Albert J. Wright

Moorhead, Minnesota.

is a businessman. He was born in Naero, Namdalen on August 14, 1858 and emigrated to America in 1860 to La Crosse, Wisconsin. His father, Pastor Andreas Wright, and his mother Olena Sannes came to Rushford, Minnesota in 1876. His father lives there at this time and his mother died many years ago. Wright came to Moorhead, Minnesota in 1881 and has lived there since and has operated a large business. The company’s name is A. J. Wright & sons. Their business branches are: theater, awnings and a funeral parlor.

Wright has been married two times. His first wife’s name was Julia Colberg. His second wife was Christine Soreng. She also was from Namdalen. He has nine children. His daughter, Lilliam Wright, has been a music teacher at both Concordia College and Fargo College and is well known and highly regarded as both a pianist and singer. She is now working at the Temple of Music in Chicago, Illinois. His son, Walter Wright, is well known and much sought after as a singer at singing celebrations and meetings. He has now been in Chicago since 1911 to educate himself as a singer. His oldest son, Lorntz Wright, who eagerly took part in the arrangement of the large singing celebration in Fargo, North Dakota in 1912, is now in business in Marcy, Michigan. Several of Wright’s grown up sons and daughters are very musical and will in time become well known singers and musicians.

Source: Norwegians and Norwegian Homes in America by Hans Jervell - 1916 - Page 35


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