went to public schools and attended Hallingdals District School under the management of L. Munthe-Kaas. After his Arrival in America he worked for three years for his father's brother, Sven E. Ulsaker of Kindred, North Dakota. Later he went to the trade school in Minneapolis, Minnesota for a time. He moved from there to Duluth, Minnesota in the book publishing trade. He came from there to Elbow Lake, Minnesota where he began the publication of the Newspaper "Samhold". After a couple of years he moved to Fergus Falls, Minnesota and became involved with the "Rothuggeren". Four years later he moved to Fargo, North Dakota and it was merged with an existing daily newspaper called “Fram”, which is owned by Ingvald and his brother Ole, who in fellowship have a large printing company under the name of Ulsaker Printing Company Fargo in North Dakota. It is also a book printer.

Ingvald Ulsaker was Halling Regional Societys first vice chairman and for a time was the editor of "Hallingen". He has taken a lively interest in the Hallings Regional Society and been to many meetings. He has worked as president of the Sons of Norway regional society "Kringen" in Fargo, North Dakota and as treasurer in "Solstraalen", the Scandinavian Workers Union. He has participated with interest in Norwegian meetings and reunions and all Norwegian work.

Source: Norwegians and Norwegian Homes in America by Hans Jervell - 1916 - Page 126


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