Martin Ulvestad

Seattle Washington

was born on December 24, 1865 of parents Peder and Andrine in "Sammengaren" at Ulvestad in Volden. He was baptized as Ole Johannes Martinus, his first name after his grandfather "Skulola", who had taught himself and who was widely in the school trade and for a long time worked as a circuit schoolteacher in the outer areas, mostly in Dalsfjorden.

He emigrated to America in 1880 and worked as a book printer and as a typesetter for several years alternating at Scandinavian, English and German newspapers.

In 1892 he published "Self-Help in English". In 1895 he published an English-Dansk-Norwegian Dictionary with the pronunciation connotations. In 1901 he published "Norway in America". It did not receive as good a reception as the two first two.

His next Book: "Norwegian's in America, their history and record which contributed to and has bound Norway's History and North America's", with a double map of the Norwegian Settlements in this land called out in 1907 and continued with the same called out in 1913. In his voluminous books, where he has laid down much and valuable collection work, he has been a self publisher, since he did not know where to start. He has recently published the first encumbrance of "Norwegian-American", an illustrated quarterly writing which shall be published in Seattle, Washington.

Source: Norwegians and Norwegian Homes in America by Hans Jervell - 1916 - Page 74


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